Suki Salvador Named President of MEGA Global Licensing Inc.

He is set to elevate local storytelling and propel the country’s unique fashion, talent, and culture on a global stage with VOGUE Philippines and NYLON Manila.

Today, CEO and Chairman of AGC Power Holdings Corp. (AGC PHC) Archie G. Carrasco announced the appointment of Suki Salvador as the new president of MEGA Global Licensing Inc. (MGLI). “Nylon Manila and Vogue Philippines are just two of the many international brands we are bringing into the local market,” says Carrasco. “Suki brings his 15 years of experience in publishing from One Mega Group (OMG) to ensure the success of the operations of all the media brands under MEGA Global Licensing,” he adds.

Industry Veteran

Growing up, Salvador describes himself as curious but shy. “I would observe the way people spoke, the way people behaved, and the way they reacted to certain situations. This lead me to the conclusion that we are all very different, but it also taught me that we are all equally important. I understood the importance of including everyone despite our varied differences,” he shares.

Bringing this belief to his career in OMG that spans over 15 years, he is known for his distinctive point of view and relentless pursuit of excellence. Along with his wealth of experience, he also strikes the perfect balance between creativity and business. One can call it a job only for Suki Salvador. From being the longstanding creative director of MEGA, to becoming the president of OMG, and now taking on a bigger role in MGLI, Salvador has proven himself to be equipped with the qualities of a media pioneer and innovator.

As a leader, he always believed that “If you have a purpose, a why, and you adhere to that purpose, profit will come.” Now seated as the president of MGLI, it is no surprise that the company is a force to be reckoned with in the world of fashion and media publishing. With OMG remaining as the standard for Filipino media excellence for three decades, MGLI will surely follow suit as it starts in its quest by ushering its first two brands – NYLON Manila and VOGUE Philippines.

Bringing MGLI to the Spotlight

For over 30 years, OMG has been elevating the lives of Filipinos through meaningful media as the prestige publisher of homegrown media titles. Today, Salvador believes that it’s time to foray into international media publishing through creating the home of the best global media titles in the Philippines. This sets the stage for the establishment of NYLON Manila last 2020, a brand dedicated to the Gen Z lifestyle; and the upcoming launch of the biggest and most influential media brand in the world, VOGUE Philippines this September 2022.

Inspired by the same principles that brought OMG to the pinnacle of media publishing, Salvador takes innovation and excellence in a different approach. Having the biggest international media titles under his belt, he aims to chronicle the stories and lives of emerging local talents across the globe in a modern and artful way. “There is an element of discovery that is inherent to NYLON Manila and VOGUE Philippines,” Salvador states. Stories that come out of these brands are special, unique, diverse, and sustainable, aiming to bring a new point of view to the fore.

NYLON Manila as the go-to source for the young and pop-culture-obsessed guides the journey of the most evolved generation we have seen in our lifetime. As a digital-first media title, he plans to innovate the brand in the form of fanzines, printed annuals, and activations like music festivals, parties, and talks. VOGUE Philippines will reimagine fashion with a Filipino taste, uplifting the country’s rich culture, diversity, and creative talent. This takes part in Salvador’s continuous vocation to discover and hone local talent by introducing Filipinos to the international stage.  

To Greater Heights

In the undertaking to reignite Philippine media and publishing also comes the mission to create more opportunities for local talent. Salvador is dedicated to cast a wider net not only for fashion and beauty creators, but also other professions like drivers, carpenters, merchandisers, and other support teams. “Through excellent media and platforms, we will be able to discover new talents and products which I hope our audience will purchase and consume. It is my goal for our audience to buy from the Philippines, so that fashion, beauty, design, food, and music will have a contribution to our GDP and economic growth rate for years to come,” Salvador shares.

When asked what content the country should expect soon, he stated that it will be smart, exciting, thoughtful, and enriching to your life. “MGLI through VOGUE Philippines and NYLON Manila will release daily content that is purposeful, intentional, and beautiful, but more importantly, it will be about content that you actually like. Our content will not be nebulous nor will it be difficult to comprehend. It will be accessible with ease. As a leader, I’ve made it my mission to include everyone and to remove the velvet ropes that separate people. I want to accord everyone an opportunity to be the first in line,” he says.

With sights set to spark the industry through MGLI, Salvador proclaims that “this moment is an opportune time to open and re-open businesses and to put the Filipino craft side by side with the rest of the world.” In the future, he hopes to increase the company’s international media franchises, spanning various industries including design, beauty, celebrity, lifestyle, and music to further strengthen its global presence. For Salvador, this is only the beginning of MGLI. Exciting times are ahead for Philippine media and publishing under his leadership as the president.

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