MEGAStyle Circle Is Here: Meet The Seven Ambassadors

Meet Bianca, Ray, Marga, Third, Cess, Clyde, and Kaira — different individuals and different personalities who will represent today’s generation. This is the MEGAStyle Circle.

The search is over. Seven names have secured their spots as ambassadors of the MEGAStyle Circle, ready to take content creation to the next level. After a month of digital and on-ground tests that took their fashion lens and creative wits to the challenge, the final bets proved to redefine beauty and style like no other.

From a pool of twelve potentials, seven names were announced last December 1 during the MEGA BeautyCon. “Identifying the best group of people to represent MEGAStyle was definitely not easy since each finalist had their own edge, which is simply why we are officially welcoming a total of seven ambassadors instead of five, all because of the determination, passion, and potential that we saw,” an excerpt from MEGAStyle quotes.

Aside from invitations to events and heading digital executions on TikTok, they will also be a contracted talent under the marketing and influencer agency of AGC Power Holdings Corp. (AGC PHC), DigistarPH.

Get to know the MEGAStyle Circle:

Marga Nicolas


Falling under the niche of beauty, the 22-year-old got our attention with her relaxed aura backed up with her candor. On top of that, she dabbles into fashion and lifestyle, which she handles in a very chill manner.

Cess Tan


This content creator is very much versed in the local beauty scene ever since she started to make content during the pandemic, and that is why she secured her spot in the circle. One thing to note also is that the 24-year-old also launched her career as a stylist, and gives the credit to her love for content creation.

Bianca Ferro


When we said get creative, there is no doubt that Bianca Ferro went above and beyond with her audition tape. Because of that, we got a sense of her creativity outside the world of fashion and beauty. While she still showcases her impressive range of style, she elevates her personality even further because of her creative direction in filming content.

Kaira Mack


If we want someone for energy, Kaira Mack is the girl for that. The 18-year-old embraces the Gen Z character with her bubbly nature and we see it manifest directly in her edgy fashion and her bold makeup looks.



You probably came across his video a couple of times since his content is mainly about fashion, including tutorials on how you can style certain pieces. While his looks are mostly laid-back, it’s his dauntless attitude to try out edgier ensembles that secured his spot in the top seven.

Clyde Amadeo


If we’re talking about bold fashion, then you can look at Clyde and his expertise in styling menswear looks with a chic twist. It’s his versatile flair on vintage and avant-garde outfits that makes him an ideal MEGAStyle ambassador.

Ray Managuelod


A trait that makes one a true Gen Z is their all-around attitude, and Ray Managuelod is an example of that. The aspiring architect juggles his side hustles like content creation and modeling while entertaining other hobbies like photography and fashion—an all-around creative that got him into the exclusive circle.

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