AGC PHC The Killer Pitch

AGC PHC The Killer Pitch

Do you have what it takes to succeed? The Killer Pitch may be the golden ticket to fulfilling your entrepreneurial dreams. AGC Power Holdings Corp. is giving Filipino entrepreneurs with a killer business proposal and opportunity to become part of the AGC PHC group of companies. Once part of the team, these leaders will be mentored and guided by some of the best business minds in the country and gain access to a network of high-profile individuals and brands.

Invest in your dream. Invest in yourself.  Do what it takes.


  • Candidate must be a Filipino citizen of any age and residing in the Philippines 
  • Candidate must take part in the execution and operations of the business 

Selection Criteria

  • Business relevance and sustainability 
  • Scope of business proposal 
  • Impact of innovation in society 
  • Involvement of AGC Power Holdings Corp. 

At Stake

  • AGC Power Holdings Corp. will take in the winning business as one of its subsidiary companies for a limited period or until establishment.

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