Shaping The Future of Media: AGC PHC & University of The Philippines Forum

AGC PHC executives engage in a dedicated forum with advertising students from one of the country’s top universities

In a convergence of academy and industry, the University of the Philippines Advertising Core (UP AdCore) – an organization dedicated to promoting awareness on effective and responsible advertising to the Filipino youth – collaborated with AGC Power Holdings Corp. (AGC PHC) for an enlightening talk last June 14 at the AGC PHC studio. 

(From L-R) Archie G. Carrasco, Anne Bernisca, Janine Recto, and Ramon Galicia during the forum

The session was attended by AGC PHC’s executives including CEO Archie G. Carrasco, COO Ramon Galicia and Publisher Janine Recto of One MEGA Group Inc. (OMGI), and COO Anne Bernisca of Modern Media Group Inc. (MMGI). It was a dive into navigating the lifestyle media discussing the processes of creating an issue, how to tap different markets, staying ahead of the curve, and more. 

Carassco opening the talk

Carrasco opened the dialogue by sharing his journey of transforming OMGI into a diverse media ecosystem during the pandemic. Advertisers turned away from media and magazines, leaving the sole print publication, MEGA Magazine in great challenge. In response, Carrasco developed his own powerful ecosystem, AGC PHC, with magazine brands that competed with and complemented each other. Carrasco also shared that the journey wouldn’t be complete without purpose. “Purpose is the most important thing and a lot of leaders should realize this, especially talking to the new generation,” he said. 

audience 2

UP AdCore students listening intently

To sustain the market for these brands, Galicia shared the strategy for engaging diverse audiences: customizing content for each platform and market. He explained, “As a multimedia company, we ensure the content we create for each platform is tailored to its specific niche.” He said that content for print and digital must differ to effectively reach their distinct audiences.

Recto then provided an insightful behind-the-scenes look at the meticulous process of magazine creation. “For us, it’s not about catching up with trends but staying ahead of them. Every time we conceptualize, it’s always about how we can do something different.” From ideation to executing the shoot, she added, “It really takes a village,” as projects involve more than a hundred individuals from different teams including editorial, sales, administration, and production.

Bernisca stressed the importance of collaboration, affirming that every idea is essential to creative success. She highlighted how AGC PHC values input from all team members. She said, “Every voice deserves to be heard in a group. In everything we do, collaboration is key.”

The students were surprised with a challenge by the CEO himself to put these insights into practice by creating a short presentation on how to make magazines relevant to Gen Z – with an equally surprising generous cash prize for the best idea. The winning concept of “Revive and Relive” highlighted the timeless value of physical magazines, emphasizing how they can capture moments in a way that digital media cannot.

students 1

UP AdCore members receiving free AGC PHC titles including Gen Z crowd-favorite: customizable NYLON Manila MyZine

AGC PHC welcomes interactions such as these to engage the youth, learn from them, and inspire them to also proudly bring the Philippines to the world. 


AGC PHC Acquires Four More Global Media Brands

The Philippines’ fastest-growing media company further expands its international presence

AGC Power Holdings Corp. (AGC PHC), the home of international titles Vogue Philippines, Billboard Philippines, and Nylon Manila is welcoming four new global media brands soon. CEO Archie G. Carrasco announced this strategic expansion, highlighting the company’s commitment to elevating the Philippine media landscape.

“I am honored to announce we are welcoming four more international media brands into our ecosystem, strengthening our efforts to elevate the Philippine media,” Carrasco said. “We will be announcing these brands in the next few weeks. I am also extremely excited that one of these brands is going to be our first regional media brand. It makes me proud as a Filipino to see the Philippines leading a media brand that represents Southeast Asia.”

A contract signing ceremony took place at Nobu Hotel in Manila, attended by AGC PHC’s executives. This event marks the beginning of another chapter for the company as it continues to grow its influence in the media industry. 

This expansion is a significant milestone for AGC PHC, highlighting its mission to connect Filipino talents to the global stage. With its dedication to innovation and excellence, AGC PHC is set to raise the bar in the media industry, bringing the world to the Philippines and the Philippines to the world. 


