The 4th TOEY Awards: A Celebration of Resilience and Solidarity

The annual prestigious awards night makes history as it gathered the entire AGC Powerholdings Corp. (AGC PHC) for the first time to commemorate the triumphs of the company and recognize its top employees.

Overwhelming elation swept the Monet Grand Ballroom at Novotel Manila Araneta City for the 4th Ten Outstanding Employees of the Year (TOEY) Awards night last May 4, 2022. Celebrated annually, ten employees are recognized for their valuable contributions to the business manifested in product excellence, operation efficiency, and market leadership. This year marks the grand return of the TOEY Awards in person, finally away from the confining screens of Zoom. For the first time, all employees and stakeholders across AGC PHC came together as one.

A Story of Success

AGC PHC has grown and diversified over the years. Even after the pandemic and the economic decline, the company stood stronger – it strengthened its homegrown brands and welcomed new subsidiaries all while putting its people first.

All companies under the conglomerate were honored as part of one big family. This includes the homegrown publishing brand, One MEGA Group (OMG); the ultimate marketing agency, DigistarPH; the creative powerhouse, 7640 Inc.; and the global titles of MEGA Global Licensing (MGLI) – Nylon Manila and Vogue Philippines. Also welcomed with excitement are the newest additions to the AGC PHC ecosystem: Kingscross Technology Solutions and Power Cafe, both set to make their entrance this year.

Chairman and CEO of AGC PHC, Archie G. Carrasco, opens the prestigious night applauding the relentless success of these companies. “It is my honor to be standing in front of the most creative and talented individuals in the industry. Through our resilience, we were able to get back on our feet. We rose beyond challenges, came back even stronger than before, and survived by coming together,” he said.

Stars of the Night

Even at the pinnacle of it all, Carrasco never failed to recognize his employees as the ultimate backbone of success. As the Chairman and CEO stood before his people, he expressed his gratitude saying, “Our business flourished because of the dedication of everyone sitting here in this room tonight, especially our awardees. Through each and everyone’s hard work and perseverance, we were able to push through any obstacle.”

After his message, the top employees of the year took center stage as they received the most coveted award from AGC PHC – a TOEY recognition under their name. Executives and editorial members of different AGC PHC subsidiaries introduced this year’s pool of recipients. A potent mix of new and familiar faces — industry veterans, homegrown leaders, and emerging creatives are the TOEY Awardees of 2022.

Mikee Hipolito of DigistarPH

Taking home the first award of the night was DigistarPH’s Operations Manager, Mikee Hipolito. She was recognized as the youngest manager with outstanding organizational and leadership skills, setting new benchmarks for excellence. 

Kristoff Sison, Peaches Garcia, El Pereira, and Gari Sy of One MEGA Group

Following suit were the “fantastic four” of OMG’s Creative Services: Kristoff Sison, Peaches Garcia, El Pereira, and Gari Sy. For the first time, these exceptional talents were praised as a group for their significant role in transforming One MEGA Group into a highly effective creative agency during the height of the global pandemic.

Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena of Nylon Manila

The third TOEY Award was bagged by Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena. He is credited for spearheading as Editor-in-Chief of the first international media franchise of MGLI, Nylon Manila. Because of his efforts, the brand has set its footing in the digital world as the voice of today’s youth.

Janine Recto of One MEGA Group

No stranger to winning, the fourth awardee of the night was OMG’s Group Publisher, Janine Recto. She received her second TOEY this year for her exemplary contributions to the company. Under her leadership, advertising sales were boosted, multiple campaigns were established, and new sub-brands of MEGA were launched.

Bret Jackson of 7640 Inc. 

Known as the brains behind the record label, Paraisla, and the powerhouse audio and video production company, 7640 Inc., Bret Jackson takes the spotlight as the fifth TOEY Awardee. His business mindset and creative innovation launched numerous successful campaigns and bridged local talents to the global stage.

Eliza Santos of DigistarPH

In just her first year as a Copywriter at DigistarPH, Eliza Santos exceeded all expectations as she received the sixth TOEY Award of the night. Despite her short tenure and young age, her proficiency and creativity in writing were well beyond her years as she was dubbed as “DigistarPH’s secret weapon”.

Chloe Tapucar-Franco of One MEGA Group

Achieving the highest sales contribution in 2021 for OMG, Accounts Manager Chloe Tapucar-Franco was recognized as the seventh TOEY Awardee. Her undeniable talent for business led her to this momentous success.

Jacs Sampayan of Lifestyle Asia

Selected as the eighth awardee of the night, Lifestyle Asia’s Managing Editor, Jacs Sampayan, was applauded for his remarkable leadership. His guidance over his team resulted in the positive growth of the brand’s total and daily page view count.

Mika Reyes of One MEGA Group

OMG’s Digital Content Writer and Producer, Mika Reyes, secured the ninth TOEY of the event. Blessed with unmatchable ingenuity, she is credited as the top page view contributor across all titles of One MEGA Group and is recognized for writing and producing her own shoots.

Maureen Alexis Busto of One MEGA Group

Closing the night, One MEGA Group’s Advertising Director, Mauren Alexis Busto was named as the tenth and final awardee. Her phenomenal performance was instrumental in meeting and exceeding the company’s sales and business goals. Winning her fourth TOEY in a row, she is one step closer to entering the Hall of Fame and has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

This year’s TOEY Awards is a testament that behind every strong and successful company are its employees. After a night of celebration, gratitude, and solidarity, it’s now time to move toward a promising future – together. For the entire AGC PHC, there is no storm they cannot weather if they all work as one. In the words of its Chairman and CEO, it is because “We are stronger together”.

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