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Like the adage that goes, “necessity is the mother of invention,” DigistarPH was born out of a need to address certain industry challenges.

When the so-called digital revolution started, a gap was inevitably created between traditional and online marketing. This new niche was a catalyst for the emergence of the influencer era.

Companies began to adapt, but later on struggled when the market was saturated with digital creators and new marketing trends. Creating campaigns and utilizing influencers that would stand out in an ever-changing landscape became increasingly difficult.

Today, these issues continuously plague the marketing landscape.

With his keen marketing insight, Archie Carrasco was able to identify the aforementioned plight of brands and influencers alike. He envisioned an organization that would provide crucial support for both sides, and in 2018, DigistarPH was formally established.

The company commenced its perpetual mission to deliver efficient and innovative digital marketing methods, without sacrificing the effectiveness of campaigns. Within just half a year, DigistarPH was able to form partnerships with several reputable brands in the country. As a big believer in developing talent, the company also signed in-house personalities and influencers, all of whom will be accompanied towards their growth in every step of the way.

Under the leadership of our founder and CEO, and the guidance of our core values, we are continuously growing and gearing up for the next shift that dominates the marketing world.

DigistarPH was co-founded by Archie Carrasco with Ronald Pineda, Nadine Lustre, Maureen Alexis Busto, Angela Jacob, Kristine Yan and Avy Lagarto. Currently, DigistarPH is owned by Archie Carrasco, Maureen Alexis Busto, and AGC Power Holdings Corp.

Archie Carrasco
Maureen Alexis Busto
Managing Partner


To create meaningful content that move businesses forward.


The Future of Content

Core Values

We live Good vibes only.
We work As one.
We breathe Innovation.
We remain Noble.
We strive for Excellence.
We earn with Dignity.

We embody this GAINED culture.


Back in 2010, Megamorphosis Incorporated was established as a complete marketing services business unit committed to delivering stellar events production and 360-degree marketing with optimum market reach.


Our expertise has ranged from mounting intimate events to large-scale productions to the entire spectrum of multi-platform marketing efforts.

We are highly dedicated to bringing you the full marketing experience in every undertaking — from conceptualization to implementation — which sees your vision and ideas fully realized.

Then in 2018, DigistarPH Inc. was established as a talent management agency housing the biggest names in the industry, providing a comprehensive catalog of industry solutions.

With half a decade of expertise, both companies work hand-in-hand to implement stellar marketing services.

DigistarPH Logo

With Megamorphosis Incorporated focused on 360-degree marketing and DigistarPH Inc. on influencer marketing, the two are what you need in this fast-paced digital landscape.

In 2021, the two powerhouses were merged to form the new DigistarPH.

Talent Management

DigistarPH pride itself with its diverse roster of exclusive talents who are movers, shakers, and forces to be reckoned within their respective fields in the digital world. The home of today’s digital superstars, DigistarPH Prime houses authority influencers from various industries including fashion, beauty, home and design, food, and television. These stars shine bright like no other and can help amplify your campaign. The spotlight is finally on, shining bright to the new DigistarPH Prime.

Vern Enciso

Vern Enciso

Vern Enciso has appeared in MegaStyle magazine covers, took part in a #MakingMega documentary, featured in different lifestyle websites and publications, and co-starred in her own talk show called Firsts with V&V. This digital creator is also an entrepreneur with a string of businesses under her belt. Truly, one can call her the epitome of beauty and brains.

Combined Reach: 831K

Verniece Enciso

A trendsetter herself, Verniece Enciso has leveled up the creation of digital content with her own creativity, landing countless brand collaborations. You’ve also seen her as a cover girl for MegaStyle, a guest in the #MakingMega documentary, and co-starred in the V&V talk show. She is also a woman of inspiration, gracing her platform with stories of positivity and encouragement.

Combined Reach: 876K

Verniece Enciso
Tessa Prieto Valdes

Tessa Prieto-Valdes

Tessa Prieto-Valdes harbors a broad mind and kind heart beneath her flamboyant persona. A jack of all trades, she’s an interior designer, columnist, TV host, triathlete, environmental advocate, and philanthropist. She is also the co-founder of the biggest annual fashion charity event, Red Charity Gala. Recently, she hosted her own show, Business as Usual in partnership with Go Negosyo.

Combined Reach: 168K

Bret Jackson

Bret Jackson rose to stardom during his teenage years upon joining PBB Teen Clash in 2010. Right after his debut, he landed several roles in films and teleseryes. Now discovering his passion for music, Bret recently launched 7640 Inc., a music and video production company that caters to Filipino artists and brands.

Combined Reach: 440K

Bret Jackson
Mika Romero

Milka Romero

Milka Romero is a mainstay in the country’s list for the new generation of businesswomen. With her family’s background in business, it comes to no surprise that she was taught to be goal-oriented at a young age. Now a restaurateur with enthusiasm in food, Milka runs several successful food brands including Roku Sushi + Ramen, Sushi Nori, and Nara Thai Cuisine.

Combined Reach: 20K

Marvin Agustin

Swooned his audience as a teen heartthrob in the 90s, Marvin Agustin is now making his way to our hearts through his incredible palate. He is now a restaurant entrepreneur with franchises including SumoSam, Marciano’s, John and Yoko, among others. He has been able to create a mini empire in the Philippines with SumoSam currently having 25 stores now. Marvin and his partners seem to be expanding even more with the introduction of Banzai and Teddy’s Bigger Burgers.

