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Dating back from its long history since the 1890s, Billboard Global evolved from an advertising platform, a sourcebook for chart-toppers, to the now Billboard Magazine — the voice of authority among artists, fans, and the industry. In the continued expansion of the brand alongside Billboard China, Japan, Argentina, Vietnam, Italy, and Georgia, Billboard Philippines launched in October 2023 under Modern Media Group Inc. (MMGI).

“AGC PHC has decided to bring Billboard to the Philippines to fill a gap in the local media industry,” said Archie Carrasco, CEO of AGC PHC. “Billboard’s expertise in music, coupled with our local knowledge and resources, will allow us to create unique content and showcase talent to help take Filipino music to the next level.”

“Billboard’s DNA is very much aligned with the Filipino’s deeply rooted love for music,” said Anne Bernisca, COO of MMGI. “It’s about time we shine a spotlight on our local artists and bring OPM to a wider, global audience.”

Billboard has long been recognized as the trusted voice of authority in music charts, reviews, events, trends, news, and information related to the music industry. Billboard Philippines is here to feature diverse music-related topics with a heavy emphasis on local talent. The brand pushes the boundaries of traditional local media across a myriad of verticals. Billboard Philippines publishes magazines in addition to showcasing immersive events, concerts, podcasts, and unforgettable music collaborations that complement the traditional print and digital magazine formats. 

“Our expansion into the Philippine market presents an incredible opportunity to connect with a new audience and to further our mission of providing the most comprehensive and insightful coverage of the music industry worldwide. We believe that our presence in the Philippines will help to foster a new era of creativity, collaboration, and success for the music industry in the region and beyond,” said Mike Van, President of Billboard.

Billboard Philippines serves as a platform to the country’s vast pool of musical talent. Today, more and more Filipino artists are being recognized on the global stage. The Filipino edition covers an eclectic array of musical genres including the soulful beats and rhythmic lyrics of urban OPM, acoustic-based arrangements of Pinoy folk-pop, catchy novelty songs, powerful hooks of Filipino rock, and many more with musicians from all over the archipelago being heard, valued, and celebrated.  

Billboard Philippines is published under a license agreement between Penske Media Corporation and Modern Media Group Inc. Penske Media Corporation’s media licensing business publishes editions of the global media company’s iconic brands with local partners around the world. 


To be the media authority connecting Filipino music and the world


To amplify the power of music and to effect positive change to the industry and all music enthusiasts by providing a dedicated platform with meaningful content that promotes inclusivity, diversity, and global collaboration thereby allowing discovery and rediscovery of music — especially from Filipinos.

Billboard powers the ultimate global music destination and magazine, featuring unrivaled reporting on music news, issues and trends, the industry’s definitive charts, encompassing the most complete and well-respected database of charts across all music genres.

It is uniquely situated at the center of the conversation and culture of music with the Billboard Charts, serving as the music industry’s official scoreboard.

Our exclusive access to the most coveted stars, concerts, music festivals, other music events, and any music-related experiences is second to none, offering a single destination solution for brands looking to reach consumers at scale.

Core Values


Create content that transcends entertainment value that foster excellence


Engage in initiatives that champion partnerships and global synergies 


Produce inspiring stories that put the spotlight on Filipino artists and open discourse on relevant issues in the community


Publish content that supports the industry and promotes cultural preservation through music 

The Print Issues

The maiden issue of Billboard Philippines sees not only one but two cover stars that are continuously defining and re-defining Filipino music: SB19 and RegineVelasquez-Alacasid. Rightfully dubbed as the “Kings of P-pop”, SB19 — comprising Pablo, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin — have paved the way for P-pop on the global stage. Recognised for their powerful songs and choreography, the group has continuously pushed the boundaries of Filipino pop. While Velasquez-Alcasid is undeniably one of the most recognised voices in the region. Named Asia’s Songbird and the Philippines’ Queen of Pop, the veteran singer is a timeless icon whose influence still creates ripples throughout the industry.

With Philippines’ most noteworthy bands and artists taking centerstage, hand in hand with this generation’s frontrunners, Billboard Philippines’ second volume dives deep into each of the riffs and runs that define the Filipino rock scene. Its resurgence today remains well received and will continue to be time and time again. It has encompassed decades, ever persisting and breaking through each chapter of OPM.

