Start-Up Entrepreneurs On The Rise: The Business Launches New Cover Stories

Up-and-coming CEOs are now joining the forefront with fresh new ideas and perspectives revolutionizing different industries. The Business Manual puts these leaders in the spotlight to unfold inspiring stories of budding success.

Creating a business is no easy feat, but a lot of start-ups on the rise have put together the ultimate recipe from scratch. In an ode to the great thinkers behind new ventures, The Business Manual has launched a new monthly cover series titled “Start-Up” ushered by Editor-in-Chief RJ Ledesma.

Ledesma shares, “The Business Manual serves two purposes. Firstly, it chronicles the innovation story of Filipino start-up entrepreneurs as they disrupt businesses and change the world for the better. Second, it is meant to inspire and motivate the next generation of local entrepreneurs by providing them with tools and ‘hacks’ to survive and thrive in the new business normal.”

The complete story of an entrepreneur’s A to Z is revealed – from the onset of the business until the very milestone reached. All pain points, challenges, and breakthroughs are uncovered.  

Managing Editor Diane Nicole Go explains, “We believe that they have big potential for growth and success, given that they’ve pioneered a new product, service, or concept, paved the way for a new industry, or even did something that no other business has ever done.”

On the first cover is Great Deals E-Commerce Founder Steve Sy who made a name for himself in the industry by creating a business around it. E-commerce is a business model that has taken flight since the pandemic and even so during the height of digitalization. Among its leaders, Sy is one of the biggest innovators in the country who started from zero. 

“We wanted to share his story since it’s a very inspiring one. He had to pay off a massive debt and needed to support his family—all while making ends meet. His big break came when he pioneered the e-commerce model—a risky move, given that no one else has done it, but with high risk comes high reward, and his paid off with a billion-peso business,” Go explains. “It’s the kind of story we want our aspirational audience to read so they too may be inspired to do the same for themselves,” she concludes.

Sy is one of the many start-up entrepreneurs who have changed the course of business in the country. Many more faces will paint the pages of The Business Manual to encourage readers to believe in their own potential. 

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