The Business Manual Launch: A Powerhouse Gathering of Leaders and Great Minds

Guests in The Business Manual’s launch include a prestigious lineup of business personalities, Ambassadors, Consuls, and industry experts.


istory was made on December 7, 2022, as The Business Manual brought together the country’s biggest and brightest business leaders in one room. A powerhouse gathering of big names like former Senator and Vista Land & Lifescapes Chairman Manny Villar, Go Negosyo Founder Joey Concepcion, and Lazada CEO Carlos Barrera, among others, the net worth of the guests alone would have collectively hit the trillions!

Set at Old Manila, Peninsula Hotel, the event was the business publication’s first-ever face-to-face launch. Prior to this, The Business Manual held an online launch last November, where it debuted its website and its maiden webzine cover of Globe’s CEO Ernest Cu.

Event Highlights

While foremost an avenue for building connections and growing businesses, The Business Manual’s 2022 event launch was also a chance to debut the brand’s new Editor-in-Chief: RJ Ledesma. A man with just as many titles under his belt, he is known as an entrepreneur, the co-founder of Mercato Centrale, and the founder of the franchise platform Easy Franchise.

“Through [The] Business Manual, I look forward to inspiring our next generation of businessmen by sharing the stories and best practices of our successful Pinoy business managers, entrepreneurs, and startup founders,” he said.

Following the success of its two November cover personalities—Globe CEO Ernest Cu and Paco Magsaysay of Carmen’s Best—the event also see the stage for the unveiling of its December cover personality: RFM Corporation President and Go Negosyo Founder Joey Concepcion.

“Seventeen years ago, we started Go Negosyo with the vision of helping our MSMEs,” he said in his speech. “We wanted to uplift them through mentorship, with the knowledge that, as we do so, we grow that segment of the economy that comprises a majority of the enterprises and generates more than half of the jobs in the country.”

“Thanks to successful businessmen like RJ, who generously give of their time and expertise despite their busy schedules, we continue to give back to the country by mentoring Filipino entrepreneurs,” he added.

Prestigious Guests

True to its nature of being a business publication, The Business Manual’s launch featured a prestigious lineup of guests from different industries. These include established business figures, up-and-coming startup owners, as well as industry experts.

“I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from the business, start-up, socio-civic and diplomatic or consular community during the launch of The Business Manual,” Ledesma said. “It has been almost three years since we have been able to mount an intimate and powerhouse gathering like this, so it was re-invigorating to experience a room filled with the energy of business people connecting, re-connecting, and networking in the spirit of entrepreneurship.”

“I am certain a lot of great new business ideas and connections were generated during that launch, and this is the same sort of energy we want to create moving forward with The Business Manual from our articles and interviews along with our upcoming events, projects, and awards,” he added.

“We are more than honored to be graced with the presence and support of industry leaders from the Philippines and around the world. I hope that this platform will serve as a bridge for budding entrepreneurs and experts towards one common goal of business success,” said One Mega Group’s CEO Archie Carrasco.

    “I understand firsthand the value of having someone give you your ‘big break’—to teach you the skills that you need and introduce you to the right people in order for you to succeed in business,” Carrasco said. “I am where I am today and I have seen many of my dreams come to fruition because once upon a time, Ms. Sari [Yap] saw my potential, took me under her wing, and gave me my life-changing break.”

    “This is why we established The Business Manual: I want to pay it forward and help Filipinos who have a brilliant business idea, but may not know how to execute it, or entrepreneurs who don’t know the right people to help take their business to the next level,” he ended.