MGLI Careers

MGLI Careers

Editorial Associate

The Editorial Associate plays a key role in the creation and coordination of content for the magazine, ensuring that all articles and accompanying materials are produced to the highest quality standards and align with the brand strategy. This role involves working closely with the editorial, marketing, advertising, and circulation teams to create engaging, informative, and impactful content for the audience.


The Producer initiates, coordinates, supervises, and manages all aspects of the production for Vogue Philippines. They must have a thorough understanding of end-to-end production requirements and processes. They will own project delivery and communication between the creative team from briefing to execution, ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget.

Advertising Manager

Advertising Manager is responsible for meeting the team’s monthly sales quota with a group of 10 Account Managers. This role also demands a proactive leader who has a comprehensive grasp of Philippine media and advertising, with a network within the fashion and beauty industry.

Account Manager – Sales

The Account Manager is responsible for selling advertising spaces and event sponsorships for assigned brands for direct accounts and reaching 100% of the quota given. He/she also increases the investment of seed accounts given.

Digital Editor

The Digital Editor is the head of an online content team. He/she determines the look and feel of the website in conjunction with the Editor-in-Chief, holds the final recommendation on what to publish daily, and leads the team of editors, copyeditors, and writers.

Copy Editor

The role of a Copy Editor is crucial in supporting the Digital Editor to ensure that the editorial vision and direction is achieved while overseeing the content creation and editorial processes for the digital platform of the media brand.

Fashion Editor

The Fashion Editor creates, develops, commissions fashion editorials and writes fashion stories for the brand. Must be passionate about the latest fashion trends and be able to bring creative ideas to life. Responsible for producing content for the fashion department, organizes shoots, and liaises with external teams. The Fashion Editor works closely with the Fashion Director.

Fashion Associate / Assistant

The Fashion Assistant is responsible for supporting the fashion team in their day-to-day operations. He/She work closely with the fashion writers, associate editor, and director internally as well as other fashion professionals externally.

Fashion Writer

The Fashion Writer develops and writes fashion stories and fashion features for the magazine. Must be passionate about the latest fashion trends and personalities and be able to bring creative ideas to life. Responsible for producing written content for the fashion department.

Social Media Associate

Social Media Associates (SMA) specialize in enhancing online presence and driving website traffic through various social media platforms. Their primary responsibility is to improve and maintain brand awareness across social networks. Collaborating closely with the marketing and project management team, SMAs translate overarching marketing goals into impactful social media campaigns. They design and execute a comprehensive Social Media Content calendar that aligns with the brand’s digital voice and content strategy. SMAs play a crucial role in increasing website traffic by strategically utilizing organic and paid posts across diverse social media networks. Additionally, they stay abreast of emerging social media tools and best practices, incorporating them into the company’s business, marketing, and public relation strategies.

Customer Experience Editor

The Customer Experience Editor holds a central role in crafting a distinctive narrative tailored for our audience. This role focuses on ensuring that exclusive stories not only capture the reader’s attention but also elevate their overall engagement. Responsibilities include shaping content strategies that resonate with our audience, cultivating meaningful interactions, and optimizing the end-to-end journey from discovery to consumption. This position is ideal for individuals with a passion for creating impactful content experiences and a deep understanding of audience dynamics, contributing to the delivery of unparalleled exclusives that leave a lasting impression

Video Editor

The Video Editor handles the post-production phase of creating videos or films. He/She brings together raw footage and media and edits these to form videos that are fully ready for publishing on social media platforms. He/She holds finished videos to high standards, aiming for coherent storylines, seamless transitions, visual appeal, and alignment with creative vision.

Multimedia Artist

The Multimedia Artist is primarily responsible for creating and executing all layouts, short form videos for the website as well as social media materials. He/she must create and follow the design template and employ proper usage of the brand fonts, colors, and design elements.