Vogue Philippines Welcomes Vogue Man: Shaping The Future Of Men’s Fashion Together

Vogue Man has landed in the Philippines, spotlighting the fashion needs of Filipino men.

In expansion of its fashion narrative, Vogue Philippines will debut a dedicated section to men’s fashion in 2024. Vogue Man will serve multiple purposes that go beyond the latest trends in men’s apparel. It aims to spotlight Filipino fashion designers specializing in menswear, providing them visibility on a global scale. Vogue Man aims to  blend traditional Filipino attire with contemporary fashion that will appeal to a global audience, for international collaborations and opportunities. It hopes to promote responsible consumption among its readership by supporting sustainability in fashion, a value in alignment with Vogue Philippines’. Ultimately, Vogue Man hopes to contribute to broadening the narrative around men’s fashion, challenging stereotypes and encouraging a more diverse representation of masculinity.

Vogue Man will be a 40-page addition to Vogue Philippines’ monthly print issues starting May 2024, and will also release two special issues in June and October 2024, serving as the ultimate fashion platform for male readers.

“Vogue Man is more than a fashion section, it’s a community-driven initiative aimed at exploring the evolving identity of men’s fashion in the Philippines,” shares Vogue Philippines Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Publisher, Rhoda Campos-Aldanese. “By fostering a space for open dialogue, Vogue Man seeks to redefine masculinity, celebrate individuality, and promote sustainability in fashion. It stands as a testament to the magazine’s commitment to offering a holistic view of fashion, acknowledging its power to influence culture, lifestyle, and societal norms.”

As a member of the esteemed global Vogue family, Vogue Philippines is committed to excellence in fashion journalism, celebrating the rich cultural heritage and innovative spirit of the Philippines, while adhering to its values of inclusion, diversity and stewardship of the environment.

Vogue Man will be available on newsstands nationwide, online via as well as an e-magazine on Magzter, Readly, Press Reader and Zinio.