MEGA’s 30th Anniversary: A Celebration Of Purpose Over Profit

One hundred percent of the proceeds from digital and print circulation sales of MEGA’s 30th anniversary issue will be donated to charities aiding the victims of Typhoon Odette.

For three decades, MEGA has remained the standard for Filipino media excellence. Despite its humble beginnings, the magazine has since evolved into iconic covers, televisions programs, momentous events, and digital platforms. MEGA has been able to stay on top by continuously producing content that challenges the status quo and adapts to the changes in time. 

In celebration of 30 years of pushing the boundaries in print, media, and beyond, MEGA unveiled its special anniversary issue, REBIRTH featuring three cover stars who are influential in their own right and use their platforms to inspire others. Each star shares their message of positivity and encouragement during a time when this is most needed being in the midst of a global health crisis and the recent calamity that hit the country. The stars also encourage us to take action and to use our voice to create positive change in our own ways. 

Cherie Gil for A Cause to Heal

One of the most celebrated actresses in Philippine cinema with a career spanning five decades, Cherie Gil is the first cover star for A Cause to Heal. The actress, who became known for her villainous roles, shakes off her previous persona to start a new chapter of hope and positivity. When the pandemic hit, it proved to be a restricting scenario for her and everyone in the industry. According to the actress, “that’s when things became more apparent to me that it’s not an easy progression for the industry to compete with the challenge. And I could not actually go on waiting.” Feeling that her artistic ambitions were being stifled, Gil made plans to move to New York in search of a creative rebirth. 

When she arrived in the Empire State, Gil realized what starting over entailed. She got rid of all her clothes that symbolized her past life. Along with getting rid of her wardrobe, she made the decision to shave her hair off fully leaving her villainous persona behind. According to Gil, “I’m completely finding myself and coming to terms with who I really am. It’s just great to have this opportunity and to be alive to start over. It’s like a rebirth of sorts.” 

Nadine Lustre for A Cause to Help

After making the bold move to Siargao and finding solace in the island, Nadine Lustre is now able to live, love, and fight for the things that truly matter to her. According to Nadine, “When I flew to Siargao in July last year, I thought to myself ‘Freedom!’ That’s when I knew that I’m free from whatever thoughts or baggage that I have been carrying.” The star regards Siargao as her home, where she learned to truly enjoy life. 

With Nadine Lustre’s proactive approach to help out the victims of Typhoon Odette, she became the perfect cover star for A Cause to Help. After Siargao was destroyed by Typhoon Odette, the star decided to journey back to the island where she saw firsthand the devastating effects of the typhoon. Lustre shared that many people, mostly farmers, lost their homes and livelihoods. After seeing this, she started to take action by gathering help and calling for rebuilding materials to assist the people there. 

Scarlet Belo for A Cause to Heed

Scarlet Snow Belo, MEGA’s youngest solo cover is the final star for A Cause to Heed as the young lady dreams of a brighter future by doing better today. From a young age, she has been taught by her parents Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho to nurture her spirit and to have a close relationship with God. Along with this, they instilled in Scarlet the core family values of humility, integrity, and service. 

Having grown up in the limelight, Scarlet is looking to be a natural leader to her generation and use the platform she has been given to uplift others. According to her, “Good leaders should always know the right things to do, then teach us the right to do, then be an example to us. They should protect our forests and our oceans. They shouldn’t be greedy.” If she was a leader, Scarlet stated that she would encourage people to stop throwing things in the ocean that could pose harm to sea animals. Lastly, the young star encourages other kids to always love and take care of their country in their own ways like throwing their trash in the proper place. 

A Magazine with a Purpose

During these trying times, MEGA aims to spread hope and help to our fellow countrymen. The anniversary issue of MEGA offers stories of positivity and inspiration during a time when the country needs these the most. However, the magazine’s efforts do not stop there. Through MEGA’s 30th anniversary issue, 100 percent of the proceeds will be donated to the victims of Typhoon Odette.