MEGA Celebrates The Works of National Artist For Fashion Design, Salvacion Lim Higgins For Its August 2022 Cover

Here’s a glimpse into the August Issue of the Philippines’ Best Fashion Magazine as it showcases the vibrant history of the country’s fashion industry.

For years, Filipino brands and designers have made their mark in the fashion industry. From redefining traditional garments to producing internationally-acclaimed homegrown brands, these talents have elevated the local fashion scene. MEGA’s August 2022 issue pays tribute to the country’s rich retail landscape encompassing both international and homegrown fashion labels and the top designers behind the scenes. Leading the long line of incredible Filipino talents is National Artist for Fashion Design, Salvacion Lim Higgins, more popularly known as “Slim”. Paying tribute to the country’s rich fashion history, this month’s cover star, Maja Salavdor is seen wearing one of Slim’s illustrious designs serving as the epitome of a modern Filipina.

Behind the Creative Visionary

An innovator in couture and a pioneer in fashion design in the country, Salvacion Lim Higgins has inspired and shaped the careers of generations of Filipino designers. Garnering acclaim for elevating the traditional terno into haute couture, she is only the second fashion designer who has been conferred National Artist for Fashion Design. Ahead of her time in modernizing the Filipiniana, she allowed traditional dresses, inspired by the country’s rich culture, to be wearable for the everyday woman. Along with this, Slim is the only Filipino designer whose works have been showcased by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Smithsonian Institution, the largest museum complex in Washington, D.C. During her time, Slim was regarded for her progressive approach to design along with her timeless creations.

To this day, her legacy continues through Slim’s Fashion and Arts School, the most prestigious fashion and dressmaking school in the country, producing and mentoring a new generation of Filipino talents.

August Cover Star

Donning the vintage looks from the archives of Slim, Maja Salvador is featured on this month’s cover as the actress leads by example showing other women what it means to go beyond expectations. Being the recipient of numerous acting awards, Salvador, now 34, is stepping out of her comfort zone as she takes on a bigger role both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Venturing into talent management as the founder of her own agency, The Crown Artist Management, Salvador is slowly easing into her new world. According to the actress, she has always looked out for the well-being of others including her castmates and close friends which is why her new role feels right. For Salvador, there is a feeling of accomplishment as a woman to be in a position of power. “Siguro ang maganda kasi sa nangyayari sa atin ngayon, very open na: ang kababaihan tanggap na ng lahat na nagtatrabaho, and the voices of women are being heard. I’m very happy na napunta ako sa ganitong generation,” she adds.

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MEGA Embraces Body Positivity for its July 2022 Issue

Take a peek inside the July issue of the Philippines’ Best Fashion Magazine as it features stories of empowerment, showcases beauty in all forms, and redefines fashion.

Being the country’s pioneering fashion and lifestyle publication, MEGA devotes itself to featuring stories that adapt to the changes in time, putting socially relevant issues at the forefront of its illustrious pages. Constantly challenging the status quo, the magazine is stepping up to the challenge as it redefines fashion to become more inclusive and accepting. During a time when diversity and inclusivity have entered the conversation and become a focal point of the fashion industry, MEGA joins the movement as it empowers body positivity for its July issue.

Showcasing inspiring stories of self-love and diverse perspectives, this month’s issue aims to raise awareness and change the way we view our bodies, showing readers what it means to be truly strong, confident, and beautiful. From the newest collections and beauty gadgets that celebrate every body type to women of different shapes and sizes sharing their stories, MEGA’s newest issue stays true to its mission of positively impacting the lives of Filipinos.

This Month’s Cover Star

Gracing this month’s cover is a woman who continues to defy stereotypes and chooses to live a life of self-love. Presenting the best version of herself to the world, Ria Atayde is a far cry from who she was in the past. No longer burdened about the opinions of others, she has changed her mindset to be comfortable in her own skin and confident with her body. “I love myself and I am surrounded by people who constantly remind me that I am worthy of love and attention,” Atayde declares.

However, the road to self-love and achieving the body-positivity mindset requires time, patience, and hard work according to the actress. For her, it’s all about finding the right balance between having an active lifestyle and being happy. This entails making smarter decisions when it comes to her time for work and rest, food choices, and physical activities. For Ria, self-love also requires, “calibrating your mindset to believe certain things.”

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NYLON Manila Hosts its First On-Ground Event with the Big Bold Brave Awards: The Sequel

Here’s a look into NYLON Manila’s most anticipated awards night honoring the biggest, boldest, and bravest in Filipino pop culture.

