MEGA Launched Its Fifth Sub-brand: MEGA Active

Fitness and fashion–two things now in your reach with the arrival of MEGA Active. 

In addition to MEGA’s illustrious string of titles, MEGA Active lands as its fifth sub-brand, catering to the market’s growing niche of wellness enthusiasts. It’s a one-stop-shop of the latest wellness trends, workout advice, and fitness ensembles.

From setting up at-home workout stations during the pandemic, to finally going outside to hit the gyms, one thing’s for sure – people have made wellness as one of their top priorities, and its growth is unstoppable. True enough, the fitness sector has seen an unprecedented rise over the years, and research expects it to rocket upon the easing of lockdown restrictions.  

MEGA Active opens the year to navigate one’s fitness journey towards a more fashionable direction by featuring the best wellness brands to the latest workout classes you can join. But more than just sweating in style, the magazine aims to take wellness a notch higher. It’s not just about naming the hottest brands in the market. MEGA Active aims to pursue a more holistic approach to wellness. 

Stories about health, the importance of mindfulness, and finding strength in progress will be told in the heart of its pages. More importantly, it will bring forward brands and individuals alike who are making their mark in the fitness scene. 

Gracing its first cover is star volleyball athlete, Majoy Baron, who sets the perfect example of how fitness can be done with style. Not only does it touch on the volleybelle’s workout routines, but also probes into the question of what it means to be more than an athlete. 

Whether you’re just a workout newbie or a long-time fitness buff, MEGA Active is your go-to magazine. It will allow you to explore the world of fitness and fashion – to lift weights with class, to run in style, and to tailor your own health. 

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