SariSari.Shopping Launches Its First Magazine Pop-Up Store In Estancia

AGC Power Holdings Corp. (AGC PHC) debuts its inaugural physical store offering an extensive collection of renowned titles including Vogue Philippines, MEGA Magazine, Nylon Manila, and more.

Chairman and CEO of AGC PHC Archie Carrasco makes the announcement of SariSari.Shopping’s pioneering pop-up store at Lower Ground, Estancia Mall, Pasig City. Known as the e-commerce counterpart of the conglomerate that initially ventured into digital commerce, SariSari.Shopping now enters a new and bigger chapter.

“This endeavor marks a significant milestone in our journey, as it expands our ecosystem by finally embarking into retail. AGC PHC started with publishing, stepped into media, marketing, music, and production — but now, we are happy to explore retail with SariSari.Shopping,” Carrasco states with excitement. Additionally, he emphasizes that this initiative will improve convenience for AGC PHC’s market of readers, guaranteeing visibility and easy access to its growing list of print titles, which will be readily available for purchase. 

Print has long been a dying art, but AGC PHC is the first in the industry to strive for its rightful comeback in the age of digital. “It’s 2023 and we all know that the internet is taking over, but the beauty of reading through the tangible pages of a magazine is something that we want to protect and re-introduce to this generation. We can’t say that print is dead because the demand for our physical copies from customers speaks volumes. The next step is really up to the industry and those who have the capacity to bring it back to life. And that’s why we are humbly here today,” Head of Global Circulations, Arriane Sanchez, says. 

Through SariSari.Shopping, AGC PHC proudly champions the revival of print, breathing new life into the world of publishing. Just at the early stages of its action plan, Carrasco says, “This marks the first of the 200 pop-up stores we have planned to launch nationwide in the coming year”. 

Customers may now purchase physical copies of One MEGA Group Inc. with MEGA, MEGA Man, MEGA Entertainment, Lifestyle Asia, BluPrint, and Modern Parenting; MEGA Global Licensing Inc. with Vogue Philippines, and Modern Media Group Inc. with Nylon Manila and soon, Billboard Philippines.