The Big Bold Brave Awards is back! As the go-to source for the generation that wants to make a mark, NYLON Manila is here to “hero and honor the biggest, boldest, and bravest in Filipino pop culture, fashion, beauty, and youth” with their Big Bold Brave Awards. Held at House Manila, the awards event came back even bigger than before as it honored a new batch of trendsetters and changemakers of Pinoy pop culture. Donning their biggest and boldest looks, the star-studded guest list featured the who’s who of today’s generation including Nadine Lustre, Maymay Entrata, Frankie Pangilinan, and Mimiyuuuh, who was named best dressed of the night. Following the theme of the movie sequel, trailers, presenting the night’s winners, a red carpet, and popcorn were in full display.

Starting off the awards night was the Editor-in-Chief of NYLON Manila, Angelo Ramirez De Cartagena, who welcomed everyone out of the confines of zoom and into the magazine’s very first on-ground event. The night then featured musical performances from up-and-coming artists, Paul Pablo, Jolianne, and Massiah. With more than 20 million votes casted across 15 categories, the event was one for the books culminating with an afterparty as the guests danced the night away.

The Winners of the Night

With the winners of each category split under the three main heading of Big, Bold, and Brave, each took the stage to show their appreciation for the love and support of the fans starting with the Brave awardees.

The Brave segment is meant to highlight fearless personalities who lead by example, inspiring others to be undaunted and unapologetic. The winners of the night included Nadine Lustre for Fearless Internet Clapback and Inspiring Personality, PAGASA PH for Fearless Social Media Account, Sassa Gurl for Fearless Social Media Star, and Bella Poarch for Fearless Global Filipino.

Next to take center stage are the winners of the Bold category shifting the spotlight to the people and brands making bold changes and pushing boundaries of their passion. The night’s awardees included Belle Mariano for Gen Z-Approved Celebrity, Bazinga by SB19 for Gen Z-Approved Hit, Esnyr Ranollo for Gen Z-Approved TikTok Star, Orias Essentials for Gen Z-Approved Fashion Brand, and Vice Cosmetics for Gen Z-Approved Beauty Brand.

Finally, the winners of the Big category were presented giving recognition to those who made big waves in their respective industries. Considered to be the leaders and top-tier in their line of work, the winners include Donbelle for Favorite Ship, Niana Guerrero for Favorite Content Creator, SB-19 for Favorite P-Pop Group, Josh Cullen Santos for Favorite Viral Game Streamer, and Angia Laurel for Favorite Makeup Transformation.

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Archie Carrasco Recognized at the Asia Leaders Awards

The Chairman and CEO of AGC Power Holdings Corp. (AGC PHC) receives a nod from the prestigious award-giving body as one of the Men and Women Who Matter in 2022. He shares his story of leadership and what drives him as a mentor and visionary.

On June 22, the Hilton Grand Ballroom was filled with the country’s top leaders and innovators, as they gathered for the prestigious Asia Leaders Awards. The award-giving body recognizes the best of the best, people who are making a difference not only within their respective industries, but also for their contributions in promoting the Philippines as the premier business hub in Asia and beyond.

Among the night’s distinguished honorees was the Chairman and CEO of the media conglomerate, AGC Power Holdings Corp., Mr. Archie G. Carrasco. He was named one of the 15 Rising Tigers and Nation Builders under the Men and Women Who Matter List 2022. Carrasco has broken glass ceilings and exceeded expectations despite the limitations presented by the global pandemic. The Men and Women Who Matter List goes beyond awarding excellence and celebrating leadership. For those on the list, it is about making an impact in this world and inspiring others.

The Test of Authentic Leadership

The onset of the pandemic presented the biggest challenge for Carrasco. Amidst the worldwide economic crisis that forced businesses to shut down, he powered through and turned the setbacks into opportunities — not only to save his company, but also for the welfare of his employees and their families.

“A test of authentic leadership” is how he described those uncertain times. Carrasco took bold steps to diversify his string of businesses. Above all, he put his people first with purpose over profit as his guiding principle. Against all odds, he kept his employees safe and provided them with job security.

A day in the life of Carrasco includes overseeing multiple companies. Although majority of his employees work from home, Carrasco reports to the office everyday to guide his executives and the support team of AGC PHC. He spends the day meeting with the leaders of each of his companies, clients, industry partners and more.

Mentors Behind his Success

Shaping him to be the leader he is today, Carrasco credits and extends his gratitude to the creative visionaries and pioneers who have inspired him.

He names his first mentor, Frances J. Yu, the former AVP for Marketing of Rustan’s, as someone who guided him when he joined the company.

He acknowledges the late founder of One Mega Group (OMG), Sari V. Yap, for realizing his potential fifteen years ago and paving the way for him. To this day, he upholds the promise he made to Yap when she named him president of OMG — to continue the legacy of the company, to ensure that employees and stakeholders are cared for, and to maintain being the standard of Filipino media excellence.