As we anticipate the genre’s continued influence in the industry, we also celebrate the coming together of the country’s most coveted rock band Rivermaya — with Rico Blanco, Bamboo Mañalac, Mark Escueta, and Nathan Azarcon, and the road that led to their remarkable legacy.


Organic Digital Reach


Readership and Circulations



Celebrating both the country’s established artists and burgeoning musical talents, Billboard Philippines’ bi-monthly issues are set to feature prominent genres in the Filipino music as its main themes. Through spotlighting each music genre, the print issues effectively touch each of the influential styles that have been and will be intricately woven unto the country’s musical artistry and history.  From industry mainstays and trailblazing artists, to the market and culture that serve as pillars to the local music scene, each section of the print issues are perfectly crafted to showcase a holistic snapshot of the Philippine’s colorful landscape to the global stage.

Social Media

As of January 2024




Billboard Philippines Studios showcases the most sought-after hitmakers through intimate live performances of reimagined tracks & classics.

bbph soundwave

The home of today’s chart-topping tracks, Billboard Philippines Soundwave brings you live performances from your favorite artists like you’ve never seen before.


From life lessons to behind-the-scenes secrets, get closer than ever to your favorite artists. Billboard Philippines’ podcast turns up the volume on the stories behind the Philippines’ most exciting acts.


Billboard Philippines Scenes takes you through the different people, places, and communities surrounding Filipino music.

Meet the Team

At the forefront are industry movers and seasoned producers with a shared objective of connecting Filipino music not only locally, but globally. Billboard Philippines introduces extraordinary individuals who will and strengthen the power of OPM.

Anne Bernisca
Anne Bernisca, Publisher

Leading operations is a dynamic digital marketing executive with over 15 years of experience in the industry, Anne Bernisca. She’s excelled in media, banking, and retail, working for some of the country’s biggest brands. With a proven track record, her love for music, culture, and other emerging trends, she helms the future of MMGI.

A guaranteed tastemaker in music, Bret Jackson stands as the Editor-in-Chief of the team. He was co-founder of independent record label Paraisla and the production house 7640. He has lived as an artist, producer, an entrepreneur, and an enthusiast, with everything in between.  For Bret, it’s a matter of rising above the noise and providing an avenue for talent where Filipino music can reach its full potential.

Bret Jackson, BBPH EIC
Anton Molina, Podcast Producer

In-charge of the podcast platform is Anton Molina, who has over a decade of experience as a radio jock and years of expertise as an audio production head. With his radio expertise as a talent and production member, he is more than capable of ensuring that Filipino musicians can connect with their music and life stories with audiences all over the world. 


Names from L-R: Vin Mancera (wearing Guess), Anton Molina (Sacai from Gimme The Loot at Season Pass PH), Kiko Reyes (wearing Vans Philippines), Paolo Valenciano (wearing StrongVillage, Toqa, Vans Philippines), Anne Bernisca (wearing Toqa, Elementari, Homura Design), Bret Jackson (Toqa, Kenzo), Daryl Chang, Archie Carrasco (wearing John Patrick, Homura Design, Kenzo), Kenneth Dimaano (Junya Watanabe, Balenciaga and Moschino from Gimme the Loot at Season Pass PH, Vans Philippines, Toqa, Homura Design), Kara Angan, Nicole Almero, Mikaela Cruz | Photographed by Shaira Luna. Styling by Gee Jocson. Styling assisted by Angelo Vasallo and Jason Mago. Special thanks to Vans Philippines. Shot on July 5 2023 at the studio of Billboard Philippines in Pasig City, Philippines. 


Publisher    ANNE BERNISCA
Editor-in-Chief    BRET JACKSON


Managing Editor    JASON CABALLA
Jr. Art Director
Industry News Writer    GABRIEL SAULOG
Editorial Assistant    MIKAELA CRUZ
Fashion Director    DARYL CHANG
Fashion Assistant    KURT ABONAL

Media Channels

Jr. Art Director    KENNETH DIMAANO
Podcast Producer    ANTON MOLINA

Business Development

Advertising Director    IVAN PANGANIBAN
Sr. Creative Production Associate    MIKA ANGELIKA TAFALLA


Brand Associate    ATARI ACADEMIA


Marketing Services Manager    MARVIN MANCERA
Ad and Promo Supervisor    SOPHIA SAMALA
Multimedia Designer    ALANNAH MITRA

Creative Services