Video Editor

The Video Editor handles the post-production phase of creating videos or films. He/She brings together raw footage and media and edit these to form videos that are fully ready for publishing on social media platforms. He/She holds finished videos to high standards, aiming for coherent storylines, seamless transitions, visual appeal, and alignment with creative vision.

Account Manager

The Account Manager is responsible for selling advertising spaces and events sponsorships for assigned brands for direct accounts and reaches 100% of the quota given. He/She also increases the investment of seed accounts given.

Brand Associate

The Brand Associate maximizes brand performance, drives profitability and growth, and launches new products. He/she oversees all activities related to the brand, monitors consumers’ feedback, and escalates complaints to the appropriate departments.

Ad & Promo Associate

The Ad & Promo Associate is primarily responsible for the implementation of the integrated marketing communication plan. He/she facilitates the execution of all ad & promo campaigns from conceptualization to actualization, the execution of all brand-initiated events, event sponsorships/tie-ups, and in-mag/online promotions.


The Copywriter is responsible for providing copy for campaigns as well as content for the creative executions of various marketing collaterals, such as, but not limited to: advertising copies, videos, posters, flyers, radio plugs, program scripts, press releases, creative and concept decks, and other related materials.

Digital Content Writer

The Digital Content Writer will be responsible for producing clear and compelling daily website content. He/She must be able to create digital content in multiple writing formats such as online articles, product descriptions, advertorials, online editorials, e-newsletters, email marketing, social media copy, etc. that are accurate, accessible, consistent, and up-to-date.

Video Producer

The Video Producer initiates, coordinates, supervises, and controls all aspects of video productions for One Mega Group Inc. He/She ensures that the production is completed on time and within budget. He/She must also be able to identify commercial/marketable assets within the show and ensure that these are executed according to the agreement with the client and editorial teams.

Multimedia Artist

The Multimedia Artist is primarily responsible for creating and executing all layouts, short form videos for the website as well as social media materials. He/She must create and follow the design template and employ proper usage of the brand fonts, colors, and design elements.

Sales Support Manager

The Sales Support Manager will be responsible for for managing the team of Account Executives. He/She works closely with the Account Executives in making sure that the elements of the contracts are followed while ensuring customer satisfaction on the part of the company and the departments involved in the projects. He/She proposes ways and means of executing the contracts to make sure that the executions are of quality, efficient, and cost effective for the company. He/She also makes sure that client requirements are discussed to the concerned departments and that expectations are met.

Account Executive

The Account Executive shall be responsible for implementing the contents of the contracts closed by the Account Managers. He/she works closely with them in making sure that the agreements are followed while ensuring customer satisfaction. He/she may propose ways to make sure the project is of quality, delivered efficiently, and is cost-effective for the company. His/her goal is to provide a seamless project execution so that a repeat in the business is guaranteed.

Social Media Associate

The Social Media Associate (SMA) is responsible for driving traffic to websites through Social Media Platforms. The Social Media Associate is tasked to improve and maintain any online presence and awareness through social media networks. He/She will work with the marketing / project management team to translate high-level marketing goals and media objectives into impactful media campaigns on social networks.

Social Media Editor

The Social Media Editor is responsible for the content in all social media platforms. These contents may be but are not limited to: original stories or material in either visual or video forms, content from the magazine, news that is trending locally or globally, scoops or exclusive materials, and coverage from events.

Events Coordinator

The Events Coordinator is responsible for assisting the Events Department in planning, organizing, and executing all internal and external events of the company.

Sales Supervisor

The Sales Supervisor is responsible for supervising a team of Account Managers and Key Account Managers to achieve company sales goals.

Editorial Assistant

The Editorial Assistant is primarily responsible for the coordination of resources necessary for the completion of the magazine.