Today, Carrasco stands tall as a mentor to others and staying resilient no matter what obstacles are hurled his way. He listens to his people and provides a space where his employees can share their own ideas and opinions. Time and time again, he has proven to be a great leader and a true visionary.

A Powerhouse Strategy

In the fast-paced world of media publishing, marketing and advertising, “Not doing what everyone else is doing is the secret,” Carrasco shares. “Limiting yourself to the status quo won’t work. Instead, one should project what makes you unique from others, and that’s how the world will notice your efforts.”

He also reiterates that every leader should know how to embrace change. Companies should strive for the endless pursuit of innovation as it is the only way for businesses to evolve and survive. “Always prepare your business for the future. During unpredictable times such as the global pandemic, no one could have anticipated the economic toll it took on businesses,” he shares. While other businesses closed down, Carrasco took the time to recalibrate his business, he took bold steps to diversify and expand, and he dared to dream big when everyone else was playing safe.

The Team Who Matters

With the stakes even higher as AGC PHC goes global, Carrasco never failed to recognize every member of his team for their creativity, loyalty and dedication to the company, especially in times of crisis.

“I am fortunate to have an incredibly innovative and high-functioning team behind me. It was through their unwavering support, hard work and dedication that our company was able to expand and evolve despite the limitations brought by our current situation,” Carrasco adds.

More than his own accomplishments, for Carrasco, success happens when you achieve something that positively impacts the lives of others. “At the end of the day, the true meaning of success is your level of happiness dictated by what you have achieved and how you have inspired those around you. It is important to keep in mind that above all your successes, you must always remember to put your people first.”

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MEGA Ball 2022: The Beginning of a New Era

Witness the return of MEGA’s Pinoy Pride ball honoring Filipino excellence and championing a new generation of industry icons.

It was a star-studded night as MEGA’s annual ball made its long-awaited return at the Marriott Grand Ballroom. With an annual party hosted every Independence Day, MEGA honors Filipino excellence and sets the course for the future of fashion. Moreover, it is a recognition of pride for the independence and democracy we have fought for. 

In celebration of 30 years of being the standard for Filipino media excellence, MEGA’s annual ball titled “The MEGA Ball: A New Era” came back bolder, brighter, and better than before recognizing Filipinos who are making an impact both on the local and global stage. Continuing to recognize extraordinary Filipino artistry and talent, this year’s MEGA Ball signaled the start of a new era for the ever-expanding fashion magazine.

Star-Studded Guest List

Dressed to the nines in their most fabulous looks following this year’s theme of “Glam Rock: A Performance of Style”, celebrities, society figures, and influencers from all over the country joined the night’s festivities and celebrated Pinoy independence with pride. The red carpet was rolled out to welcome personalities like Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, celebrities Maymay Entrata, Andrea Brillantes, Alden Richards, Nadine Lustre, and James Reid, local brands Artefino and Bioten, and influencers Janeena Chan and Mimiyuuuh, making the celebration truly one for the books.

Special performances dazzled the stage starting with the prestigious Ballet Philippines, premier dance company G-Force, and Mr. Pure Energy himself, Gary Valenciano. With a blast of confetti capping off the ball, guests took over the floor and danced the night away during the after-party.

The Night’s Awardees

Making a positive impact on our evolving and independent country, Pinoy Pride Awardees were given the spotlight of the night.

Taking the stage first to receive the highly coveted award was Ballet Philippines, the country’s premier ballet company celebrating 50 years of service to the country’s rich art and culture. Bringing global recognition to Filipino LGBTQIA+ creatives, Fifth Solomon took home the second MEGA Pride Award, breaking down more barriers for the community as the producer of the up and coming Drag Race Philippines.

This year’s awards were also a testament to the platform beauty queens and pageants are given to inspire others and fight for causes that truly matter. Using her influence to be a voice for minority groups and breaking the stigma about HIV, Miss Universe 2015, Pia Alonzo was the next awardee. Joining Pia was her fellow beauty queen, Shamcey Supsup who accepted the award on behalf of the Miss Universe Philippines Organization as their National Director. 

The MEGA Ball also recognized local brands who are advocates for their very own causes. An esteemed beauty brand, Bioten, was awarded for being an advocate for environmental issues, serving the true definition of beauty with a purpose. Also a proponent of sustainability, Artefino’s founder and organizers, Susan Quiros, Marites Pineda, and Mercedes Vargas accepted the award on behalf of their brand that celebrates Filipino craftsmanship and promotes livelihoods for communities. The last local brand to be the recipient of the MEGA Pinoy Pride award was Filip + Inna, a label that brought the traditional Filipino art of weaving into the limelight. 

