The Business Manual Stories: An All-New Feature On The Country’s Finest Entrepreneurs

The ultimate guide to success gets more up close and personal with its newest monthly feature — The Business Manual Stories. Hear it first from the industry leaders themselves as they share their own narratives that led them to where they are today.

When it comes to business, there can be millions of sourcebooks that entrepreneurs can turn to. However, among these words of advice, no one does it like The Business Manual. As the country’s first subscription-based online business publication, the brand boasts of an all-new write-up special, The Business Manual Stories, which showcases first-hand accounts of entrepreneurs who met the pinnacle of success.

Put to life by Editor-in-Chief RJ Ledesma, and Managing Editor Diane Nicole Go, these articles uncover the lives of business leaders and founders of established brands in the Philippines. It is “meant to connect with our readers and inspire them to do the same for their endeavors,” Ledesma and Go explained.

But what makes The Business Manual different from the rest is its dedication to propel a different perspective. Beyond just focusing on a product, service, brand, and company, it narrates stories in a more relaxed and personal way. The title wants to humanize the journey to achievement by putting a spotlight on the entrepreneur itself: their history, growing pains, challenges, and eventually, their success.

Published first is the winning strategy of Paco Magsaysay, Founder of Carmen’s Best. Ledesma and Go shared that “his story is an inspirational one that centers on how he was able to create a business out of excess milk from his dad’s farm—a happy accident of sorts.” Magsaysay’s account is a special one as it relates to many individuals starting their businesses. “He talks about the growing pains of starting a business from the ground up, as well as how he was able to grow it into a well-known brand,” Ledesma and Go said.

The Business Manual Stories will be released every month alongside the title’s cover. Its editors reveal that it will also be joined by “Start-up”, a monthly feature of up-and-coming startup companies.

It’s no secret anymore—your road to success is just getting started, and The Business Manual is ready to navigate you through it all.

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