Making Their Mark: MEGA Magazine Features Young Talents On The Rise

Celebrating the opportunity to dream and the power of new talent, MEGA’s DNA resonates with the pursuit of discovery. In its November issue, three new generation game-changers are at the forefront, bringing in the future.

Angelina Cruz, Lorin Gutierrez Bektas, and Hannah Pangilinan are no strangers to the spotlight. Coming from families in show business, their lives have unfolded in the watchful eyes of cameras. After years of sharing some parts of their life with their different audiences, along the way, these young influencers have realized that they have been offered a bigger task: to send a message or to bring awareness to issues that matter. Fortunately, they didn’t squander the opportunity.

Feature Angelina

Angelina Cruz launched her career through the power of digital. “Social media jump-started my career, and it plays a very vital role in what I do,” Angelina says in an exclusive MEGA Magazine interview. With her huge following and relatable content, the biggest brands have already tapped her influence for countless collaborations, all while balancing her degree in Marketing Management, proving how important education is to her. 

Feature Lorin

Lorin Guiterrez may be an international Marketing and Communications student in California, but her impact reaches the Philippines and beyond. “I have an understanding of how to engage consumers, how to engage an online audience, how to build that,” she narrates, “My goal really is to make an influence in as many fields as possible. And I hope to one day start my own business and expand my presence.” Lorin has also been vocal about her support for organizations that fight violence against women. One day, she tells MEGA Magazine that she’ll start a foundation focusing on an advocacy she shares with her mother. 

Hannah Pangilinan creates her own path in the arts with a platform that fuels her creative fire — film. Soon, a movie she co-wrote and produced will be released, called “GG”, starring her mother and brother Donny. While she has the widest social media reach so far, Hannah wants to make sure that it all comes with purpose, especially as an advocate for issues such as anti-human trafficking policies, like her father. “I really hope to grow not just in skill but in-depth,” she says to MEGA Magazine. 

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