Patrick Ty’s New Visionary Leadership Revitalizes Filipino Fashion at MEGA Magazine

He’s taking over fashion and taking over legacy. Fourteen years after, MEGA Magazine welcomes back a prominent figure in the industry. 

After a remarkable journey spanning over a decade in the realms of fashion, merchandising, and consultancy, Patrick Ty rejoins MEGA Magazine as its new Creative Chief. Ty, a former Fashion Editor at MEGA in 2006, reflects on his return, “Fourteen years later bring us to this moment. I always knew I would work in publishing, particularly fashion magazines. This has been a lifelong passion and love affair. My journey to becoming MEGA’s Creative Chief can be best described as a homecoming.” Editor-in-Chief Peewee Reyes-Isidro comments on Ty’s return, “His deep understanding of fashion storytelling has allowed him to create and produce some of the title’s most iconic and unforgettable images. More importantly, his knowledge of MEGA’s history and DNA along with his creative vision will mark a new era for the title.”

Revolutionizing Fashion Storytelling

Ty’s goal is to enhance the magazine’s creative dialogue, a tradition since its inception in 1992. Focusing on Filipino creativity, he plans to infuse the pages with dynamic interactions among the Philippine fashion community. “I am fascinated with the idea of a creative exchange. Every page of MEGA should be a reflection of the best of Philippine fashion: a chronicle of industry triumphs, but more importantly, as the Filipino creative’s platform to show what else can be pushed, what else is possible, what else they are capable of,” he explains. 

Ty attributes MEGA’s distinctiveness to its rich 32-year history, relationships, and achievements in the fashion world. “Many titles have come and gone, but MEGA is still here. The difference lies in the clarity of our purpose, he asserts.

Blending Tradition with Innovation: The Future of MEGA 

Emphasizing the blend of historical knowledge with contemporary insights, Ty aims to steer MEGA towards a future that honors its legacy while embracing new creative vistas. “Working with a team of young creatives, I would encourage them to equip themselves with a wealth of knowledge of fashion history and merge this with their contemporary points of view: listen to the pulse of what is current and what is relevant.”

With Patrick Ty at the helm, MEGA Magazine is poised to embark on a journey that celebrates the rich tapestry of Filipino fashion, from its illustrious past to its promising future. Ty’s vision and leadership promise to redefine Filipino fashion storytelling, making MEGA a beacon of innovation and excellence in the industry.

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