The First Lifestyle Asia Homes Explores the Impeccable Beverly Hills Vacation Home of Alice Eduardo.

The “Woman of Steel” takes us on a tour of her Italian-style Beverly Hills residence as she shows her love for gardens, entertaining guests, and creating spaces of comfort for her family.

Lifestyle Asia Homes allows us to enter into the most beautifully-curated and tasteful homes of some of the most influential people in Philippines society. Setting the tone of the magazine, the very first issue of Lifestyle Asia Homes takes readers on a tour of Alice Eduardo’s Italian-style vacation home in Beverly Hills, California. With her moniker as the “Woman of Steel”, Eduardo was the founder Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation. It is through her leadership that her company has achieved prominence and authority. 

As the president and CEO discussed the inspiration behind her Los Angeles residence, Eduardo stated that, “I look at every commercial project as a passion project. Each is a fresh opportunity to display our expertise in the field. The end user must be safe, comfortable, and able to perform their activities in the most efficient way possible. My approach to building a house is no different.”

The Influences Behind Her Beverly Hills Home

With its picturesque view consisting of fountains, ponds, and greenery, the influences of Italian style are apparent in Alice Eduardo’s vacation home. Eduardo opted for a residence in Los Angeles because of its convenience. She described LA as having, “easy flights, milder temperatures, a good mix of accessible urban and outdoor pursuits, and a vibrant dining scene.” 

What made her settle for Beverly Hills was its incredible greenery catering to her love for gardens and trees. The selling point of her brand new residence in particular was its magnificent garden reminiscent of the ones found only in Italy. Despite describing her latest home as modern tropical, the aesthetic she opted for was inspired by her affinity for classic Italian style.

Spaces of Comfort

In designing her Beverly Hills residence, Alice Eduardo had her family, especially her three kids in mind. Enlisting the help of Architect Ed Calma, she designed spaces that will allow her family to feel comfortable and at ease in her Los Angeles home. It was also important to give her parents easy access to move around the house and enjoy the garden. 

Along with her family, Eduardo also wanted to feel comfortable in her own space. She cites the bedroom as her favorite place in which she, “can let her hair down and spend some all-important ‘me for me’ [time].”

Entertaining Guests

Given her numerous passion projects and initiatives, Alice Eduardo has become accustomed to entertaining guests in her home. Her passion projects include building a pediatric ward at the Philippine General Hospital to help young cancer patients and partnering with Go Negosyo to inspire local entrepreneurs. Eduardo has made it her goal to ensure that the guests that visit her house feel comfortable and special.  “I get a sense of fulfillment when my guests have a wonderful time when they are in my home,” the CEO and president stated. 

With a place as magnificent as her Beverly Hills home, it will come as no surprise that every element of her beautifully curated space will exceed everyone’s expectations as soon as they set foot into her residence.

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