MEGA Embraces Body Positivity for its July 2022 Issue

Take a peek inside the July issue of the Philippines’ Best Fashion Magazine as it features stories of empowerment, showcases beauty in all forms, and redefines fashion.

Being the country’s pioneering fashion and lifestyle publication, MEGA devotes itself to featuring stories that adapt to the changes in time, putting socially relevant issues at the forefront of its illustrious pages. Constantly challenging the status quo, the magazine is stepping up to the challenge as it redefines fashion to become more inclusive and accepting. During a time when diversity and inclusivity have entered the conversation and become a focal point of the fashion industry, MEGA joins the movement as it empowers body positivity for its July issue.

Showcasing inspiring stories of self-love and diverse perspectives, this month’s issue aims to raise awareness and change the way we view our bodies, showing readers what it means to be truly strong, confident, and beautiful. From the newest collections and beauty gadgets that celebrate every body type to women of different shapes and sizes sharing their stories, MEGA’s newest issue stays true to its mission of positively impacting the lives of Filipinos.

This Month’s Cover Star

Gracing this month’s cover is a woman who continues to defy stereotypes and chooses to live a life of self-love. Presenting the best version of herself to the world, Ria Atayde is a far cry from who she was in the past. No longer burdened about the opinions of others, she has changed her mindset to be comfortable in her own skin and confident with her body. “I love myself and I am surrounded by people who constantly remind me that I am worthy of love and attention,” Atayde declares.

However, the road to self-love and achieving the body-positivity mindset requires time, patience, and hard work according to the actress. For her, it’s all about finding the right balance between having an active lifestyle and being happy. This entails making smarter decisions when it comes to her time for work and rest, food choices, and physical activities. For Ria, self-love also requires, “calibrating your mindset to believe certain things.”

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