Vogue Shares: A Talk on AI and Innovation at TEDxADMU 

Vogue Philippines’ Art Director Jann Pascua took the stage to share his thoughts on a controversial topic among creatives.

Members of the Vogue Philippines editorial team were recently invited to a forward-thinking discussion surrounding tech innovations in the creative field. As one of Vogue Philippines’ pioneers, Jann Pascua explored a recurring question in the industry: Is artificial intelligence (AI) an anti-innovator?

Pascua posited, “With AI, will everything be automated? Will it replace certain jobs? Will it promote more misinformation? And so on. The answers are all yes. As scary as they may seem, that also just means that we humans must take a huge leap forward and use our moral compass to adapt, pivot, and evolve into grander things that artificial intelligence will not be able to do. And at the end of the day, it is solely up to us to realize our power and opportunity for this advancement do more good than harm for humankind.”


Part experiment and part truth-seeking, Vogue Philippines dabbled in AI to illustrate how it can be used as a tool for enhancing, not replacing human creativity. Its December-January issue in 2022 showcased a futuristic view of fashion by reimagining runway collections of ternos and balintawak in a dream-like “Paraiso” within the metaverse. The project began with original content such as editorial photographs from Shaira Luna, 1,000 collected Filipina faces, and landscape artist Bianca Carague who imagined what an otherworldly Filipino paradise could look like. All of these original elements were molded into a depiction of the Future of Filipino Fashion — a prime example of how humans can teach AI. 


Pascua acknowledges that using only AI for the project would have been simpler, but he emphasizes that AI can only learn from what humans provide. When generating the diversity of Filipino culture through AI, it often defaults to elements too ingrained in a Westernized perspective. Despite AI’s rapid growth, its resource bank is still in its infancy. Developing something inherently Filipino is challenging, as cultural nuances can easily get lost in translation.


“If we were to assess whether or not AI is an anti-innovator, my answer would be no and it shouldn’t be. Just imagine in the context of diversity alone, if we Filipinos collectively stop creating, stop innovating, stop sharing our culture, traditions, and knowledge with the rest of the world, then in about 50 to a hundred years time, the bank of information about the Philippines will simply be a speck of dust among a massive array of information about the world,” Pascua stated.  

The industry should leverage AI to continue preserving and promoting culture. Vogue Philippines ethically stands with this innovation, championing Filipino stories beyond fashion, whether through narratives on culture and heritage, showcasing diversity and inclusivity, or discovering emerging talents in various fields. “As we stay creative, passionately curious, and remain critical thinkers and responsible storytellers, there is no limit to the inspiring stories and innovations we can share beyond our pages,” said Pascua.


MyHome Returns with A Fresh New Perspective

The country’s favorite home design magazine returns with modern inspiration for every Filipino home 

In the early 2000s, despite already having Pinterest, Filipino homemakers and DIYers turned to MyHome magazine to find design inspiration. The ideas were beautiful, practical, and fit so well with the eclectic Filipino design sensibility that MyHome quickly became the favorite go-to source when it came to creating beautiful spaces.

myhome 4

MyHome returns to the stands after a long hiatus to do what it did best: INSPIRE. Under the leadership of its Editor-in-Chief, Architect Geewel Fuster, MyHome is set to continue its legacy and usher in a new era of influence.


At the heart of MyHome’s rebirth is collaboration and celebration of Filipino design. Fuster shares that MyHome is also a platform where Filipino artisans can converse and unite in the objective of showcasing Filipino talent to the world. Contributing to this vision include guest editor Chat Fores, and design contributors Rita Nazareno and Gabby for Object and Materials, Pam Lopez for Lifestyle, and Daniel Lampa for Arts and Trends. 


In the reconceptualization of MyHome, the team looked into market trends and altered human behaviors stemming from the pandemic. One Mega Group, Inc. COO Ramon Galicia explained that these two factors were of great consideration when they were discussing the content of the magazine.

myhome 1

First, it had to take into account a real estate resurgence with people looking for second homes or alternate spaces. The other consideration was the heightened awareness of space design highlighted by the long stay at home during the lockdown and the realization that outside people were now being invited inside their homes via conference calls. Galicia adds that people are increasingly focused on cultivating the aesthetic of their home interiors not only for display, but also for the sake of their overall well-being. 

