Meet The A-Team Behind NYLON Manila

From industry innovators to attuned trendsetters, the NYLON Manila team is comprised of the biggest, boldest, and bravest names in the Philippines.

The first Nylon magazine was co-founded by an eccentric group of New Yorkers and Londoners, namely: Mark Blackwell, a writer; Madonna Badger, an advertising veteran; Mic Neumann, an entrepreneur; Helena Christensen, a supermodel; and Marvin and Jaclynn Jarrett, a power couple in the publishing industry. After taking on Ronen Shapiro to spearhead the whole shebang, the magazine launched its first issue on April 6, 1999. And the rest, as they say, was history. 21 years later, history repeats itself, but in a different setting altogether. Nylon is now in Manila and everyone is eager to find out who will continue to lead the legacy of such an established brand.

Nylon Manila Team, Associate Publisher

Abby Laurel - Nylon Manila Team, Associate Publisher

No success, especially in the no-two-days-alike world of media could be achieved without the work of a publisher who knows her job. As the Associate Publisher of NYLON Manila, Abby Laurel aims to help brands provide relevant content that helps bridge people together in a personal and professional way. The recently converted K-Pop lover is not afraid to think outside the box when pitching relevant content to the clients and the team. In Abby’s eyes, commercialism is not the downfall of artistry.

Nylon Manila Team, Fashion and Beauty Editor

Lyn Alumno - Nylon Manila Team, Fashion and Beauty Editor

Nylon’s Fashion and Beauty Editor has been making headlines for the most part of the year 2020. Not only is she an esteemed celebrity stylist, but more than that, she’s an artist. Lyn has accomplished many things in her life from her time in Central Saint Martins to her on-the-side modeling. With all the knowledge Lyn has in both fashion and beauty, we can’t wait to see what she produces for NYLON Manila.

Nylon Manila Team, Features Editor

Elyse Ilagan - Nylon Manila Team, Features Editor

We’d like to think of Elyse Ilagan as the voice of Gen Z. The thing about Elyse is she really does embody the brand and what it stands for. From her aesthetic to her tasteful decisions, you can see all the good in Gen Z when you look into her. She has always been able to maintain a unique voice throughout her years of experience in Rappler, GRVTY Media, Meg, and MEGA. That is why it was only fitting when the young writer was appointed as the Features Editor of NYLON Manila.

Nylon Manila Team, Sr. Multimedia Artist

Kenneth Dimaano - Nylon Manila Team, Sr. Multimedia Artist

When talent and hard work come together, you get people like Kenneth Dimaano. In everything he does you can see his hundred percent commitment and effort in it. Nylon Manila’s Sr. Multimedia artist does not stop in growing his wide array of skills. He has dabbled on film direction, art direction, event direction, multimedia art production, and so much more. For many, passion is a hard to come by; for Kenneth, it’s just another day of pursuing the best in life.

Nylon Manila Team, Editor-in-Chief

Angelo Ramirez de Cartegena - Nylon Manila Team, Editor-in-Chief

Everything came together when Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena was appointed as the first Editor-in-Chief of NYLON Manila. From his humble beginnings as a freelancer dipping his toes in everything from short films, network soap operas, and runway shows, the eventual winner of the stylist category in MEGA Fashion Crew Season One would soon find a successful styling career under Artists & Company Manila. He has proven time and time again that he is all in for it, no ifs and buts—just balls to the wall as he says.

Angelo has been hustling in the fashion and publishing industry for over a decade now. He has been navigating his professional career with One Mega Group for 8 years officially, where he has contributed for titles such as Meg, Celebrity Mom, Lifestyle Asia, Inside Showbiz, and has slowly risen the ranks from being Fashion Associate to Associate Editor of Megastyle, MEGA Man, and MEGA. Just last year, he was tasked with taking the digital arm of the company to greater heights by marrying his editorial experience with digital curiosity as Digital Content Editor for all brands, a position that he still holds today. 

More than just being a talented writer, editor, and stylist, Angelo has a knack for life. He has walked the runway and performed as a drag queen and even DJs from time to time. “I am raring and ready to bring a sense of passion and purpose with the platform I have been so fortunate to lead. With a finger to the wind and a pulse on what makes people’s gears grind, minds go full throttle, and hearts race hard, I am dedicated to shaping and realizing the identity of the energetic, enduring, and emerging youth as not only to take us into the future, but to define it with responsibility,” Angelo says in full confidence.

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