Veteran Editorial Expert Vincent Sales Appointed as Managing Editor at The Business Manual

Bringing decades of publishing experience to the helm, Vincent Sales, a seasoned storyteller and ardent business enthusiast, is set to navigate a new course for The Business Manual.

Since its inception in 2022, The Business Manual has swiftly risen to prominence, cementing itself as the foremost destination for entrepreneurial readers in just one year by championing innovative narratives. With ambitious goals for 2024, The Business Manual proudly introduces Vincent Sales as its new Managing Editor, a valuable addition to its dynamic team.

RJ Ledesma, Editor-in-Chief, shares his excitement, “I am thrilled to welcome Vincent Sales, a veteran editor and celebrated author, to The Business Manual team. His wealth of editorial experience and exceptional storytelling abilities will significantly enhance our journey. This year, we are enthusiastic about continuing to share the inspiring stories of our nation’s top business leaders and entrepreneurs.”

A Journey from Storytelling to Business Leadership

Reflecting on his two-decade-long career, Sales remarks, “I’ve always been telling and writing stories.” For over 20 years, his professional journey has revolved around storytelling, spanning from his role as an award-winning marketer collaborating with renowned brands to his prestigious position as Editor-in-Chief and author of literary works published worldwide.

“Storytelling has always been at the heart of my work. It’s this commitment to storytelling that drew me to The Business Manual, and I believe, The Business Manual to me,” says Sales.

Sales now embarks on a new adventure as he steps into the realm of business. “In many ways, I was destined to be in business, given my family background and education,” he reveals. A natural fit for the role, Sales is poised to usher in a new era of storytelling at The Business Manual.

Expanding The Business Manual’s Reach

As it enters its second year, The Business Manual has already achieved significant milestones. With the platform reaching new heights, Sales is determined to broaden its horizons, delve deeper into various industries, foster engagement within business communities, and glean insights from industry leaders in both established enterprises and startups. Sales emphasizes, “The Business Manual has the potential to be even more impactful in its mission to Educate, Engage, Inspire, and Empower our readers.”

In his role as the new Managing Editor, Sales aspires to make The Business Manual more relevant than ever for aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned business moguls alike. Readers can anticipate elevated stories featuring businesses, leaders, and innovations that are reshaping industries in upcoming editions of The Business Manual.

“Vincent Sales’ appointment as Managing Editor underscores The Business Manual’s commitment to excellence in business journalism. We are excited about the future and the fresh perspectives he brings to the table,” says Ramon Galicia, Chief Operating Officer of One Mega Group Inc., the prestigious publisher of The Business Manual.

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