Influencer Marketing

DigistarPH offers influencer marketing services with a comprehensive catalog of industry solutions, including product seeding and postings, social media takeovers, event appearance management, campaign collaborations, and endorsements/ambassadorships negotiations.

Project Management/Event Management

Small or large scale, corporate or branded, on ground or virtual, DigistarPH seamlessly executes a versatile range of events, turning visions into reality with 24/7 monitoring to ensure project success.

Marketing Campaign & Services

Their marketing efforts span from conducting basic market research to the implementation of branding campaigns and content management. This enables the thorough positioning and reach of any product in its desired market.

Social Media Services

DigistarPH caters to brands who are in need of social media services ranging from:

‣ Content Creation and Production

Video, long-form, interactive and virtual reality (VR)

‣ Content Platform Management

From social media to web to search, DigistarPH is an expert in the management of content housed in any platform.

‣ Content Distribution

They manage the amplification of brand content through different channels, online or offline.

‣ Content Analytics

They are responsible for closely monitoring, tracking, and measuring content operations.

Public Relations Management

The company prides itself in providing clients with exclusive access to and a variety of opportunities in different key platforms in the media industry. This includes leading media institutions in television, radio, broadsheet, magazine, and online.

Creative Services

DigistarPH provides creative services including video production, animation, set-up, event collaterals, and photo shoots.