Witness the Career Journeys of Our Colleagues Celebrating their Work Anniversaries

Across all subsidiaries, our colleagues share their journeys including their challenges and learnings as they celebrate their first year of working for the media conglomerate.

At AGC Power Holdings Corp., we take pride in our forward-thinking dynamic work culture that champions new talents and encourages growth for our employees. Through our robust list of network and industry connections, our employees are given the tools towards professional and personal growth. Along with this, we provide a working environment that is conducive to learning and employee engagement. Across all our subsidiaries and media brands spanning various industries, employees are given the opportunity to work with our team of writers, editors, artists, developers, and industry icons, who together, create and deliver the premium content that has become the hallmark of our world class brands. 

In AGC Power Holdings Corp., everyone’s career journey is a story worth telling. Recently, we had the honor of celebrating the 1st year work anniversary of our colleagues across the different subsidiaries. In celebration of their time with the company, we sat down with each one of them as they shared their experiences including what they enjoyed the most and what they learned about themselves during their first year.

Jacoben Sampayan, One MEGA Group

“Young creatives are a joy to work with, and OMG has them in spades. Also, the fact that the sales and marketing team is relentless ensures survival in an increasingly challenging media landscape.”

Diane Nicole Go, One MEGA Group

“While working at OMG, I discovered that my perfectionist tendencies and meticulous nature come in handy when editing. Beyond correcting spelling and grammatical errors, I also fix the article flow and format so that it sounds better and becomes easier to read, which the writers like. Coming from a freelance job, going back to corporate means going back to a 10 to 7 schedule. It took a lot of getting used to, but I’ve learned to improve on how I manage my time because of this.”

Eliza Santos, DigistarPH

“Entering the real world fresh from University graduation was filled with pressure. I did not know what to expect and where I would be a year after. Luckily, the first company I worked with was DigistarPH–a company that pushed me to discover the best in me. I learned how to present to clients, how to write for different platforms, and most importantly, how to work with other people. With the opportunities provided, I unleashed my true potential for copywriting and marketing and saw where my skill can take me. Even before celebrating my one year in Digistar, I was already hired by another subsidiary [AGC PHC] as their Copy Editor. With this, I learned that I can dream higher and bigger, especially when you’re surrounded by supportive and passionate colleagues that will guide you in your journey.”

Katherine Gohu, One MEGA Group

“I discovered that I knew nothing about the Philippine Entertainment Industry and my writing needed a lot of improvement. That, and I actually liked being trendy looking,” Gohu stated. Along with this, she enjoys getting to work from the comfort of her own home and at the same time gaining new information in the process.

Rafael Bautista, One MEGA Group

“I learned that I actually have a varied taste in pop culture. Before working at the company, I mostly kept my interests in western pop culture. But as I wrote, researched, and interviewed more about the topics I wrote about, I discovered that there are a lot of facets of Pinoy pop culture that I enjoy whether it be listening to more OPM or watching more teleseryes.”

Eunice Abreu, DigistarPH

When asked about the lessons she has gained during her time with the company, “I learned to trust myself, trust the process, and gained more confidence. I learned to push and extend myself to my utmost capabilities,” Abreu shares. “DigistarPH stretches you in ways that it helps you grow as an individual. Giving chances and opportunities towards reaching your goals.”

Maria Angelica Cruz, One MEGA Group

When asked about what she liked most about working at the company, Cruz answered, “probably the freedom to make the role your own. There’s also room for growth, and communication is highly encouraged; that’s something I appreciate. In general, the company has positive energy, everybody seems to root for each other, and managers care about their teams’ physical and mental health. There’s a good understanding and respect that life is much more than work, and I feel like I’ve been able to balance my life outside my career at OMG, more than I could at my previous jobs.”

Jomer Calleja, AGC Power Holdings Corp.

“My journey with the company over the years takes a lot of challenges and hard work as I am still learning the corporate environment. The guidance of my colleagues and the experience I gained during my early years has become an essential part of my career growth today and I learn a lot from it.”

Mae Talaid, One MEGA Group

“’I’m fine’ is the common lie people say everyday. And for the past months that I’ve worked as a Bookings Associate, there are two things that I’ve learned. First, is to be gentle with your feelings. It’s okay to say that you’re not okay or not feeling well. It’s okay if you feel frustrated or disappointed. I realized that I’m not Wonder Woman or a magician who could save and solve everything in a day. But I believe that I’m a warrior, and everyday is like a battlefield that can allow me to win, grow, and be a better person. The more you become honest with your feelings and what’s going on in your life or work, the more you will know that you’re not alone in the everyday battle in life. Second, is to trust the process. Everyone’s journey is different and there will be better days and there will be none. It will always take time to achieve your goals and if you become impatient, there will be consequences and regrets. Celebrate small wins or achievements and be proud of how far you’ve become.”

Rowan Palomares, One MEGA Group

“I learned how to manage and prioritize my tasks more efficiently since that is something I needed to work on, especially when I was still in college. I also learned that I am a good team player since I usually do tasks alone before.” 

As AGC Power Holdings Corp. continues to grow exponentially and evolve with the times, the growth of its employees is inevitable as witnessed by the stories above. In the future, the company will continue in its mission of creating a culture in which diverse perspectives are encouraged and every employee is equally supported in developing their careers. 

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