Capture it with KLIQ: AGC PHC Establishes Its Newest Content and Production Powerhouse

Formerly known as the Creative Services (CS) Department of One MEGA Group Inc. (OMGI), the team now stands as a content and production powerhouse all on its own under AGC PHC, expanding its expertise for more brands and beyond.

Click is the sound of a camera shutter when you take extraordinary photos. Click is the sound of a mouse or trackpad when you browse the internet. Click is the sound of a keyboard running through a day’s work. Click is what you call content that resonates with a wide audience. And this is what KLIQ, the newest subsidiary under AGC PHC, aspires to be — a force of creatives that generates clicks driven by purpose.

From A Clique

OMGI’s CS Department has been catering to different brands made for different niches. No other writer and artist in the company was switching markets on the daily, creating articles, magazine pages, and social content for the style-conscious woman one day, and then for architects and interior designers the next. 

The CS experience is tailored not to be hyper-focused on a single strength, but to be innovative yet versatile enough to have their ideas shape the brand and not the other way around. It was time for the team to expand and further build the creative prowess of the department while opening themselves up to new experiences. How? The answer was KLIQ.

To A Team Called KLIQ

Together with AGC PHC Chairman and CEO Archie Carrasco, KLIQ was brought to life, appointing its heads and forming a team fueled by the spirit of creativity. Kristoff Sison takes the role of Creative Director and Avy Lagarto stands as Operations Director.

Kristoff Sison
Kristoff Sison, KLIQ Creative Director

Sison started following the graphic design route after graduating from Ateneo de Manila University with a degree in Fine Arts. However, he was redirected to a copywriter role after applying to OMGI. “The company saw something in me that I did not see myself. Maybe it was how I talked, or maybe it was how I wrote the application essays. But they knew that I had a knack for storytelling,” he shares. Sison adds that “Looking back, it’s something I did my entire life but I did not think that it was a career path for me. I would write and draw my own comic books when I was in grade school. I won a storybook-making contest. I was never afraid of public speaking.”

Immediately, it was one project after another. He became part of a major production and was tasked to write the cover story of an upcoming supplement magazine just one month into his job. Stepping out of his comfort zone was something he knew he needed to do on day one. Sison narrates, “I’m thankful that my boss at that time, Faye Yoingco, and later on Suki Salvador, really opened these opportunities for me to grow, to engage with new brands, attend various events, lead out-of-town shoots, interview celebrities, and most especially, pitch my ideas right in front of directors and company heads — things I never thought I would be doing, but I’m really thankful that I got to do.”

Being in the creative industry was something natural for him, and storytelling was always his greatest weapon. When asked about his biggest influence, Sison shares an answer that shocks many — professional wrestling. However, he looks at the sport from another perspective. “The theatrics of it all, such as video packages, music choices, and cinematography, as well as overall character development and storylines, can teach a lot about the lengths and depths of creativity,” he explains. 

Prominent wrestlers in the 90s, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and X-Pac, called their backstage friendship circle, “The Kliq”. Their group soon became public and were recognized for their contributions to the industry. Fast forward to 2022, Sison says that he never expected to have an opportunity to form a “Kliq” of his own. He retains the same name with a vision to create a team synonymous with the pillars of wrestling — creative control and power in camaraderie. Sison strongly believes that KLIQ can carry the same grit and attitude in media. 

Avy Lagarto
Avy Lagarto, Operations Director

Lagarto entered OMGI in 2009 with more than 10 years of professional experience as an Executive Assistant and Legal/Paralegal Personnel. For a decade, she served the office of the late former OMGI President, Sari Yap, and explored different roles — from being the Admin Manager to handling the Purchasing Unit, and finally acting as the Production Head. After all support teams were transferred to AGC PHC, she stood as the Head of Corporate Legal and Admin.

Versatility, adaptability, and leadership defined Lagarto’s career, making her the perfect choice to spearhead the operations of KLIQ. “Sometime in June of this year, I felt a call for change in my career. I expressed it to AGC, and he listened. I am fortunate to be chosen as one of his partners of the newest company under our conglomerate,” she expresses.

As the Operations Director of KLIQ, Lagarto will manage the overall operations of the company by directing and coordinating the internal structure based on company policies, goals, and objectives to guarantee an efficient working environment and that deadlines are met on time. Lagarto says, “I plan to take KLIQ to success by developing plans to increase work efficiency, enhance employee welfare,   ensure timely delivery of customer requirements, achieve sales goals, and work closely with all teams to promote efficient business optimization.”

For Clicks And Beyond

What sealed the deal for the newest team is the Creative Director’s conversation with his dad. “When I first told my dad that this change was going to happen, the first thing he asked me was if I had a name for the company yet. I said no. Without thought and hesitation, he told me, “Why don’t you name it ‘Click’? Kasi lahat ng gagawin niyo, for sure, magki-click.” He was the one who actually gave the name. I just changed how it was spelled,” Sison shares.

Now under AGC PHC, KLIQ will be the exclusive creative agency of the top media titles in the country such as MEGA, Lifestyle Asia, BluPrint, and more, as well as the sensational global titles of Vogue Philippines and NYLON Manila. It also offers creative services to external clients seeking to take their content to the next level.

The company is ready to cut through the noise and is dedicated to keep the authority of publishing close while exploring innovative and disruptive media. KLIQ is here to capture the click of a camera for captivating visuals and the click of a keyboard for fascinating stories. KLIQ is here to make content that clicks.