Breaking Ground: AGC PHC Introduces Its First-Ever Studio

After opening a bigger office, onboarding industry veterans, and establishing more subsidiaries, AGC Power Holdings Corp. (AGC PHC) continues to expand its horizons with a new creative space unveiled.

AGC PHC’s commitment to innovation and excellence has reached yet another milestone. With great excitement, the media conglomerate proudly welcomes a new studio into its ever-expanding repertoire – another step to success this year. Located at 6F West Wing Estancia Offices, just in conjunction with the AGC PHC headquarters, the studio will cater to the growing brands of the company.

Chairman and CEO Archie Carrasco said, “Exciting times are ahead because we are growing at an unprecedented pace. AGC PHC just recently introduced Billboard Philippines and will soon welcome more remarkable titles. Now more than ever, we need a space to serve all our existing and upcoming subsidiaries. More importantly, it is for our employees to have a home for creativity. The studio becomes a sanctuary where their ideas can take flight, fostering a culture that values and celebrates their artistic expressions.”   

Whether it’s showcasing the latest fashion collections, launching new product lines, or crafting compelling brand narratives, AGC PHC’s studio offers the ideal setting to create impactful visuals. 

As this vibrant hub comes to life, AGC PHC can elevate its visual storytelling to new heights. Its esteemed publishing titles such as Vogue Philippines, MEGA Magazine, and Nylon Manila can now have a prime location for their cutting-edge editorial shoots. Additionally, production companies DigistarPH, KLIQ, and 7640 Inc. will find AGC PHC’s studio to be a game-changer for their campaigns. Aside from these dedicated purposes, the studio also welcomes events and gatherings of various subsidiaries, providing a versatile and inviting venue for a wide range of occasions.

But beyond it all, the studio will serve as a collaborative space where creatives can come together to ideate, strategize, and execute stories that pave the way for new standards. With the limitless possibilities of this creative space, AGC PHC sets the stage for a new era.