The Symphony of Mindanao: The Vogue PH Journey Pt. 2

Harboring more stories from the South, Vogue Philippines brings “Voices of Mindanao” as a second volume for its May 2024 issue.

Continuing its exploration of Southern tales, Vogue Philippines extends its journey with a second volume dedicated to showcasing Mindanao. Editor-in-Chief Bea Valdes shares, “Halfway through the shoots, the team realized it would take more than one issue to showcase the complexities and cultures we encountered.” Thus, what began as a singular endeavor resulted in two volumes. For Heritage Month, the theme “Voices of Mindanao” took over featuring National Living Treasure and youngest GAMABA (Gawad sa Manlilikha ng Bayan) Awardee for Tboli Chanting, Rosie Sula, on the fore.

Echoes from the South

Finding the cover personality for the May issue began with an exploration. As the teams of Vogue Philippines ventured into different regions in Mindanao, an echoing sound was found that resonated with Mindanao’s heritage.

Features Editor Audrey Caprio narrates, “We went to Lake Sebu in South Cotabato to meet with the tnalak weavers, who are famous for being known as dreamweavers. But the Tboli have other arts like chanting, brass casting, and kulintang playing.” From there, Vogue Philippines captured the essence of Mindanao’s musical legacy in the form of Rosie Sula—a masterful Tboli chanter whose voice serves as a conduit to the realm of spirits. With each note, Rosie summons her spirit guide, leading listeners on a transcendent journey of sound and spirit.


In the wide expanse of Mindanao, a myriad of voices were also brought to light. From TBoli brass bells, SB19’s Felip, KZ Tandingan, and the Morobeats collective. Vogue Philippines taught audiences to hear music from far-flung places and help extinguish the distances between. 


The Culminating Celebration

In a celebratory gathering at the Goldenberg Mansion, Vogue Philippines hosted an intimate dinner program, embracing the theme “Voices of Mindanao” to launch the May issue. The spotlight shone on Rosie Sula as she shared her Tboli chant to a crowd of Mindanaoan creatives and makers. 


Fashion Director Pam Quiñones introduced the issue with a speech, “During the inception of Vogue Philippines, one of our missions was to put forth Filipino stories from all parts of the country, from places rich in culture to diverse backgrounds, redefining beauty and fashion. Now in the current issue, we honor Mindanao voices from all corners of the southern region.”


With each toast and culture shared, the evening culminated the two-part Mindanaoan covers of Vogue Philippines. Quiñones who hails from Cotabato City, says, “With my beloved Mindanao front and center for our April and May issues, I couldn’t be any prouder as a Mindanaoan and as a Vogue editor.” 

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