Innovative Leadership And Strategic Growth: Ramon Galicia Takes Charge As COO Of One MEGA Group Inc.

New leadership for the new year — One MEGA Group Inc. (OMGI) welcomes a compassionate leader to take the helm.

In a decisive move signaling a promising year ahead, One MEGA Group Inc. (OMGI), a key subsidiary of AGC Power Holdings Corp (AGC PHC), has announced the appointment of Ramon Galicia as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO). This significant development represents a notable milestone in the company’s leadership evolution.

A Fusion of Experience and Leadership

With his corporate planning background at AGC PHC that immersed him to the operations which includes business growth and expansion, market research and product innovation, and under the mentorship of Chairman and CEO Archie Carrasco, Galicia is primed to infuse a dynamic and seasoned perspective into OMGI. His tenure as AVP for Corporate Planning at AGC PHC involved him in diverse business units, contributing significantly to strategic planning and the successful acquisition of multiple international media licenses, which will be launched in the coming months — thus strengthening AGC PHC’s global influence.

“Galicia’s appointment is a deliberate choice, showcasing his exceptional capacity to turn ambitious plans into tangible outcomes. His remarkable skill in implementing visionary strategies is crucial for propelling OMGI’s progress and maintaining its pioneering position in the industry,” says Archie Carrasco, Chairman and CEO.

The Outlook for 2024: Innovation and Achievement

OMGI, celebrated for its innovative spirit within the AGC PHC ecosystem, commences this new chapter with assurance. Galicia’s leadership approach focuses on surpassing stakeholder expectations through relentless innovation and commitment to excellence. “We are gearing up for a groundbreaking year at OMGI,” Galicia declares, underscoring his dedication to achieving lofty goals with comprehensive planning, resolute vision, and effective execution.

Characterized by ‘high humanness’ and ‘high courage,’ Galicia’s leadership style promotes a culture of growth where learning from errors is encouraged, highlighting the importance of accountability, empathy, and compassion. This approach aligns seamlessly with OMGI’s core values and mission, ensuring that the company’s objectives are met with clarity and moral integrity.

Under the guidance of Galicia, OMGI is poised for a year rich in creative innovation and strategic progress. With numerous exciting projects and launches on the horizon, OMGI is ideally positioned for ongoing success and landmark accomplishments in 2024.

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