Vogue Philippines EIC Discusses Impactful Editorial Vision At Headstart On ANC

Bea Valdes talks with Karen Davila on how Vogue Philippines sets itself apart with its narratives of inclusion, innovation, and sustainability.

Vogue Philippines has been applauded cover after cover for its distinctive approach in creating magazines with purposeful stories that break norms. Behind this editorial vision is Editor-in-Chief Bea Valdes who recently joined Karen Davila at Headstart on ANC to share insights into the title’s forward-thinking direction and influence.

After two years of sharing stories with the world, Valdes shared, “It’s starting to be a slice of who the Philippines is. It’s a good cross-section of how we see the community.” She described each issue as a love letter to the country, spotlighting individuals of diverse ages, backgrounds, and genders. Vogue Philippines has proven itself to move beyond the mainstream, filling the appetite for representation that no other magazine has fully explored. 

Vogue Philippines has made headlines by featuring Vogue’s oldest cover star for its beauty issue, Apo Whang-Od, the 106-year-old traditional tattoo artist from the Kalinga tribe. “It was the cover we never knew we needed,” Valdes remarked. The magazine continued to spotlight influential personalities such as National Scientist Dr. Dolores Ramirez, and environmentalists Ann and Billie Dumaliang of Masungi Georeserve. These issues have also tackled sustainability, addressing fashion’s significant contribution to waste. Valdes highlighted Vogue’s approach, emphasizing re-education, awareness, and promoting conscious choices. 

When asked about her favorite cover, Valdes expressed that it’s always the next one. Looking forward to future issues, she emphasized, “There are many things that exist that we can find in our own country that we just keep on having to tap into a deeper sense.” 

Watch the full interview and learn more about Vogue Philippines and its latest events | Source: ANC 24/7 YouTube