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As the name suggests, MEGA Global Licensing is about bringing the best of the world to the Philippines and the best of the country to the global stage. 

Fueled by the digital transition and a global pandemic and economic crisis that resulted in many traditional media companies shutting down, AGC Power Holdings Corp., through MEGA Global Licensing Inc., decided to reignite the flame by bringing in the biggest, boldest and most relevant international titles to the Philippines.

MEGA Global Licensing Inc., trading as MGLI,  is a dynamic media and licensing company that aims to address the shift in media consumption of a generation now more inclined towards digital media. Emboldened by MGLI’s core team’s over 30 years experience in luxury print and digital publishing, which spans fashion to entertainment, design, living, and everything in between, MGLI has become one of the most exciting and innovative players in the industry in the few short years since its inception. Currently, the full service publisher has over 50 employees in the region, ranging from editorial, to events, video and production design.

To date, MGLI is co-publisher of some of the most notable magazines in the fashion industry including NYLON Manila and Vogue Philippines, with many more exciting titles to come soon.

Media Brands

Vogue Philippines brings its own distinctive voice, in-depth journalism, and powerful imagery to highlight local talents and produce relevant content for the fashion-forward Filipino. The local version will put its own signature on the Vogue brand that readers have come to know and love. Vogue Philippines is the magazine’s 29th international edition, 9th in all of Asia, and 3rd in Southeast Asia.

Nylon Manila Logo

NYLON Manila is the go-to source for the young, the pop-culture-obsessed, and the generation that wants to make a mark, setting the bar for the trends people will follow as it lives up to its definition of big, bold, and brave. NYLON Manila is the magazine’s 9th international edition and the 7th in all of Asia.

Condé Nast Announces The Launch Of Vogue Philippines

Manila – January 10, 2022 – Condé Nast today announced the launch of Vogue Philippines, the 29th edition of the global fashion authority. The title will launch with English-language print, digital and social platforms in September 2022 and will be published under license agreement with MEGA Global Licensing. Inc.

“We’re thrilled to launch our 29th edition of Vogue in the Philippines, a country with a growing luxury fashion market and a vibrant creative scene. The title will launch as a digital-first media brand with a monthly print edition and will serve as an exciting addition to our global Vogue network,” said Markus Grindel, Managing Director, Global Brand Licensing, Condé Nast.

Vogue Philippines will join Vogue’s 28 editions around the world which collectively reach a global audience of more than 272 million. Strengthening Vogue’s presence in Southeast Asia, the Filipino edition will serve as a platform to celebrate the country’s rich culture, diversity, and creative fashion talent. It will launch simultaneously in print and online, with its print content focused on long form reads and artful storytelling. Across all platforms, Vogue Philippines mission will be to marry the past with the future, street with couture, and the Philippines with the rest of the world, speaking to both a local and global audience.

Condé Nast has partnered with MEGA Global Licensing Inc., (MGLI) to launch Vogue Philippines. MGLI is a Filipino publishing company with over 30 years of prestige publishing experience. It owns NYLON Manila while its sister company, One MEGA Group, publishes local titles MEGA, Lifestyle Asia, Bluprint, Modern Parenting and OneMEGA.com. MGLI is expanding its portfolio to include more international media brands.

“The Filipino talent has been ready to be received by the world for decades now and with certainty, I can say that the market, too, is finally ready. The two are meeting at the perfect juncture at the perfect time and the long wait is over. We are excited to announce the arrival of Vogue Philippines,” said Archie Carrasco, Chairman and CEO of MEGA Global Licensing, Inc.

Vogue Philippines is the 29th edition of the brand worldwide. Vogue is published in Australia, Brazil, China, Czech Republic and Slovakia, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico & Latin America, the Middle East, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Scandinavia, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, the U.K., Ukraine and the U.S.

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Editor-In-Chief    BEA VALDES
Managing Editor    JACS SAMPAYAN

Fashion Director    PAM QUIÑONES
Fashion Editor    DARYL CHANG
Fashion Writer    TICIA ALAMAZAN
Fashion Associate    RENEE DE GUZMAN

Beauty Editor   JOYCE OREÑA
Features Editor    AUDREY CARPIO
Features Writer    MARGA MAGALONG

Jr Multimedia Artist    GABBI CONSTANTINO
Final Artist    JOJO ABRIGO


Editorial Assistant   ADAM PEREYRA


Fashion Writer     KARINA SWEE
Features Writer     CELINE MALLARI
Video Editor     ENRICO ANTON DAZO


Advertising Manager    PAULINE MATA
Traffic Associate    FELIX CARITATIVO


Brand Associate    PATRICIA CO


By definition, NYLON Manila is big, bold, and brave, and we are here to underscore the unique identity of the youth as a generation to be seen, heard, felt, and taken seriously on all fronts in pop culture, fashion, beauty, and voice, shaping a future we can fully claim as our own. In this carved out space online and in the grand spectrum of opinion, we are championing the self-aware and self-actualized intersection of the energetic and engaged youth, primarily talking to the hybrid of younger Millennials and emergent Gen Z audience, as well as of those nostalgia-anchored who grew up with the NYLON brand. A digital-first title, we are committed to the responsibility of content and conversations that matter, with stories and narratives that are relevant, responsible, and radical.

