MyHome Returns with A Fresh New Perspective

The country’s favorite home design magazine returns with modern inspiration for every Filipino home 

In the early 2000s, despite already having Pinterest, Filipino homemakers and DIYers turned to MyHome magazine to find design inspiration. The ideas were beautiful, practical, and fit so well with the eclectic Filipino design sensibility that MyHome quickly became the favorite go-to source when it came to creating beautiful spaces.

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MyHome returns to the stands after a long hiatus to do what it did best: INSPIRE. Under the leadership of its Editor-in-Chief, Architect Geewel Fuster, MyHome is set to continue its legacy and usher in a new era of influence.


At the heart of MyHome’s rebirth is collaboration and celebration of Filipino design. Fuster shares that MyHome is also a platform where Filipino artisans can converse and unite in the objective of showcasing Filipino talent to the world. Contributing to this vision include guest editor Chat Fores, and design contributors Rita Nazareno and Gabby for Object and Materials, Pam Lopez for Lifestyle, and Daniel Lampa for Arts and Trends. 


In the reconceptualization of MyHome, the team looked into market trends and altered human behaviors stemming from the pandemic. One Mega Group, Inc. COO Ramon Galicia explained that these two factors were of great consideration when they were discussing the content of the magazine.

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First, it had to take into account a real estate resurgence with people looking for second homes or alternate spaces. The other consideration was the heightened awareness of space design highlighted by the long stay at home during the lockdown and the realization that outside people were now being invited inside their homes via conference calls. Galicia adds that people are increasingly focused on cultivating the aesthetic of their home interiors not only for display, but also for the sake of their overall well-being. 

To engage this younger, more design-conscious market, the new MyHome carries expert tips, inspiration, and insights from key figures from the Philippine design industry. It also showcases new brands and new technologies from techniques and materials that the team feels the Filipino aesthetic is now ready for. 

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Fuster further explains that the new MyHome will center on the concept of “Modern Filipino Living:” Modern, to showcase the evolving trends in home design; Filipino, to highlight Filipino craftsmanship to a global audience; and Living, to open doors to one beautiful space at a time.

Home is Where the Heart Is

This vision of Modern Filipino living is showcased In its maiden issue through the feature on the home of fashion celebrity Heart Evangelista. “Heart’s home is an old structure which was recently revamped with new layers of vision and design story that is similar to the renaissance of MyHome,” Architect Fuster explains.  

heart myhome
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The return of MyHome ushers in another facet of home design within One Mega Group, Inc. It differentiates from Bluprint by focusing more on the importance of meaningful and mindful living. Fuster emphasizes this philosophy is highlighted in the magazine’s dedication to promoting a holistic approach to home life. 

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The MyHome team will continue to offer content that seamlessly merges inspiring stories with interior design. MyHome comes back in a bigger print size and also a bigger purpose to fill. 

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