A Silent Revolution In Design: BluPrint Launches “The Architecture of Silence”

Explore a journey through sanctuaries of peace designed by the Philippines’ finest architects and interior designers, all compiled by BluPrint.

In a bustling world filled with noise and chaos, finding spaces of tranquility becomes an essential part of living. BluPrint, the leading authority of design and architecture in the Philippines and in the ASEAN region, launches its latest endeavor — a coffee table book dubbed ‘The Architecture of Silence’. 

Editor-in-Chief of BluPrint states, “After years since our last book copies were released, BluPrint is back in print with a new book issue. Called ‘The Architecture of Silence’, it features optimistic design stories of industry’s luminaries and creative individuals in its narrative where in silence, dwellings emerge as living poetry, a harmonious fusion where life whispers its secrets to ARCHITECTURE.”

The Architecture of Silence’ presents 18 diverse and purposeful dwellings from across the Philippines, evoking a strike between serenity and creativity. The compilation showcases the ingenuity of the Philippines’ top architects and interior designers, who have crafted sanctuaries of peace that redefine modern living. 

From urban oases to seaside escapes, these spaces offer an unparalleled collection of environments that inspire calm, rest, and creativity. BluPrint traversed the archipelago for homes that embody this distinctive spirit of silence and natural connection.

Through these captivating design stories and insights from visionaries, the title celebrates the profound and ever-evolving relationship with homes. It serves as a testament to the power of thoughtful design in shaping one’s daily experiences and fostering a deeper connection to the surroundings. 

Embark on a journey of discovery with “The Architecture of Silence” and uncover the beauty of mindful living through design. BluPrint invites readers to pause, reflect, and appreciate the transformative potential of silence and natural connection through singular spaces. 

BluPrint’s “Architecture of Silence” is available online at, Shopee, and Lazada. You can also purchase your copy at the SariSari pop-up store in Estancia Mall, Eastwood Mall, Festival Mall, and major National Bookstores.


Young Forces Of Change Take Over Vogue Philippines’ February Cover

The February cover mounts yet another groundbreaking issue, featuring seven young women who move the way forward.

Month after month, Vogue Philippines fearlessly reimagines the narratives of fashion storytelling by spotlighting the nation’s trailblazers. From a cultural tattoo artist to key Filipina scientists, the Philippine edition boldly celebrates diverse voices, pushing boundaries of style with every issue.

February’s cover serves as another testament to this. In a captivating tableau against the backdrop of Masungi Georeserve, seven luminaries take center stage. 

Among them are Ann Dumaliang and Billie Dumaliang, trustees of Masungi Georeserve, whose tireless efforts in forest conservation have earned them widespread acclaim. Joining them is Camille Rivera, marine biologist and founder of Oceanus Conservation, whose work in safeguarding marine ecosystems is nothing short of groundbreaking.

Also gracing the cover is Nicola Sebastian, a prolific writer and co-founder of Emerging Islands, whose passion for storytelling rides waves of change. Issa Barte, a National Geographic Explorer and co-founder of For The Future, brings her expertise in environmental advocacy to the forefront, while Natasha Tanjutco and Isabella Tanjutco, founders of TAYO House of Culture & Creativity and Kids for Kids showcase their innovative approach to addressing climate challenges.

On the cusp of their advocacies are conversations weaved through a deep communion with nature, expanding the notion of beauty from an industry to an ecosystem. Vogue Philippines continues to set the standard of representation. Inspired by stories that shape the world, the title ushers another kind of exploration into the world of fashion. 

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AGC Power Holdings Corp. Strengthens its Business Development Division

In a bold move to drive corporate growth and solidify market dominance, the company proudly introduces key figures for business development.

A series of strategic executive appointments within the AGC Power Holdings Corp. (AGC PHC) Business Development Division are announced today, reinforcing market leadership and fostering corporate growth. 

Randolf Palanca
Vice President for Business Development

Randolf Palanca has been appointed as Vice President for Business Development, bringing to the table a distinguished portfolio in strategic planning and market penetration. With a formidable background that includes almost a decade of sales and leadership experience in Singapore, where he spearheaded four business units to unprecedented success, Mr. Palanca’s leadership is poised to steer the division towards unparalleled business expansion and reinforce our market leadership.

Maureen Alexis Busto
Assistant Vice President for Business Development (MMGI and OMGI)

Maureen Alexis Busto has been designated as Assistant Vice President for Business Development, with a focus on Modern Media Group Inc. (MMGI) and One MEGA Group Inc. (OMGI). Ascending from an Accounts Manager role over the past decade to an executive position, Ms. Busto’s exceptional dedication and performance have earned her multiple accolades, including consistent recognition among the company’s Ten Outstanding Employees of the Year. Her appointment is a testament to AGC PHC’s commitment to recognizing and advancing internal talent.

Carmelli Daet
Senior Assistant Vice President for Business Development (MGLI, DigistarPH, KLIQ Inc., 7460 Inc.)

Carmelli Daet assumes the role of Senior Assistant Vice President for Business Development, responsible for the strategic growth of MEGA Global Licensing Inc. (MGLI), DigistarPH, KLIQ Inc., and 7640 Inc. Ms. Daet’s expertise in leading-edge business solutions and digital innovation is integral to sustaining AGC PHC’s competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving industry landscape.

Ivan Panganiban      
Advertising Director, MMGI 
Jasmine Co Leng
Advertising Director, OMGI

In line with the company’s emphasis on career progression and talent development, AGC PHC proudly announces the promotions of Ivan Panganiban to Advertising Director of Modern Media Group Inc., encompassing NYLON Manila and Billboard Philippines, and Jasmine Co Leng to Advertising Director of One MEGA Group Inc., responsible for pioneering publications including MEGA, Lifestyle Asia, Bluprint, Modern Parenting, The Game, and the Business Manual. Their proven leadership abilities are expected to significantly contribute to the advancement of AGC PHC’s business development goals and the achievement of further success. 

