MEGA Entertainment Takes Storytelling to the Next Level

As MEGA Entertainment makes a bold shift in its look, we give you a rundown on how we are expanding media coverage to the next level

Entertainment is a word that can be defined by different people through different things. To some, it is all about celebrity stories. Others see it as a term that covers music, television, and film in one. But for MEGA, entertainment is more than just a concept—it’s a movement that takes storytelling to the next level. 

Over the years, we have seen the evolution of the term to cover a number of forms. With the media landscape and audience taste changing through the seasons, the way we share these stories must grow, too. With that, here is how MEGA Entertainment is getting bolder and better today. 

The logo

Following the logos of MEGA’s subsidiary brands, MEGA Entertainment is joining the others for a literal bold move. Senior Multimedia Artist Jones Palteng pointed out, “Breaking news shouldn’t whisper. It should be loud, legible, and bold. The new masthead is just that. It’s exciting and captures your attention more.” 

The logo also includes a meaningful take on what it means to be first on the news and even offer exclusives with stars and those who make them shine brighter. The exclamation point emphasizes this, as well as the thicker font style.

The content

Besides breaking news and celebrity features, we are also expanding our entertainment content in our website and social media. Following its core vision to elevate entertainment with stories, we are coming up with more content that goes beyond celebrity coverage. 

Joining our news updates and star exclusives, we are now introducing local and international news round ups and media reviews. At the end of the day, MEGA Entertainment is not just about establishing what entertainment is. We are also in the pursuit of weighing what it covers, debating its coverage, and how we can continue to change it for the better. 

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