MMGI About Us

MMGI About Us

About Us

A Disruptive Media by Choice.

Modern Media Group Inc. (MMGI) stands as the third media subsidiary of AGC Power Holdings Corp., firmly committed to revolutionizing the media landscape through innovative and unconventional storytelling.

At the core of MMGI’s mission is the commitment to deliver immersive media experiences. We offer a wide spectrum of products, including limited edition printed magazines, digital publications, websites, world-class events, captivating videos, and engaging social media content, delivered daily and monthly.

MMGI serves as the resonant voice of today’s generation, forging vital connections between the past, present, and future. We are the premier media platform of the current generation, providing them with a reliable source of meticulously researched and fact-based content. We are dedicated to unearthing and spotlighting the talents of this generation, ensuring that their remarkable abilities are showcased to a global audience, fostering a sense of recognition and appreciation for their contributions.

MMGI takes pride in being the publisher of globally recognized media brands, including Nylon Manila and Billboard Philippines.


To be the premier media platform of today’s generation.


To uplift and raise the bar of media excellency within the industries we work with. We strive to bring intentional and impactful disruption to the media sector through strategic choices that challenge the status quo and open the doors to innovative narratives, technologies, and experiences.

Above all, we seek to inspire our audience by showcasing Filipino culture, products, and talents. Our aim is to be a beacon of innovation and creativity in the me