The MEGA Ball pays tribute to Filipinos who make waves globally showing the world what the country is truly made of. Bringing pride and honor to the Philippines in the world of sports, Olympic gold medalist Hidilyn Diaz was recognized as the next recipient. Also in the category of Filipinos who are taking the international stage by storm is Heart Evangelista Escudero, who has become an influential figure in the fashion industry regarded for her impeccable style. 

The influence of this year’s awardees also spans across the music industry. Making their mark as a group of Filipino creatives dedicated to embodying Filipino excellence through music, Paraisla took home the next award of the night. Under the leadership of Bret Jackson, the record label is set to innovate local musicians to a global stage. The final Pinoy Pride awardee of the night is a true veteran and icon in the music industry. Gary Valenciano took the stage to accept the award and showcased his unmatched energy that has set him apart as a performer.

This is truly the best time to be a Filipino with overflowing talent, diversity, and self-expression as witnessed by this year’s MEGA Pride awardees. With Filipino excellence on full display, the MEGA: New Era Ball was truly a night to remember.

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Queens Everywhere: The Philippines’ Best Fashion Magazine Introduces MEGA Drag

MEGA Drag is here to take the scene by storm as it stages the fiercest Filipino drag performers, their most fabulous looks, and their stories of discovery.

A far cry away from its humble roots as a 16th-century theatrical act and underground LGBTQIA+ culture, the act of drag now freely paints the world of art and self-expression. Coming in different forms, drag emerges as a global phenomenon spanning television programs, movies, conventions, fashion shows, and more. The country snags this age with pride as it awaits RuPaul’s Drag Race Philippines, a local spin-off of the international Emmy-award-winning show that discovered Filipino queens from around the world like Ongina, Manila Luzon, Jiggly Caliente, Phi Phi O’Hara, Vivienne Pinay, and Rock M. Sakura. MEGA steps in at the prime to unearth new drag talent and craft with its latest title — MEGA Drag that inspires its audience to be “fierce, fabulous, and free”.

Pages Made with Pride

Standing as the newest addition to MEGA’s catalog of titles, MEGA Drag gathers Filipino queens that celebrate the new era of inclusivity and diversity. The magazine will unfold the colorful drag scene in the country that harbors our very own art, talent, and culture. By championing local talent, the title will serve as a stage for aspiring and veteran Filipino drag queens ready to show the world what they’ve got. A platform that seeks to vigorously represent the LGBTQIA+ community, MEGA Drag will archive not only jaw-dropping makeup looks and barrier-breaking fashion ensembles, but also narrate prideful journeys and powerful transformations that seek to inspire different generations of readers. 

A Cover Fit for a Queen

Gracing the cover of the maiden issue is Paolo Ballesteros, who gained worldwide acclamation for his fascinating celebrity makeup transformations. He used this talent further for his first lead role in the film, Die Beautiful (2016), where his makeup transformations and drag were at the forefront, gaining him several awards for his performance. Despite having to suppress his love for fashion and beauty at a young age due to the fear of being ridiculed, he soon fearlessly discovered the power of drag that allowed him to play a character larger than life. 

The Power of Drag

“’Yong drag, ’yong mga make-up, wig, ipinatong lang ’yan sa akin. Tanggalin mo lahat ng ’yon, nandoon ka pa rin. Ikaw ’yon. So, nasasayo ’yong power na ’yon,” Ballesteros says. For him, drag is not limited to extravagant costumes, props, and makeup. It transcends into something beyond — a superpower of some sort that can be harnessed in everyday life. The transformative art continues to inspire individuals like Ballesteros to live freely. And the magazine seeks to capture this journey with pride. Are you ready, queens? This is only just the beginning. Get ready to witness the full fantasy with MEGA Drag!

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The 4th TOEY Awards: A Celebration of Resilience and Solidarity

The annual prestigious awards night makes history as it gathered the entire AGC Powerholdings Corp. (AGC PHC) for the first time to commemorate the triumphs of the company and recognize its top employees.

Overwhelming elation swept the Monet Grand Ballroom at Novotel Manila Araneta City for the 4th Ten Outstanding Employees of the Year (TOEY) Awards night last May 4, 2022. Celebrated annually, ten employees are recognized for their valuable contributions to the business manifested in product excellence, operation efficiency, and market leadership. This year marks the grand return of the TOEY Awards in person, finally away from the confining screens of Zoom. For the first time, all employees and stakeholders across AGC PHC came together as one.

A Story of Success

AGC PHC has grown and diversified over the years. Even after the pandemic and the economic decline, the company stood stronger – it strengthened its homegrown brands and welcomed new subsidiaries all while putting its people first.