To engage this younger, more design-conscious market, the new MyHome carries expert tips, inspiration, and insights from key figures from the Philippine design industry. It also showcases new brands and new technologies from techniques and materials that the team feels the Filipino aesthetic is now ready for. 

myhome 2
myhome 3

Fuster further explains that the new MyHome will center on the concept of “Modern Filipino Living:” Modern, to showcase the evolving trends in home design; Filipino, to highlight Filipino craftsmanship to a global audience; and Living, to open doors to one beautiful space at a time.

Home is Where the Heart Is

This vision of Modern Filipino living is showcased In its maiden issue through the feature on the home of fashion celebrity Heart Evangelista. “Heart’s home is an old structure which was recently revamped with new layers of vision and design story that is similar to the renaissance of MyHome,” Architect Fuster explains.  

heart myhome
myhome 7


The return of MyHome ushers in another facet of home design within One Mega Group, Inc. It differentiates from Bluprint by focusing more on the importance of meaningful and mindful living. Fuster emphasizes this philosophy is highlighted in the magazine’s dedication to promoting a holistic approach to home life. 

myhome cover

The MyHome team will continue to offer content that seamlessly merges inspiring stories with interior design. MyHome comes back in a bigger print size and also a bigger purpose to fill. 

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NYLON Manila Introduces MyZine: The Road To Print Innovation

The NYLON Manila team introduces their take on print: combining the visual storytelling of a magazine with the customizable aspects of a personal planner.

NYLON, the go-to source for the young, stylish, and culture-obsessed, made a significant decision in 2024: to return to print after eight years of living purely online. True to form, the NYLON Manila team took this directive and gave it their own spin: an innovative approach that blends the elements of a magazine, such as cover stars and editorial narratives, with fun, customizable pages and special sheets, offered initially, in three content packs. The three packs (starter, confidence, and style) are designed around the theme of identity and push the idea of “just be” – something very close to every Gen Z’s heart.

MyRules: Beyond the Magazine

Initially, the team’s plan was to do the “usual:” a 40-page magazine with the requisite cover star and editorial features. That is until someone suggested making it customizable. Editor-in-Chief Maggie Batacan narrates: “With MyZine, we really wanted to deliver a content experience that gives the reader a sense of control over what they’re consuming, similar to ‘choose your own adventure’ type of media.”


The functionality of MyZine knows no bounds. It starts with the binder. Available in five vibrant colorways, it can be further personalized through painting, drawing, or adding stickers with the only limit being the imagination. Content packs include articles, listicles, features, essays, exclusive photos, and interactive worksheets like budget trackers, mood trackers, and checklists. It can be used as a planner, a journal, or with the coming packs that can be mixed and matched, even hold photocard or sticker collections.

MyStyle: The Creative Process

Given NYLON Manila’s digital-first approach, creating a print product proved challenging. Part trial and error, and part mentoring program, the young team of NYLON Manila was all in for the challenge. “Creating MyZine was a huge learning curve for us to overcome, but nonetheless, it was very fun to have the creative freedom and bring the vision to life,” says Brand Associate Bianca Lao. 


Guided by their objective of revolutionizing the readers’ experience by giving them control over the content they consume, Managing Editor Rafael Bautista adds this about the  team’s creative process: “We iterated a lot on how MyZine looks and operates today. From prototypes to scrapped designs, we shifted between ideas before we settled on what the MyZine should be.”

Even the choice of SB19’s Justin as the cover star for MyZine’s debut was in line with NYLON Manila’s ethos of self-discovery and personal growth. Fashion and Creative Director Andre Chang adds, “The maiden cover encompasses the limitless potential of Justin, MyZine, and even the readers. It can represent: ‘Just Be Free,’ ‘Just Be Original,’ ‘Just Be Creative,’ or ‘Just Be Whoever You Want to Be’.”