As the 9th international edition and the 7th in all of Asia, NYLON Manila is published and presented by MEGA Global Licensing Inc., operated by One MEGA Group Inc. NYLON is a trademark of BDG Media Inc.

Liza Soberano

With its bold tone and colorful aesthetic, NYLON has been the go-to magazine for the younger generation who are unapologetically fashion and pop culture obsessed. NYLON is a multimedia brand, publishing company, and lifestyle magazine that is focused on everything pop culture and fashion. It covers a wide range of topics including  art, beauty, music, design, celebrities, technology and travel. NYLON started in 1999 when it was co-founded by Mark Blackwell, Madonna Badger, supermodel Helena Christensen, and the publishing team of Marvin and Jaclynn Jarrett, along with the investment from businessperson Sam Waksal. According to Publisher Jaclynn Jarrett, the magazine’s name NYLON was chosen because NYLON was a combination of two cities, New York and London, which were the editorial focus of NYLON when it began. 

NYLON Manila Magazine

The first ever NYLON cover in April 1999 featured actress Liv Tyler photographed and interviewed by Helena Christensen.

NYLON Manila became the magazine’s  9th international edition and the 7th in all of Asia. NYLON Manila is published and presented by MEGA Global Licensing Inc., operated by One MEGA Group Inc. It contains material reprinted with permission from BDG Media, Inc. NYLON Manila’s launching covers featured today’s up and coming stars including Andrea Brillantes, Kokoy de Santos, and Frankie Pangilinan, who are all trailblazers in their own ways.

Following the anatomy of the eponymous and progressive NYLON brand, the Philippine counterpart aims to underscore the identity of the youth as a generation to be seen, heard, felt, and taken seriously on all fronts in pop culture, fashion, beauty, and voice. A digital-first title, NYLON Manila is committed to the responsibility of content and conversations that matter, with stories and narratives that are relevant, responsible, and radical.   

Angelo De Cartagena Quote

NYLON Manila stays true to the brand’s progressive and diverse identity by featuring celebrities and personalities who share the same ideals on their covers. In addition, NYLON has always celebrated both emerging voices and underground talents which has allowed it to connect with the next generation of trendsetters. NYLON Manila empowers the younger generation to remain steadfast in helping rebuild the outdated system of society and challenge societal norms, hence, creating a progressive next generation.

By definition, NYLON Manila is big, bold, and brave. It is through the magazine that we are entering a new era that celebrates authenticity, diversity, and innovation with today’s youth at the forefront. The emerging youth are ready to change the game, break even more barriers, and redefine our future.

NYLON Manila Website

780,000 average monthly page views
210,000 average monthly active users
3,800,000 average monthly event count
310,000 average monthly sessions

NYLON Manila Magazine Mock Up
NYLON Manila Magazine

40,000 average monthly circulations
Print: Shopee, Lazada, Subscription
Emag: Readly, Magzter, Zinio, Press Reader

Social Media



Nylon Manila Career Fair
NYLON Manila Career Fair

Allows readers to learn from established entrepreneurs, businessmen, social media influencers, and more about starting and maintaining a career in this day and age. The career fair is filled with talks and workshops to give you the lowdown on how to find a career, knowing what’s right for you, and more.

Big, Bold, Brave Awards Banner
Big, Bold, Brave Awards

Big, Brave, and Bold. These are the points that guide NYLON Manila on the daily. Underscored by the very definition of NYLON Manila, the Big, Bold, and Brave Awards is created to hero and honor the biggest, boldest, and bravest in Filipino pop culture, fashion, beauty, and youth. Sourced from what the audience is really talking about, this award is a culmination of what is necessary, as chosen and decided by the people who matter the most—you. Over 4 million votes came in 2021 and 20 million votes in 2022.

NYLON Manila Uncovers

This is NYLON Manila Uncovers, where we go in-depth with your favorite celebrities. Lifting the veil of mystery and shattering long-held presumptions, this is the real story they want you to know. NYLON Manila Uncovers has featured the biggest international stars of this generation with the likes of Song Kang, Hwang In-youp, Kevin Woo, Beabadoobee, and many more.