All companies under the conglomerate were honored as part of one big family. This includes the homegrown publishing brand, One MEGA Group (OMG); the ultimate marketing agency, DigistarPH; the creative powerhouse, 7640 Inc.; and the global titles of MEGA Global Licensing (MGLI) – Nylon Manila and Vogue Philippines. Also welcomed with excitement are the newest additions to the AGC PHC ecosystem: Kingscross Technology Solutions and Power Cafe, both set to make their entrance this year.

Chairman and CEO of AGC PHC, Archie G. Carrasco, opens the prestigious night applauding the relentless success of these companies. “It is my honor to be standing in front of the most creative and talented individuals in the industry. Through our resilience, we were able to get back on our feet. We rose beyond challenges, came back even stronger than before, and survived by coming together,” he said.

Stars of the Night

Even at the pinnacle of it all, Carrasco never failed to recognize his employees as the ultimate backbone of success. As the Chairman and CEO stood before his people, he expressed his gratitude saying, “Our business flourished because of the dedication of everyone sitting here in this room tonight, especially our awardees. Through each and everyone’s hard work and perseverance, we were able to push through any obstacle.”

After his message, the top employees of the year took center stage as they received the most coveted award from AGC PHC – a TOEY recognition under their name. Executives and editorial members of different AGC PHC subsidiaries introduced this year’s pool of recipients. A potent mix of new and familiar faces — industry veterans, homegrown leaders, and emerging creatives are the TOEY Awardees of 2022.

Mikee Hipolito of DigistarPH

Taking home the first award of the night was DigistarPH’s Operations Manager, Mikee Hipolito. She was recognized as the youngest manager with outstanding organizational and leadership skills, setting new benchmarks for excellence. 

Kristoff Sison, Peaches Garcia, El Pereira, and Gari Sy of One MEGA Group

Following suit were the “fantastic four” of OMG’s Creative Services: Kristoff Sison, Peaches Garcia, El Pereira, and Gari Sy. For the first time, these exceptional talents were praised as a group for their significant role in transforming One MEGA Group into a highly effective creative agency during the height of the global pandemic.

Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena of Nylon Manila

The third TOEY Award was bagged by Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena. He is credited for spearheading as Editor-in-Chief of the first international media franchise of MGLI, Nylon Manila. Because of his efforts, the brand has set its footing in the digital world as the voice of today’s youth.

Janine Recto of One MEGA Group

No stranger to winning, the fourth awardee of the night was OMG’s Group Publisher, Janine Recto. She received her second TOEY this year for her exemplary contributions to the company. Under her leadership, advertising sales were boosted, multiple campaigns were established, and new sub-brands of MEGA were launched.

Bret Jackson of 7640 Inc. 

Known as the brains behind the record label, Paraisla, and the powerhouse audio and video production company, 7640 Inc., Bret Jackson takes the spotlight as the fifth TOEY Awardee. His business mindset and creative innovation launched numerous successful campaigns and bridged local talents to the global stage.

Eliza Santos of DigistarPH

In just her first year as a Copywriter at DigistarPH, Eliza Santos exceeded all expectations as she received the sixth TOEY Award of the night. Despite her short tenure and young age, her proficiency and creativity in writing were well beyond her years as she was dubbed as “DigistarPH’s secret weapon”.

Chloe Tapucar-Franco of One MEGA Group

Achieving the highest sales contribution in 2021 for OMG, Accounts Manager Chloe Tapucar-Franco was recognized as the seventh TOEY Awardee. Her undeniable talent for business led her to this momentous success.

Jacs Sampayan of Lifestyle Asia

Selected as the eighth awardee of the night, Lifestyle Asia’s Managing Editor, Jacs Sampayan, was applauded for his remarkable leadership. His guidance over his team resulted in the positive growth of the brand’s total and daily page view count.

Mika Reyes of One MEGA Group

OMG’s Digital Content Writer and Producer, Mika Reyes, secured the ninth TOEY of the event. Blessed with unmatchable ingenuity, she is credited as the top page view contributor across all titles of One MEGA Group and is recognized for writing and producing her own shoots.

Maureen Alexis Busto of One MEGA Group

Closing the night, One MEGA Group’s Advertising Director, Mauren Alexis Busto was named as the tenth and final awardee. Her phenomenal performance was instrumental in meeting and exceeding the company’s sales and business goals. Winning her fourth TOEY in a row, she is one step closer to entering the Hall of Fame and has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

This year’s TOEY Awards is a testament that behind every strong and successful company are its employees. After a night of celebration, gratitude, and solidarity, it’s now time to move toward a promising future – together. For the entire AGC PHC, there is no storm they cannot weather if they all work as one. In the words of its Chairman and CEO, it is because “We are stronger together”.