MyZine: The Continued Evolution

Zines have a rich history, originating as self-published vessels of creativity that capture one’s own thoughts, experiences, and observations. They have always been a platform for personal expression and unique storytelling. Today, a Zine is not just that but already a kind of culture among its readers, with each iteration adapting to its own language.

Amidst the saturation of social media, the NYLON Manila team offers Gen Z an offline social platform in MyZine – where readers become part of the journey, shaping a narrative that is uniquely their own.

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AGC PHC Honors Leadership Excellence With LEAD Awards 2024

The company celebrated individuals, departments, and media brands who set leadership standards through example, excellence, and beyond. 

AGC Power Holdings Corp. (AGC PHC) took its annual recognition of excellence to new heights with the introduction of the LEAD Awards — Leadership Excellence Achievement Distinction — on May 13 at Novotel Manila, Araneta City. The event recognized individuals, departments, and media brands who demonstrated exceptional leadership and influence beyond their posts.


In his opening speech, Chairman and CEO of AGC PHC highlighted the transition from the Top Outstanding Employees of the Year (TOEY) awards to the more inclusive and comprehensive LEAD Awards. He stated, “As our company continues to grow and evolve, we recognize the need for a more comprehensive and inclusive approach to acknowledging excellence. LEAD moves beyond a fixed number of recipients and does not rely solely on quantitative metrics. Instead, it evaluates the wider impact nominees have on their teams, departments, and the entire company.” 

Table Flower

Service Awardees

The event began by honoring employees for their long-term dedication to the company. Service Awardees included Pauline Mata-Marquez, Carlo Tumaliuan, Jasmine Co Leng, and Kristoff Sison for their 5 years of service, and Maileen Capilitan for her remarkable 15 years of tenure.

Maileen Capilitan
Loyalty awardees

LEAD Awardees

The highlight of the night was the recognition of 7 LEAD Awardees who demonstrated leadership qualities such as vision, collaboration, communication, problem-solving, and empowerment. The distinguished LEAD Awardees were:

Melissa Tan – Brand Associate, MEGA Magazine

Melissa Tan quickly stood out when she joined the brand in 2023, handling a pivotal rebrand and fostering collaboration between editorial and sales teams. She played a key role at her first MEGA Ball in 2023 and led the recent Young Designers Competition (YDC) in 2024, demonstrating her strategic and organizational prowess.

Cindy Monsalve – Head of Business Development, MEGA Global Licensing Inc. 

Cindy Monsalve built a top-tier sales team from scratch, transforming fresh graduates into expert account managers. Her leadership and strategic vision made Vogue Philippines a top sales contributor, setting a new standard of excellence within AGC PHC. 

Mika Cruz – Editorial Assistant, Billboard Philippines

Mika Cruz exemplifies leadership through action and attitude, praised across departments and even by external partners. She manages editorial budgets, coordinates tasks, and steps in seamlessly during team transitions, proving her reliability and dedication.

Jacs Sampayan – Managing Editor, Vogue Philippines

Jacs Sampayan stepped in as the contributing managing editor for Billboard Philippines’ maiden issue, offering support beyond his role at Vogue Philippines. His commitment to excellence through providing mentorship has significantly shaped both Billboard and Vogue Philippines.

Brie Ventura – Jr. Art Director, MEGA Magazine
Mawi Fojas De Ocampo – Managing Editor and Digital Editor, Lifestyle Asia
Chloe Tohoy – Warehouse and Studio Associate, AGC PHC

Chloe Tohoy efficiently oversees logistics and studio bookings, handling complex tasks with precision. Her technical skills, positive demeanor, and proactive nature foster a cohesive and inclusive environment, enhancing the administrative team’s effectiveness.

Top Department and Media Brands of the Year 

The event also recognized teams dedicated to outstanding success. The Top Department of the Year Award (TODY) was given to the Events Team, who distinguished themselves through consistent performance, managing multiple events for all media brands across AGC PHC, and playing a critical role in the company’s financial and brand-building efforts.


