In a sea of discord, we bask in complete harmony.

7640 is a full-suite production house comprising powerhouse creatives dedicated to bringing a fresh take on music, video, marketing and distribution. Founded and led by Bret Jackson, the former actor turned music stalwart who has made it his goal to shine the light on and uplift talents from all over the Philippines, 7640 infuses their DNA with every collaboration, weaving in local culture, creative and technological innovations, resulting in a sound that is original, relevant and purposeful.

Bret Jackson, Founder and
Creatives Head

Bret Jackson is an innovator in the Philippine music industry. He started his career in the industry as an artist, eventually co-founding the groundbreaking independent record label Careless Music. His roles included creative director, record producer and even songwriter, but his other passion was discovering and nurturing new artists. He was relentless in finding them in far-flung provinces as he was working with them to develop an all-original sound. He continues this passion and builds upon it with 7640 partners Isagani Palabyab, Mic Palabyab, Liz Jao and AGC PHC Chairman and CEO Archie Carrasco. Through 7640, Jackson and his company of underground tastemakers and cultural disruptors are developing the next phase of content creation and marketing marked by authenticity, passion and a truly original voice.

Bret Jackson, Founder and Creatives Head


  • To highlight the variety of Filipino cultures and bring creative artistry to the forefront of the music industry
  • To create music and visuals that are unique, relevant and fulfilling
  • To create honest business solutions to future tastemakers, and putting their creativity to the fore 
  • To create meaningful and innovative content that will positively impact today’s communities and future generations


  • To become a cultural haven where storytellers have the freedom to innovate and a hub where music and culture intersect
  • To become the preferred creative production house, one that creates perfect harmony between brands, artists and audiences