MGLI History

MGLI History

Setting The Stage: From The Philippines To The World

AGC PHC CEO, Archie G. Carrasco

From a vivid dream to concrete reality. What started as a vision from AGC PHC CEO Archie G. Carrasco’s imagination is now fully realized in Mega Global Licensing Inc. (MGLI). Through MGLI, Carrasco’s passion for elevating and uplifting media publishing in the Philippines is put to action by acquiring and localizing the biggest titles from around the globe, highlighting Filipino excellence at every turn. 

By localizing the best of the best, MGLI serves as a vehicle to show the world that the Philippines can be at par with international players through painting their pages with our colorful stories, culture and talent. The Philippines is ripe with talent, and Carrasco’s hand for timing could not have been more perfect as he brings the country to the world at a time when the Philippines is emerging as a powerhouse in Southeast Asia. To help him enact his vision, he appointed two fellow visionaries alongside him: Suki Salvador as President and Rhoda Campos-Aldanese as Chief Operating Officer. 

The company successfully launched VOGUE Philippines 2022, forever changing the landscape of style in the country. VOGUE Philippines stands as the 28th edition of the global fashion authority. 

Today, MGLI stands as one of the largest fashion and lifestyle media companies in the Philippines. And this is just the beginning—with continued expansion and acquisition of major global titles already underway, MGLI is poised to be the most influential media company in the coming years.