Three media brands were also awarded for their relentless efforts. For third place, Billboard Philippines earns the spot for achieving a milestone this year with the highest circulation sales for a single issue, selling 40,000 copies in less than 48 hours. MEGA Magazine secures 2nd place for excelling in both sales and digital engagement, becoming One MEGA Group’s top sales contributor and a leader in digital performance. And for first place, Vogue Philippines takes the spotlight for setting trends and defining elegance, attracting the most advertisers, and becoming the market leader among all magazines in the country. 


After inspiring speeches and collective applause, the LEAD Awards closed the afternoon by marking a significant milestone for AGC PHC, showcasing the company’s commitment to recognizing and celebrating a new standard of excellence — leadership. By honoring individuals and teams who embody this, AGC PHC continues to inspire its workforce for their unwavering achievement within its ecosystem and their impact on the media industry as a whole.

AGC PHC would like to thank its venue partner Novotel Manila and flower supplier Fluff’s Flowers. 

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MEGA Magazine’s Journey in Reviving the Young Designers Competition 

 The competition that cultivated the country’s best fashion designers made a grand return. MEGA Magazine shares its behind-the-scenes journey in reviving the event. 

In the landscape of Philippine fashion, there are few events as iconic and impactful as MEGA Magazine’s Young Designers Competition (YDC). After a hiatus that left enthusiasts longing for its return, the event came back with a bang in 2024, all mounted by the dedicated efforts of an extraordinary team led by MEGA’s Editor-in-Chief, Peewee Isidro.

YDC 07-2-1

For nearly three decades, the YDC has been pioneering the journey of Filipino designers. It served as a launchpad for the country’s best like Rajo Laurel and Furne One, who joined the first few editions back in the late 90’s. Editor-in-Chief Peewee Isidro and the MEGA Magazine team brought back to life the YDC with a vision to not just replicate past successes but to elevate the competition to new heights. 

Rolling out the Runway

COO of One MEGA Group Inc. Ramon Galicia notes, “Re-establishing YDC was quite critical for MEGA as a brand because it really goes back to the mission of the title which is championing Filipino creatives. The first YDC was in 1994, so it is momentous as we’re bringing it back after a decade. Last November, we gathered industry experts to engage with the past winners and leaders in fashion today. They also nominated their respective candidates that contributed to recognizing the next generation of fashion designers.” 

Isidro also shed light on the journey of the YDC’s return. “The reception has been amazing,” Peewee shares, reflecting on the excitement that surrounded the initial announcement. “Even some of the MEGA YDC alumni and current designers helped us spread the word about this endeavor.”

YDC 09

However, the journey was far from easy. Isidro recounts the meticulous planning and execution required to ensure the event’s success. From the initial announcement to the final show presentation, every step was carefully orchestrated with the support of the entire MEGA team and various collaborators, including judges, models, hair and makeup artists, and sponsors. 

“It was important to do it right since this is a legacy that is dear to us,” Isidro emphasizes. “We needed the right plan and execution to make its return impactful and meaningful.”

Creating a New YDC Era 

YDC’s purpose remains the same — to discover the next big Filipino designer. However, reviving it after a decade also came with new shifts. Isidro reveals that the advent of social media has amplified callouts and broadened audiences, transcending borders to the international community. Moreover, she highlights the remarkable talent in today’s emerging designers, who not only exhibit creativity but also embrace two fundamental values: identity and sustainability. 


Among the standout talents of the competition was Prince Padilla, who was named as this year’s YDC winner. According to Isidro, his collection opens a new chapter for womenswear and speaks to today’s generation. He receives prominent media exposure on MEGA’s platforms, a design apprenticeship, exhibit installation, a spot at the prestigious BYS fashion week, and a substantial cash prize of 1 million pesos.


For the future of fashion, Creative Chief Patrick Ty shares:  “MEGA continuously pushes for the success of our local talent and we intend to support Prince along with the other 5 contestants by way of our print and social platforms. More than being a creative playground, our pages will connect them to their potential customers who believe in and understand the essence of their designs. This is what MEGA stands for.”

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The Symphony of Mindanao: The Vogue PH Journey Pt. 2

Harboring more stories from the South, Vogue Philippines brings “Voices of Mindanao” as a second volume for its May 2024 issue.

