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Born out of the bedrooms of young entrepreneurs and artists, 7640 has quickly transitioned into a powerhouse of creatives dedicated to bringing a fresh take on music production, video production, tasteful marketing, and distribution.

By Infusing our DNA into your projects, you can take advantage of the taste and identity of 7640.  Positioning you as strong advocates of tasteful innovation, authentic talent, and branded creativity. Go beyond the commercial norm and be part of the ever-progressing culture and narrative.

Bret Jackson is the Founder and Creatives Head of 7640, Inc.. He was the co-founder and former A & R of Careless Music, an independent record label in the Philippines. Bret started his artistic profession in 2011 and has eventually risen to become a creative director, record producer, and songwriter behind popular tracks and commercial rhythms in the corporate scene. Some notable works under his belt include: Careless Mixtape, Island City Playlist, Wildest Dreams and co-founding 7640 with Isagani Palabyab, Mic Palabyab, Liz Jao and Archie Carrasco.

Bret Jackson

Putting together different styles, expertise, and perspectives 7640 is here to introduce your brand to the next phase of content creation and marketing.

With a truly unique mix of underground tastemakers and culture shakers, our individual members have been working tirelessly throughout their careers to elevate their own subculture.

Bringing that same energy to a much bigger playground, our group of highly skilled professional creatives are here to love your brand as much as you do, pay attention to the details and together bring cultural relevance to the forefront of our current digital space.



  • To bring culture and innovation to the forefront of the music industry and produce world-class content that is both relatable and effective to its purpose.
  • To provide a unique voice, a keen eye for visuals, and an honest to goodness business solutions approach to become tastemakers of the future.
  • To create meaningful and innovative content for artists and brands that will positively impact the future generations of our communities.


  • The innovative haven for storytellers where music and culture intersect.
  • The preferred music and creative production house that creates harmony between brands and audience.

What We Do

Beyond the confines of the city lies a river of gems that best define the richness of our culture; we know that there is more to uncover along the corners and outskirts of our main haven. The authenticity that lies among the people in our enchanting islands and the experiences that we yearn for away from our everyday lives.

The language of music bridges the gap and connects our souls from one to another. For underground talents, “sing even when no one is listening” is such a cliche phrase. What if we get the world to listen? All it takes is one firm believer who will help them find their stage, shape their calling, and support their vision without the bullshit.

So hop on and let us tell your story through music.
And let our harmony shape the culture.
Let our music movement pave way for the future and open the doors of impossibilities. 
In 7640, we let underground talents be seen in the scene.

-Bret Jackson

Talent Development

7640 is in real pursuit of discovering new talents in every island in the Philippines, ushering them into our home where their authenticity is celebrated. 7640 is also in continuous pursuit of rediscovering new sounds and fresh collaborations that will stage a strategic intersection between music, culture, and generations.

Commercial Services

7640 also offers a full-scale music and video production house that caters to the creative needs of all brands. With our video production solutions, we are able to tell your stories with a unique perspective. From idea to release, we oversee every step of the production process.

Audio Solutions

At 7640, we have a team of audio technology experts that allow us to create signature sounds to highlight the different faces of brands and artists. On top of that, we have a team of in-house musicians who can set different moods and curate various sonic experiences all the while handling the entire recording process.

Marketing Solutions

There’s a lot of opportunities beyond the metro, new talents, new culture, and more importantly new markets. This is where our marketing solutions come in. At 7640, we put an emphasis on our ability to communicate with different demographics and all walks of life. Stemming from different parts of the island, we take pride on our diversity. In fusing our DNA into your projects, your brand can take advantage of the taste and identity of 7640.


Paraisla is the first ever collaboration of 7640. Paraisla is a movement of artists that is dedicated in discovering and honing local talents with a vision of turning them into global musicians. Every island in the Philippines has a rich history and culture. Here at Paraisla, our main mission is to bring these stories to the country and the rest of the world. Let us be your first believer.

Forces Behind 7640

Bret Jackson

Managing Director

Liz Jao

Operations Manager

Isagani Palabyab

Audio Production Manager

Video Producer   GABRIEL FOULC
Video Editor   JOM PO
Content Marketing Associate   JUSTIN VILLANUEVA
Multimedia Artist   RAMON CATACUTAN

Account Manager

The Account Manager will be responsible for selling the business of full-scale audio and visual production of 7640, Inc. He/she is also expected to create a harmonious relationship with the client and grow the business with them. The Account Manager serves as the primary business contact for the clients and is responsible for ensuring client satisfaction after sales servicing.

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Job Hunters:
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Business Hours:
Opens Mondays to Fridays
10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Unit 801 8th Floor, Jollibee Center Condominium, San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, San Antonio, Pasig, 1605, Metro Manila, Philippines

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