Paraisla, A Record Label Under 7640 Inc. Launched Its First Single with Midnasty

Under 7640 Inc., the creative force known as Paraisla produced the single and music video for Midnasty’s “Solo na Lobo”

Today, Hip hop group Midnasty dropped their latest single and music video for “Solo na Lobo” on music streaming platforms. This marks the first ever launch for Paraisla, a record label under 7640 Inc. who produced both the single and music video. 7640 inc. is a full scale music and video production company under AGC Power Holdings Corp.

The release of Midnasty’s “Solo na Lobo” and its accompanying music video is yet another milestone for the group and for Paraisla, who are only just beginning.


Paraisla is a record label under 7640 Inc. It is a movement of artists that is dedicated to discovering and honing local talents with a vision of turning them into global musicians. Every island in the Philippines has a rich history and culture. Paraisla’s main mission is to bring these stories to the country and to the rest of the world.

Midnasty’s New Single and Music Video

Midnasty is a hip hop group that was founded back in 2001, by the brothers Fry Kho and Murray Kho. Their dream was to put Dumaguete city on the map. In 2004, their young brother Ar Kho would join the group and help reinvent its image. Midnasty’s breakthrough in the Philippine music scene happened in 2009 after winning MTV Emerge.

Now a prominent group in the Philippine music scene, Midnasty released their newest single and music video for “Solo na Lobo”. The single reflects the group’s journey as musicians including the trials and tribulations they faced. The accompanying music video for the song was shot entirely in Dumaguete, staying true to the group’s dream of putting their city on the map.

Partnership with Warner Music Philippines

The Philippine music scene is now putting its focus on regional artists. With this, Warner Music Philippines has partnered with Paraisla to promote artists from the different islands who speak different dialects. Their mission is for the world to sing our very own language. All the albums produced under Warner Music Philippines will be launched across Southeast Asia soon.

With their sights set on international success, Midnasty signed with Warner Music Philippines this year. After signing with Warner Music Philippines, Midnasty will now be co-managed by the record company and Paraisla through 7640 Inc.

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