Continuing its exploration of Southern tales, Vogue Philippines extends its journey with a second volume dedicated to showcasing Mindanao. Editor-in-Chief Bea Valdes shares, “Halfway through the shoots, the team realized it would take more than one issue to showcase the complexities and cultures we encountered.” Thus, what began as a singular endeavor resulted in two volumes. For Heritage Month, the theme “Voices of Mindanao” took over featuring National Living Treasure and youngest GAMABA (Gawad sa Manlilikha ng Bayan) Awardee for Tboli Chanting, Rosie Sula, on the fore.

Echoes from the South

Finding the cover personality for the May issue began with an exploration. As the teams of Vogue Philippines ventured into different regions in Mindanao, an echoing sound was found that resonated with Mindanao’s heritage.

Features Editor Audrey Caprio narrates, “We went to Lake Sebu in South Cotabato to meet with the tnalak weavers, who are famous for being known as dreamweavers. But the Tboli have other arts like chanting, brass casting, and kulintang playing.” From there, Vogue Philippines captured the essence of Mindanao’s musical legacy in the form of Rosie Sula—a masterful Tboli chanter whose voice serves as a conduit to the realm of spirits. With each note, Rosie summons her spirit guide, leading listeners on a transcendent journey of sound and spirit.


In the wide expanse of Mindanao, a myriad of voices were also brought to light. From TBoli brass bells, SB19’s Felip, KZ Tandingan, and the Morobeats collective. Vogue Philippines taught audiences to hear music from far-flung places and help extinguish the distances between. 


The Culminating Celebration

In a celebratory gathering at the Goldenberg Mansion, Vogue Philippines hosted an intimate dinner program, embracing the theme “Voices of Mindanao” to launch the May issue. The spotlight shone on Rosie Sula as she shared her Tboli chant to a crowd of Mindanaoan creatives and makers. 


Fashion Director Pam Quiñones introduced the issue with a speech, “During the inception of Vogue Philippines, one of our missions was to put forth Filipino stories from all parts of the country, from places rich in culture to diverse backgrounds, redefining beauty and fashion. Now in the current issue, we honor Mindanao voices from all corners of the southern region.”


With each toast and culture shared, the evening culminated the two-part Mindanaoan covers of Vogue Philippines. Quiñones who hails from Cotabato City, says, “With my beloved Mindanao front and center for our April and May issues, I couldn’t be any prouder as a Mindanaoan and as a Vogue editor.” 

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Exploring Mindanao’s Visage: The Vogue PH Journey Pt. 1

The team behind Vogue Philippines shares a glimpse into the making of the groundbreaking April 2024 issue, “Faces of Mindanao”. 

“To be seen and heard”—this short phrase flooded Vogue Philippines’ inboxes since the launch of their April 2024 issue that fronts the southern region’s makers and cultures. In a groundbreaking moment for global fashion, the beauty of Mindanao steps into the spotlight, thoughtfully curated by the Vogue Philippines team. 

“When we first began crafting the idea for Vogue Philippines, we hoped to create a space that spoke to and for the Filipino, where we could be seen and heard, with our voice recognized, and resonating. We felt that it was our time to help shine a light on our countrymen from Mindanao and bring their stories to our local and global audiences,” says Bea Valdes, Editor-in-Chief. 


Unraveling Diversity and Representation

The journey began with hundreds of pages and images that echoed back within the Vogue Philippines team. Be it from fashion, beauty, or culture, each member presented a range of topics and personalities they wanted to feature. 

For the April issue, the fashion team conducted a casting call in Davao last December 2023. More than 300 aspiring models from General Santos, Sarangani, Basilan, Maguindanao, Cotabato, Bukidnon, and more were met by the members of the Vogue team. The final selects were featured in catalogs such as a fashion editorial in Bukidnon, a beauty editorial lens in Davao by Neal Oshima and Mark Nicdao, and the April cover story photographing Muslim and Tausug Shaira Ventura in Manila. 