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Vogue Philippines Stages the Future of Fashion at their first Trade Launch Event

Here’s a look into the intimate luncheon hosted by the global fashion authority as it unveiled its editorial team and their plans for the fashion industry in the Philippines.

Nearing its highly anticipated debut this September 2022, key players of Vogue Philippines made its first ever appearance to welcome business partners and advertisers through an exclusive trade launch. Hosted at Blackbird at the Nielson Tower in Makati’s Central Business District, the intimate luncheon showcased delectable food, a stunning ambiance, and was abuzz with fashion dialogues. Excitement was truly in the air. Most of all, it was a celebration of togetherness for the newest addition to the ecosystem of AGC Power Holdings Corp. (AGC PHC) that envisions to raise the flag of Philippine media and fashion across the global arena.

Vision into Reality

Guests of the first ever Vogue Philippines trade launch were treated to elegant and eco-friendly floral arrangements and tablescaping designed by veteran event stylist Robert Blancaflor. The setup’s sustainable concept along with its fashionable aesthetic epitomizes the overall vision for the brand. On the main stage was a big screen that donned the iconic Vogue logo finally embellished with “Philippines” – turning what was once a vision into reality.

President of MEGA Global Licensing Inc. (MGLI) Suki Salvador formally introduced the first batch of key editorial positions with Bea Valdes as Editor-in-Chief, Pam Quiñones as Fashion Director, Trina Epilepsia Boutain as Digital Editor, and Rhoda Campos-Aldanese as Publisher, in addition to her role as COO of MGLI.

Conversations on business and partnerships were made over an exquisite 5-course meal and glasses of wine. The executives of the most prominent brands and some friends from the society were in attendance including key executives from Ayala Corporation and Ayala Malls, BVLGARI, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Furnitalia, Hermes, Lucerne, Mastercard, Marriott/Sheraton Hotel, Rustan Commercial Corporation, Singapore Airlines, Stores Specialists Inc., among others.

For the Future of Fashion

As president of the team that brought Vogue to the country, Salvador addressed the crowd with an inspiring message. “Many people asked us, why now? Why launch during a pandemic? You see, I’ve always believed that the most successful projects and ideas are the ones born during adversity. This idea was a dream of our late founder at One Mega Group, Sari Yap. It was a dream of our Chairman and CEO, Archie Carrasco. It was my dream and you will agree that it is also the dream of many who believe in the power of fashion, beauty, and storytelling,” he shared.

Making her debut as the first Editor-in-Chief of Vogue, Valdes also shared a speech armed with a vision to speak to the future of fashion. The Vogue Philippines Editor-in-Chief said that the true purpose of the title is to weave connections across the global community to foster local stories and celebrate local artistry. “This is where our shared tomorrows are born,” Valdes added. Under her wing, she hopes to lead using Vogue’s values that celebrate inclusivity, creativity, diversity, and sustainability, infused with our very own Filipino values of optimism, “bayanihan”, and “malasakit”.

Last to take the stage is Publisher Rhoda Campos-Aldanese, unveiling the editorial plans for the brand. According to her, Vogue Philippines aims to showcase local and international fashion, beauty, talent, and craft to the international market. Presenting the local edition’s wide repertoire encompassing fashion, beauty and wellness, features, culture, and living, Campos-Aldanese plans to use the distinctive Vogue perspective and voice to present thought-provoking content to move the Filipino culture forward.

After shining the spotlight on Vogue Philippines, guests spent the rest of the lovely afternoon catching up with colleagues, friends, and business partners. And to punctuate the successful trade launch, attendees were treated to a reed diffuser from Vern and Verniece Enciso and Vito Selma, and specialty cookies from Dylan Patisserie. This event will be remembered not only for its heartwarming atmosphere, but as the country’s historical foray into the global fashion scene. This is only the beginning for Vogue Philippines and with its growing dream team, the magazine is definitely in good hands. 

Welcome to the beginning of a new era!

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Suki Salvador Named President of MEGA Global Licensing Inc.

He is set to elevate local storytelling and propel the country’s unique fashion, talent, and culture on a global stage with VOGUE Philippines and NYLON Manila.

Today, CEO and Chairman of AGC Power Holdings Corp. (AGC PHC) Archie G. Carrasco announced the appointment of Suki Salvador as the new president of MEGA Global Licensing Inc. (MGLI). “Nylon Manila and Vogue Philippines are just two of the many international brands we are bringing into the local market,” says Carrasco. “Suki brings his 15 years of experience in publishing from One Mega Group (OMG) to ensure the success of the operations of all the media brands under MEGA Global Licensing,” he adds.

