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About Us

Mega Global Licensing Inc. (MGLI) is a media company that brings the best of the Philippines to the global stage through top international media brands.
Conceived during the pandemic and fueled by the golden age of digital, AGC Power Holdings Corp., through Mega Global Licensing Inc. made a bold move by bringing the biggest and most relevant international titles to the Philippines as a means of reigniting interest in traditional and new media, mediums and platforms that MGLI believes will always be relevant. 

MGLI is a dynamic media and licensing company that aims to provide a Filipino and global audience with products that include printed magazines, digital magazines, websites, videos and social media content on a monthly and daily basis. MGLI is helmed by industry leaders and experts with over 30-years of experience in luxury print and digital publishing that spans fashion to entertainment, beauty, design, living, food and travel. Two years since its inception, MGLI is now one of the biggest media companies that offers full service publishing products and services ranging from editorial, events, and video created by over 60 employees in the Philippines.

Mega Global Licensing Inc. is the publisher of the most notable media brands in the world including Vogue Philippines and will be launching more lifestyle brands in 2024.


To inspire and inform a global audience on the rich Filipino culture, products and talents through elevated visuals and compelling narratives.


To be the golden standard in Filipino media that espouses the values of inclusivity, diversity, sustainability and respect for the natural environment.

Media Brands

Vogue Philippines

As the intersection for fashion and culture, Vogue Philippines continues to inform and inspire a global audience, creating dynamic ways to dialogue with the future. Through its powerful, original narrative, Vogue Philippines champions emerging talents and crystallizes our Philippine fashion identity. Celebrating creativity and craftsmanship, Vogue Philippines empowers a vibrant, sophisticated community engaged in the art and business of fashion. Leading the industry with purpose, leaning into its values of inclusivity, diversity, sustainability and stewardship of our natural environment, Vogue Philippines forges fashion’s tomorrows. Vogue Philippines is the magazine’s 28th international edition, 9th in all of Asia, and 3rd in Southeast Asia.

Nylon Manila Logo

NYLON Manila is the go-to source for the young, the pop-culture-obsessed, and the generation that wants to make a mark, setting the bar for the trends people will follow as it lives up to its definition of big, bold, and brave. NYLON Manila is the magazine’s 9th international edition and the 7th in all of Asia.