Pillar Of Fashion Academe Ramon Galicia Takes The Lead As AGC PHC’S AVP For Corporate Planning

From the fashion scene to the world of publishing, he takes his two-decade expertise to drive new business strategies for the ever-expanding AGC Power Holdings Corp. (AGC PHC).

Another veteran joins AGC PHC’s new roster of executives. This time, the AVP for Corporate Planning is named — and he’s none other than the multi-faceted creative businessman, Ramon Galicia.

His professional journey always revolved around one common theme: managing and reconciling seemingly conflicting objectives of art and business. Apart from his stint as Academic Chair for SoFA Design Institute, he also has years of experience as Fashion Merchandising Manager of apparel brands Tyler and Memo, and eventually founded his own events styling company. More recently, he moved to publishing and took the role of Business Expansion Manager for Global Acquisition of AGC PHC, supporting the efforts of ushering in new international titles for the organization.

Now moving up as the new lead for the company’s corporate planning, he is thrilled to finally stay in an industry that he is truly passionate about. ”I’ve always loved magazines. I’ve always loved media and now it’s like going back to what I really love,” he shares.

A Stronger AGC PHC

Under Galicia’s leadership, his department will crusade pivotal plans for all subsidiaries under AGC PHC. “The Corporate Planning Department shall be the go-to group that will spearhead not just the ideating, crafting, and finalizing of strategies, but more importantly, its timely execution to ensure that targets are met,” he explains.

His office will also support the Chairman’s direction in setting global benchmarks, securing new assets, managing synergies among units, and building new teams. Galicia adds, “Through new structures, I can help create a strong culture of execution within AGC PHC, where business strategies are created with a nuanced understanding of the interrelationship between people and processes, and with the clear intention that declared plans actually become reality, ” he narrates.

All of his strategies will be based on metrics that evaluate the company’s strengths and weaknesses. “You cannot manage what you don’t measure,” Galicia strongly believes, as he begins to draft long-term goals for the conglomerate.

The Guiding Purpose

“What has drawn me to AGC PHC is that its core values are consistent with mine,” Galicia says. Built with integrity and innovation, he is ready to uphold the company’s mission to all stakeholders involved.

Chairman and CEO Archie Carrasco’s guiding principle, Purpose Over Profit, inspires Galicia to grow impactful businesses with risk-taking entrepreneurs fueled by purposeful aspirations. He is also proud to join an organization that wholeheartedly embraces innovation, especially at a time when technology profoundly changed how the world works.

Looking forward to AGC PHC’s exponential growth, Galicia takes the seat ahead of the business, overseeing all current units and soon-to-announce acquisitions in the coming years with a crystal vision for all subsidiaries — to ultimately reach their greatest business potential.