Industry Veteran

Growing up, Salvador describes himself as curious but shy. “I would observe the way people spoke, the way people behaved, and the way they reacted to certain situations. This lead me to the conclusion that we are all very different, but it also taught me that we are all equally important. I understood the importance of including everyone despite our varied differences,” he shares.

Bringing this belief to his career in OMG that spans over 15 years, he is known for his distinctive point of view and relentless pursuit of excellence. Along with his wealth of experience, he also strikes the perfect balance between creativity and business. One can call it a job only for Suki Salvador. From being the longstanding creative director of MEGA, to becoming the president of OMG, and now taking on a bigger role in MGLI, Salvador has proven himself to be equipped with the qualities of a media pioneer and innovator.

As a leader, he always believed that “If you have a purpose, a why, and you adhere to that purpose, profit will come.” Now seated as the president of MGLI, it is no surprise that the company is a force to be reckoned with in the world of fashion and media publishing. With OMG remaining as the standard for Filipino media excellence for three decades, MGLI will surely follow suit as it starts in its quest by ushering its first two brands – NYLON Manila and VOGUE Philippines.

Bringing MGLI to the Spotlight

For over 30 years, OMG has been elevating the lives of Filipinos through meaningful media as the prestige publisher of homegrown media titles. Today, Salvador believes that it’s time to foray into international media publishing through creating the home of the best global media titles in the Philippines. This sets the stage for the establishment of NYLON Manila last 2020, a brand dedicated to the Gen Z lifestyle; and the upcoming launch of the biggest and most influential media brand in the world, VOGUE Philippines this September 2022.

Inspired by the same principles that brought OMG to the pinnacle of media publishing, Salvador takes innovation and excellence in a different approach. Having the biggest international media titles under his belt, he aims to chronicle the stories and lives of emerging local talents across the globe in a modern and artful way. “There is an element of discovery that is inherent to NYLON Manila and VOGUE Philippines,” Salvador states. Stories that come out of these brands are special, unique, diverse, and sustainable, aiming to bring a new point of view to the fore.

NYLON Manila as the go-to source for the young and pop-culture-obsessed guides the journey of the most evolved generation we have seen in our lifetime. As a digital-first media title, he plans to innovate the brand in the form of fanzines, printed annuals, and activations like music festivals, parties, and talks. VOGUE Philippines will reimagine fashion with a Filipino taste, uplifting the country’s rich culture, diversity, and creative talent. This takes part in Salvador’s continuous vocation to discover and hone local talent by introducing Filipinos to the international stage.  

To Greater Heights

In the undertaking to reignite Philippine media and publishing also comes the mission to create more opportunities for local talent. Salvador is dedicated to cast a wider net not only for fashion and beauty creators, but also other professions like drivers, carpenters, merchandisers, and other support teams. “Through excellent media and platforms, we will be able to discover new talents and products which I hope our audience will purchase and consume. It is my goal for our audience to buy from the Philippines, so that fashion, beauty, design, food, and music will have a contribution to our GDP and economic growth rate for years to come,” Salvador shares.

When asked what content the country should expect soon, he stated that it will be smart, exciting, thoughtful, and enriching to your life. “MGLI through VOGUE Philippines and NYLON Manila will release daily content that is purposeful, intentional, and beautiful, but more importantly, it will be about content that you actually like. Our content will not be nebulous nor will it be difficult to comprehend. It will be accessible with ease. As a leader, I’ve made it my mission to include everyone and to remove the velvet ropes that separate people. I want to accord everyone an opportunity to be the first in line,” he says.

With sights set to spark the industry through MGLI, Salvador proclaims that “this moment is an opportune time to open and re-open businesses and to put the Filipino craft side by side with the rest of the world.” In the future, he hopes to increase the company’s international media franchises, spanning various industries including design, beauty, celebrity, lifestyle, and music to further strengthen its global presence. For Salvador, this is only the beginning of MGLI. Exciting times are ahead for Philippine media and publishing under his leadership as the president.

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Witness the Career Journeys of Our Colleagues Celebrating their Work Anniversaries

Across all subsidiaries, our colleagues share their journeys including their challenges and learnings as they celebrate their first year of working for the media conglomerate.

At AGC Power Holdings Corp., we take pride in our forward-thinking dynamic work culture that champions new talents and encourages growth for our employees. Through our robust list of network and industry connections, our employees are given the tools towards professional and personal growth. Along with this, we provide a working environment that is conducive to learning and employee engagement. Across all our subsidiaries and media brands spanning various industries, employees are given the opportunity to work with our team of writers, editors, artists, developers, and industry icons, who together, create and deliver the premium content that has become the hallmark of our world class brands. 

