KLIQ Careers

KLIQ Careers


The Copywriter will be responsible for providing the copy for Marketing campaigns and content for the creative executions of various Marketing collaterals, such as, but not limited to: advertising copies, videos, posters, flyers, radio plugs, program scripts, press releases, creative and concept decks, and other related materials.

Multimedia Artist

The Multimedia Artist is primarily responsible for creating and executing all layouts, short form videos for the website as well as social media materials. He/She must create and follow the design template and employ proper usage of the brand fonts, colors, and design elements.

Art Director

The Art Director is the implementer of all visual content that is produced by the company. This includes photographs, videos and layouts. He/She must be highly creative and must provide strong leadership to all members of the Creatives team. He/She must also use innovation and technology to create visual content that is useful, purposeful, relevant to the times, and revenue generating. Lastly, he/she is responsible in ensuring that plans are executed smoothly, efficiently and on time.