DigistarPH’s story begins with another: Megamorphosis Incorporated, which was established in 2010 as a complete marketing services business unit that offered events production and a 360-degree marketing for optimum market reach. Working with not only local, but also international brands, Megamorphosis Inc. quickly became a preferred choice, thanks to their ability to execute large-scale and intimate productions seamlessly and achieve optimum market reach on multiple platforms.

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In 2018, DigistarPH was created, a talent agency that housed some of the biggest names in fashion, beauty, home and design, food, television, entertainment and the digital pop culture spheres that would work hand in hand with Megamorphosis. It was the beginning of a fast-growing and dynamic marketing ecosystem. The two powerhouse companies merged under DigistarPH, strengthening its hold as one of the top marketing services company in the country.