In AGC Power Holdings Corp., everyone’s career journey is a story worth telling. Recently, we had the honor of celebrating the 1st year work anniversary of our colleagues across the different subsidiaries. In celebration of their time with the company, we sat down with each one of them as they shared their experiences including what they enjoyed the most and what they learned about themselves during their first year.

Jacoben Sampayan, One MEGA Group

“Young creatives are a joy to work with, and OMG has them in spades. Also, the fact that the sales and marketing team is relentless ensures survival in an increasingly challenging media landscape.”

Diane Nicole Go, One MEGA Group

“While working at OMG, I discovered that my perfectionist tendencies and meticulous nature come in handy when editing. Beyond correcting spelling and grammatical errors, I also fix the article flow and format so that it sounds better and becomes easier to read, which the writers like. Coming from a freelance job, going back to corporate means going back to a 10 to 7 schedule. It took a lot of getting used to, but I’ve learned to improve on how I manage my time because of this.”

Eliza Santos, DigistarPH

“Entering the real world fresh from University graduation was filled with pressure. I did not know what to expect and where I would be a year after. Luckily, the first company I worked with was DigistarPH–a company that pushed me to discover the best in me. I learned how to present to clients, how to write for different platforms, and most importantly, how to work with other people. With the opportunities provided, I unleashed my true potential for copywriting and marketing and saw where my skill can take me. Even before celebrating my one year in Digistar, I was already hired by another subsidiary [AGC PHC] as their Copy Editor. With this, I learned that I can dream higher and bigger, especially when you’re surrounded by supportive and passionate colleagues that will guide you in your journey.”

Katherine Gohu, One MEGA Group

“I discovered that I knew nothing about the Philippine Entertainment Industry and my writing needed a lot of improvement. That, and I actually liked being trendy looking,” Gohu stated. Along with this, she enjoys getting to work from the comfort of her own home and at the same time gaining new information in the process.

Rafael Bautista, One MEGA Group

“I learned that I actually have a varied taste in pop culture. Before working at the company, I mostly kept my interests in western pop culture. But as I wrote, researched, and interviewed more about the topics I wrote about, I discovered that there are a lot of facets of Pinoy pop culture that I enjoy whether it be listening to more OPM or watching more teleseryes.”

Eunice Abreu, DigistarPH

When asked about the lessons she has gained during her time with the company, “I learned to trust myself, trust the process, and gained more confidence. I learned to push and extend myself to my utmost capabilities,” Abreu shares. “DigistarPH stretches you in ways that it helps you grow as an individual. Giving chances and opportunities towards reaching your goals.”

Maria Angelica Cruz, One MEGA Group

When asked about what she liked most about working at the company, Cruz answered, “probably the freedom to make the role your own. There’s also room for growth, and communication is highly encouraged; that’s something I appreciate. In general, the company has positive energy, everybody seems to root for each other, and managers care about their teams’ physical and mental health. There’s a good understanding and respect that life is much more than work, and I feel like I’ve been able to balance my life outside my career at OMG, more than I could at my previous jobs.”

Jomer Calleja, AGC Power Holdings Corp.

“My journey with the company over the years takes a lot of challenges and hard work as I am still learning the corporate environment. The guidance of my colleagues and the experience I gained during my early years has become an essential part of my career growth today and I learn a lot from it.”

Mae Talaid, One MEGA Group

“’I’m fine’ is the common lie people say everyday. And for the past months that I’ve worked as a Bookings Associate, there are two things that I’ve learned. First, is to be gentle with your feelings. It’s okay to say that you’re not okay or not feeling well. It’s okay if you feel frustrated or disappointed. I realized that I’m not Wonder Woman or a magician who could save and solve everything in a day. But I believe that I’m a warrior, and everyday is like a battlefield that can allow me to win, grow, and be a better person. The more you become honest with your feelings and what’s going on in your life or work, the more you will know that you’re not alone in the everyday battle in life. Second, is to trust the process. Everyone’s journey is different and there will be better days and there will be none. It will always take time to achieve your goals and if you become impatient, there will be consequences and regrets. Celebrate small wins or achievements and be proud of how far you’ve become.”

Rowan Palomares, One MEGA Group

“I learned how to manage and prioritize my tasks more efficiently since that is something I needed to work on, especially when I was still in college. I also learned that I am a good team player since I usually do tasks alone before.” 

As AGC Power Holdings Corp. continues to grow exponentially and evolve with the times, the growth of its employees is inevitable as witnessed by the stories above. In the future, the company will continue in its mission of creating a culture in which diverse perspectives are encouraged and every employee is equally supported in developing their careers. 

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