A five-time crowned beauty queen, a recently licensed nurse, and salon muse to bespoke designer Federico Navarro, Shaira Venutra shares her inspiration: “I am happy that, nowadays, models like me [are] already beginning to shine and have the spotlight. It is an honor for me to set an example for them, that having a conservative background is not a challenge in modeling, but rather a good representation of how we respect our practices.”


Mindanao’s Vibrant Narrative

In the quest to uncover the authentic essence of Mindanao, Vogue Philippines embarked on a journey that spanned the diverse landscapes of this vibrant region. The team explored the provinces of Davao, the mountains of Bukidnon, the shores of Lake Sebu, and the beaches and lush mangroves of Zamboanga.


“Mindanao is a beautiful and vibrant place full of stories longing to be told,” says Features Editor Audrey Carpio. Vogue Philippines met with people of many indigenous roots—Blaan, Manobo, Tausug, and Mandaya—each contributing to the rich mosaic of Mindanao’s identity. From the intricate artistry of Tboli’s tradition of tnalak to the masterful craftsmanship of the Yakan weavers, the richness of Mindanao’s cultural heritage was given a platform by Vogue Philippines. 


Fashion Director Pam Quinones, herself hailing from Cotabato City notes, “Mindanao has always been a mystery to most people and whatever slice information we have of the southern region is imbued with tales of conflict. As someone who was born and raised there I know the culture to be rich and unique, the people to be truly diverse with many languages spoken and proud of their ancestors and land, and the stories to be complex.”

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Billboard Philippines Mounts Its First-Ever Women In Music Awards

It was a night that honored women’s voices, with eight exceptional names recognized for their achievements in the industry. 

Billboard Philippines celebrated the prowess and talent of Filipina artists through its inaugural Women in Music last March 29 at Samsung Hall, SM Aura. Held in honor of Women’s Month, the event showcased the achievements of outstanding female artists. The event was hosted by seasoned actress, singer, and entertainer Jolina Magdangal, who commenced the festivities shortly after welcoming remarks by Billboard Philippines Publisher Anne Bernisca.

Jolina Magdangal
Jolina Magdangal
Anne Bernisca
Anne Bernisca

Since its launch, Billboard Philippines has consistently looked for avenues to bridge OPM to the world. Its efforts have reached global recognition in the US where they honored – for the first time – a homegrown talent. This year’s Billboard Women In Music event held in Los Angeles marked a historic moment for representation, as Sarah Geronimo was recognized as the first Filipina Global Force Awardee.

Resonating with the global mission of Billboard’s Women In Music Awards, a tradition dating back to 2007, the Philippines’ very own stage opens the opportunity to bring more female artists from the vibrant local scene. 

The music industry is witnessing a remarkable surge of talent from Filipino women, with their chart-topping hits and record-breaking songs making waves both at home and across the globe. Billboard Philippines Women In Music Awards proudly honored eight exceptional women, each illuminating the industry with their unique talent:

Belle Mariano: Billboard Philippines Listener’s Choice Awardee

Belle Mariano
Belle Mariano

Morisette Amon: Billboard Philippines People’s Choice Awardee

Morisette Amon
Morisette Amon

Ena Mori: Rule Breaker Awardee

Ena Mori
Ena Mori

BINI: Rising Star Awardee


Moira: Hitmaker Awardee


Pilita Corrales: Icon Awardee (Accepted by her daughter, Jackie Lou Blanco)

Jackie Lou
Jackie Lou Blanco

Regine Velasquez-Alcasid: Powerhouse Awardee

Regine Velasquez
Regine Velasquez – Alcasid

Sarah Geronimo: Woman of the Year Awardee

Sarah Geronimo
Sarah Geronimo

Each awardee represents a facet of musical excellence, showing how diverse the Philippine music scene is. Their impassioned speeches resonated throughout the event, with notable performances by Ena Mori, BINI, Moira, Regine Velasquez, and Sarah Geronimo. 

L-R: Morisette Amon, Jackie Lou Blanco, Ena Mori, Moira, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, Sarah Geronimo, BINI
L-R: Morisette Amon, Jackie Lou Blanco, Ena Mori, Moira, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, Sarah Geronimo, BINI

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