Account Manager

The Account Manager will be responsible for selling the business of full-scale audio and visual production of 7640, Inc. He/she is also expected to create a harmonious relationship with the client and grow the business with them. The Account Manager serves as the primary business contact for the clients and is responsible for ensuring client satisfaction after sales servicing.

Creative Producer

The Creative Producer is responsible for overseeing the production of creative projects. He/She works with a variety of different teams—from writers and directors to actors and designers—to ensure that everything comes together in a cohesive, compelling way.

Social Media Associate

The Social Media Associate (SMA) is responsible for driving traffic to the website through Social Media Platforms. SMA are tasked to improve and maintain any online presence and awareness through social media networks. They will work with the marketing / project management team to translate high-level marketing goals and media objectives into impactful media campaigns on social networks. 

Project Implementer

The Project Implementer shall be responsible for implementing the contents of the contracts closed by the Account Managers. He/she works closely with them in making sure that the agreements are followed while ensuring customer satisfaction. He/she may propose ways to make sure the project is of quality, delivered efficiently, and is cost-effective for the company. His/her goal is to provide a seamless project execution so that a repeat in the business is guaranteed.