Lifestyle Asia Alpha: A Digital Journey Redefining Power and Purpose

Marking a significant milestone, Lifestyle Asia embraces the world of digital with a webzine dedicated to featuring a lineup of powerful personalities.

The Philippines’ oldest homegrown glossy magazine takes a leap into the digital realm with the unveiling of Lifestyle Asia Alpha. This marks a momentous shift for the luxury publication, which has been capturing the essence of society’s most influential figures for over 30 years. 

Editor-in-Chief of Lifestyle Asia, Candy Dizon, says in her editor’s note, “This year marks an exhilarating new direction for Lifestyle Asia. We continue to evolve as we embrace the dynamic world of a webzine, and I look forward to announcing an exciting lineup of personalities who will grace our covers in the months to come. Each story is a window into a life of passion, dedication, and inspiration.”

Alpha, in definition, is a special breed of individuals who embody power — not in the traditional sense, but in a manner that can effectuate change in others. For Lifestyle Asia Alpha, its stories promise to redefine power through individuals in a quest for a meaningful life. 

First on the cover is the epitome of understated sophistication, Ling Ling King. Her compelling journey chronicles the practice of self-awareness and nourishment, while also passionately uplifting the lives of our underprivileged youth through the gift of education. Ling Ling’s story isn’t just one of success; it’s a testament to resilience, innovation, and the power of dreaming big. Her narrative perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Alpha — a blend of leadership, creativity, influence, and compassion.

The transition to digital doesn’t mean leaving behind the essence of the magazine. Lifestyle Asia has something special in store — four coffee table books focusing on Food, Travel, Homes, and Obsessions. These books serve as a celebration of the rich tapestry of the Philippines, showcasing vibrant culture, breathtaking landscapes, culinary wonders, and a curated collection of coveted luxury items.

Into this new chapter, Lifestyle Asia Alpha is set to spotlight more exceptional individuals who still propel stories that go beyond luxury living and are celebrated as hallmarks of change.