Combined Reach: 3.6M

Marvin Agustin
Chris Nick

Chris Nick

Chris Nick is truly a gem in the world of fashion as his label delivers classic staples deeply inspired by nostalgia and the modern times. He has always been fascinated with fashion, having a background in export management, fashion, and design marketing. Chris Nick’s talent is dominating the industry as he was named as the “Fashion Designer to Watch” during the 2021 MEGA’s Fashion Awards.

Combined Reach: 81.5K

Cheryl Tiu

Currently one of the world’s best 50 TasteHunters, Cheryl Tiu dines in exquisite restaurants around the world. In 2016, she founded Cross Cultures, an event platform that promotes the exchange of cultures through food. Cheryl has also worked as a publisher and editor for a magazine house and was a TV presenter at Fox International. With her string of titles and charming personality, no doubt she can effortlessly win over your brand’s audience.

Combined Reach: 36K

Cheryl Tiu
Leeroy New

Leeroy New

Leeroy New is a Manila-based multidisciplinary artist whose practice overlaps with a wide variety of creative industries from fashion, filmmaking, theater, public installations, product design, and performance. His inclination to harness different forms of creative production has become the backbone of his practice driven by concepts of world-building, myth-making, and social change. Currently, he is designing the Philippine showcase for the Dubai Expo as well as an installation for Somerset House in 2022.

Combined Reach: 35.4K

Peewee Isidro

As the resident queen bee of MEGA, Peewee Isidro never goes out of style. Currently the editor-in-chief of the magazine, she has proven her expertise in the industry with an editorial body of work spanning 18 years. Peewee also led MEGA’s shift from print to digital, expanding their empire to MegaMan, MegaStyle, and Mega Entertainment.

Combined Reach: 11K

Peewee Isidro
Vito Selma

Vito Selma

Since 2006, Vito has dabbled in different aspects of furniture design. He was once the Creative Director for Stonesets International Inc. and worked his way up to become the Head Design Director. Vito soon started his own independent brand called Casa Selma. With his promising experience, he was listed by the Philippine Yearbook 2009 as one of the 61 artists that will change the world. True enough, his work has been featured in multiple international publications including Elle Decor, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue Living Australia, and much more.

Combined Reach: 126K

Mike Carandang

Mike Carandang is an Emmy award-winning television producer, director, and brand ambassador. He is known for his versatile and phenomenal body of work that has reached both local and international industries. Mike is credited for one of Jollibee’s first viral campaigns, the #JolliDanceShowdown with GForce. More recently, he produced shows with all-star casts such as #MakingMega and It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez. Mike is also the man behind the successful YouTube channel, Moss Manila; and a top rated TV documentary, Chinese by Blood, Filipino by Heart #1CH1NOY.

Combined Reach: 65K

Mike Carandang
Dookie Ducay

Dookie Ducay

For Dookie Ducay, photography has always been his first love. Over the years, he has risen as one of the country’s top photographers and has collaborated with prominent names in the fashion industry. With his drive and extraordinary talent, he is set to take over the bigger stage.

Combined Reach: 131.5K

Influencer Marketing

DigistarPH offers influencer marketing services with a comprehensive catalog of industry solutions. We handle everything including product seeding and postings, social media takeovers, event appearance management, campaign collaborations, and endorsements/ambassadorships negotiations, among other services.

Project Management/Event Management

Small or large scale, corporate or branded, on ground or virtual—we cascade a versatile range of events turning visions into reality with 24/7 close monitoring to ensure project success.

Marketing Campaign & Services

Our marketing efforts span from conducting basic market research to implementation of branding campaigns and content management, enabling the thorough positioning and reach of any product in its desired market.

Edward Barber and Giannis Antetokounmpo

Social Media Services

We cater to brands who are in need of social media services ranging from:

‣ Content Creation and Production

We produce all types of content – video, long-form, interactive or even VR, name it.

‣ Content Platform Management

From social media to web to search, we’re experts in the management of content housed in any platform.

‣ Content Distribution

We manage the amplification of your content through different channels, online or offline.

‣ Content Analytics

We track and measure content operations.

Public Relations Management

Headed by an influential media player, the company prides itself in providing clients with vast access and opportunities to different key platforms in the media industry such as the leading media institutions in television, radio, broadsheet, magazine, and online.

Creative Services

DigistarPH also provides creative services including video production, animation, set-up, event collaterals, and photoshoots.


Brand and Marketing Services Team

Mikee Hipolito

Operations Manager

Eliza Santos


Erika Guevarra

Senior Marketing Associate

Gill Agan

Social Media Writer

Eunice Abreu

Multimedia Artist

Miguel Yap

Multimedia Artist

Influencer Marketing & Talent Management Team

Angela Jacob

Influencer Marketing Manager

Margaux Pua

Influencer Marketing Associate

Alecs Beltran

Creatives Associate
Account Manager

The Account Manager for DigistarPH will be responsible for selling the company’s various PR and Marketing solutions and services. He/she will be tasked to act as the primary business contact for the clients of DigistarPH and must create a harmonious relationship with them.


The Copywriter is responsible for providing copies for advertising campaigns as well as content for the creative executions of various marketing collaterals, such as, but not limited to: advertising copies, videos, posters, flyers, radio plugs, program scripts, press releases, creative and concept decks, and other related materials.

Multimedia Artist

A highly creative individual who is passionate about design and can create high quality graphics/images and videos for all digital content and campaigns.

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Job Hunters:
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Business Hours:
Opens Mondays to Fridays
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Unit 801 8th Floor, Jollibee Center Condominium, San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, San Antonio, Pasig, 1605, Metro Manila, Philippines

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