NYLON Manila Fanzine
Nylon Fanzine

Exploring a fresh approach to print, the NYLON Manila fanzine is a countercultural print alternative to the annual magazine. The fanzine will be the quarterly snackable print issue of NYLON Manila featuring the mashup of what’s new, what’s fresh, and what’s next in the emerging pop culture, fashion, beauty, and voice.

NYLON Manila Live
NYLON Manila Live

Music has, is, and will continue to be a big part of NYLON Manila’s DNA. NYLON Manila Live is a free concert featuring a curated lineup of both local and international artists to celebrate music and all its forms. The concert highlights the top and up-and-coming young musicians of today.

The NYLON Look
The Nylon Look

A special section in the website, The NYLON Look showcases Filipinos across the country and the world through style spotting of their unique and unapologetic looks and where or how to cop these items.



Fashion & Beauty Editor     LYN ALUMNO
Digital Content Writer    RAFAEL BAUTISTA
Account Manager     JACQUES FLORES
Sr Multimedia Artist    KENNETH DIMAANO

Brand Associate    ELYSE ILAGAN  

Social Media Associate

The Social Media Associate (SMA) is responsible for driving traffic to websites through Social Media Platforms. SMA are tasked to improve and maintain any online presence and awareness through social media networks. They will work with the marketing / project management team to translate high-level marketing goals and media objectives into impactful media campaigns on social networks. 

Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager is responsible for developing 360-degree marketing communication plans that support the image and brand awareness of the company along with the different publications of MEGA Global Licensing Inc. They will manage and supervise the implementation of plans to ensure a high-quality level of execution. In addition to this, they will oversee trade and visibility, events and promotions, and advertising for the media group.

Digital Content Writer

The Digital Content Writer will be responsible for producing clear and compelling daily website content. They must be able to create digital content in multiple writing formats such as online articles, product descriptions, advertorials, online editorials, e-newsletters, email marketing, social media copy, etc. that are accurate, accessible, consistent, and up-to-date.

Beauty Writer

The Beauty Writer is responsible for creating the content about products, procedures, services, and the latest trends within the beauty industry. 

Art Director

The Art Director is the implementer of all visual content that is produced and published by Vogue Philippines. This includes photographs, videos and layouts. They must be a highly creative individual who will provide strong leadership to all brands and its artists. They must also use innovation and technology to create visual content that is useful, purposeful, relevant to the times, and revenue generating.

Bookings Associate

The Bookings Associate will be responsible for performing administrative and office support activities ​​for the editorial, production, and logistics team.

Multimedia Artist

The Multimedia Artist will be responsible for creating high-quality graphics/images and videos for all digital content and campaigns.

Account Executive

The Account Executive shall be responsible for implementing the contents of the contracts closed by the Account Managers. He/she works closely with them in making sure that the agreements are followed while ensuring customer satisfaction. He/she may propose ways to make sure the project is of quality, delivered efficiently, and is cost-effective for the company. His/her goal is to provide a seamless project execution so that a repeat in the business is guaranteed.

Ad & Promo Associate

The Ad & Promo Associate is primarily responsible for the implementation of the integrated marketing communication plan. He/she facilitates the execution of all Above-the-Line (ATL) and Below-the-Line (BTL) campaigns from conceptualization to actualization, the execution of all magazine-initiated events, event sponsorships/tie-ups, and in-mag/online promotions.


The Copychief ensures the successful creation and implementation of brands, products, and campaigns of external clients. He/she also reviews and maintains the quality of all written content by managing a team of copywriters, and enforces strict compliance with internal timetables as well as production deadlines to guarantee the timely delivery of content.


The Copywriter will be  responsible for providing the copy for Marketing campaigns and content for the creative executions of various Marketing collaterals, such as, but not limited to: advertising copies, videos, posters, flyers, radio plugs, program scripts, press releases, creative and concept decks, and other related materials.

Social Media Editor

The Social Media Editor is responsible for the content in all Vogue PH social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. These contents may be but are not limited to: original stories or material in either visual or video forms, content from the magazine, news that is trending locally or globally, scoops or exclusive materials, and coverage from events.


Archie Carrasco

Chief Executive Officer

Rhoda Campos-Aldanese

Chief Operating Officer

Suki Salvador


Central Team


Group Advertising Manager   CINDY MONSALVE

Vogue Philippines

Advertising Manager   PAULINE MATA
Traffic Associate   FELIX CARITATIVO

Nylon Manila

Account Manager   JACQUES FLORES

Human Resources


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