Meet the Youngest Executive of AGC PHC, Mikee Hipolito

From a One MEGA Group Inc. (OMGI) intern in 2015 to the General Manager of DigistarPH today, at just 27, she has reached success like no other. 

DigistarPH, the home of today’s digital superstars and the marketing arm of AGC Power Holdings Corp. announced today its newest General Manager, Mikee Hipolito. At only 27 years old, she has cemented her repute as the youngest executive in the conglomerate, proving herself to be at par with other veterans. She says, “Looking back over the years, one thing I kept in mind is to love every learning. Learning to love every experience, every feedback, every interaction, and every challenge. I never knew that this simple, yet powerful value would give a big influence on my career – but here I am today, and I’m so grateful for this opportunity.”

Career Beginnings 

“I still clearly remember our interaction in 2015. The now Chairman and CEO, Archie Carrasco, asked me if I would like to work for him in the future and I said yes” — this is where it all started for Hipolito. She was just a graduating student, completing her final requirements when she interviewed her alumnus’ industry experience who was working for OMGI. Little did she know, that very moment would begin the course of her career. 

Hipolito trained as a multimedia artist intern for OMGI as she was earning her degree in Advertising and Public Relations. During this time, she was convinced that art was something she wanted to pursue in the long run. But as she entered the real world, she discovered her innate skill for production, management, and business that led her to work as a Project and Production Associate of Carrasco’s former events agency. Hipolito brought multiple wins project after project from illustrious brands across the country. 

Her talent for management couldn’t get unnoticed and after three years, Carrasco offered her to be the Operations Manager of DigistarPH, landing an executive position at age 22. Now in 2023, she fills in a bigger role as General Manager of the marketing agency. 

A Brighter Tomorrow

Years of being on her journey, Hipolito has faced a lot of challenges. An important value that kept her going is mindfulness. “Mindfulness is a word that is so important to me, and the funny thing is I have this tattooed on my skin. But in a bigger picture, this left a permanent mark on my ethic as an individual. Being mindful of my present moment and being honest in terms of my values and goals has helped me grow so much in this path,” she states.  

Hipolito is grateful to be part of the marketing industry no matter how fast-paced it gets. “Marketing is one of the backbones of every brand anywhere in the world. Imagine being gifted the capacity to influence, it’s more than fulfilling,” she explains. For those thinking of taking the same track as her, she says the secret is to bank on every experience and create ideas with the intention to make a mark.

As the General Manager of DigistarPH, Hipolito shares her plans moving forward. Conceived as a small marketing agency, she is dedicated to propel the company forward to be one of the top-of-mind agencies, produce meaningful campaigns that can impact our industry, and watch individuals grow their careers even further under her wing.