Pauline Mata-Marquez            
Business Development Operations Director

And finally, to ensure effective partnerships and streamline advertising operations, the company appoints Pauline Mata as the Business Development Operations Director. In this critical role, Pauline will oversee the seamless execution and exemplary delivery of each project. With a tenure of six years at the company, Pauline’s journey from Implementation Associate to Advertising Manager has equipped her with a deep understanding of implementation and sales, making her expertise invaluable in her new capacity.

These executive appointments underscore AGC Power Holdings Corp.’s strategic focus on leveraging internal talent and solidifying its standing as a leader in the media industry. With this strengthened leadership team, AGC PHC is well-equipped to navigate the challenges of the market and drive forward its strategic objectives for sustainable corporate growth.


Next-Generation Leadership: Nylon Manila Announces New EIC, Maggie Batacan

The multi-faceted storyteller with over a decade of expertise navigates a new chapter for the big, bold, and brave generation of readers. 

In the ever-changing realm of Gen Z media, Nylon Manila welcomes a new Editor-in-Chief (EIC) who will bridge the intersection between an exceptional storytelling experience and a penchant for cultural shifts. Maggie Batacan, a creative writer and digital marketer is set to bring a pair of fresh eyes and a forward-thinking perspective that will echo the pulse of the next generation. 

The new EIC shares, “To be part of the Nylon Manila team means being able to observe the world around me and, like the child I still often feel like deep inside, tug on my readers’ sleeves and excitedly say, “Look at that!” It’s the opportunity to build and frame interesting conversations with people, and I am truly honored to have been given the chance to do so.”

Modern Media Group Inc.’s (MMGI) Chief Operating Officer, Anne Bernisca, commented on the appointment, stating, “Maggie Batacan embodies the innovative spirit and dynamic vision that Nylon Manila stands for. Her unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking is exactly what we need to lead Nylon into its next chapter. We are excited to see how her leadership will inspire new narratives and elevate our engagement with the youth of today.”

At The Forefront of Emerging Trends 

Batacan sees the Nylon brand as a platform that points audiences in fascinating and up-and-coming directions. With a 13-year tenure in the fast-paced worlds of marketing, public relations, and social media, Batacan has honed her ability to be ahead of the narrative. 

“Nylon Manila has been really great at staying on top of what’s at the forefront of the popular consciousness. I definitely want to continue this tradition while also making it a space that young people can turn to for inspiration,” says Batacan.

A Diverse Nylon Experience

Reflecting on her vision for Nylon Manila, Batacan expresses the importance of accessibility. “Accessibility is a big thing for me, so if resources allow, I want to make our content available in other formats,” she explains. Especially addressing the evolving tastes of the youth, Batacan makes it her goal to create conversations that break free from conventional approaches. Nylon Manila has ventured into other innovative formats in the past, including video podcasts, and with her leadership, Batacan is ready to create even more diverse, multimedia experiences.

As the next generation continues to evolve on all fronts of pop culture, fashion, beauty, and voice, Nylon Manila will also evolve with stories that are relevant, responsible, and radical. Guided by Maggie Batacan, a leader with a passion for storytelling, an eye for cultivating the “now”, and a commitment to making content engaging for all, a new era for Nylon Manila takes center stage.


Andre Chang: Nylon Manila’s New Creative and Fashion Visionary

A renowned fashion figure in the industry joins the Nylon Manila team to welcome a new era of creativity and style.

Nylon Manila proudly announces the appointment of renowned fashion expert Andre Chang as its new Creative and Fashion Director. Chang, a celebrated figure in the fashion industry with over 15 years of diverse experience, is set to bring a fresh, innovative approach to Nylon Manila’s fashion and creative content.

Expertise and Innovation: Andre Chang’s Fashion Journey

Well-known for his groundbreaking work as a fashion editor and stylist, Andre Chang’s deep understanding of the fashion landscape is unmatched. His extensive experience includes styling high-profile lookbooks, directing runway shows, and leading fashion campaigns. He has also played a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of fashion talents through his mentorship at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde.

His career highlights include his influential work with Artists and Company Manila and his impactful contributions as a contributing fashion editor and stylist at Preview Magazine. There, he was instrumental in conceptualizing, producing, and styling trend-setting fashion editorials. His styling work also extends to contributing editorial work with Vogue Italia online, including commercial work with international personalities, celebrities, and fashion brands.

Chang is not just a fashion icon; he is also a passionate advocate for Filipino design. His efforts in scouting and nurturing new talent, coupled with his support for established Filipino designers, have significantly contributed to the industry. His collaboration with Manila Fame, Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM), and Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) as a product development consultant underscores his commitment to placing Filipino design on the global map.

Revolutionizing Fashion with Nylon Manila

In his new role at Nylon Manila, Chang is poised to redefine the magazine’s creative direction. “I will be contributing to the brand’s identity and will be producing fashion and creative content that deeply connects with the preferences and values of the Gen Z audience as well as prioritizing authenticity and inclusivity, sustainability and ethical fashion branding, and fostering a sense of community through our readers,” says Chang.

His vision is to create a style guide that resonates with the modern generation, blending contemporary aesthetics with the vibrant energy of today’s youth. Chang’s innovative approach is expected to transform how fashion and culture are presented and celebrated in the magazine.

“The joining of Andre Chang is a landmark moment for Nylon Manila,” states Anne Bernisca, COO of Modern Media Group Inc. “His expertise in crafting styles that appeal to the modern generation and his knack for capturing youthful expression are vital for our growth and success. Andre’s leadership is set to redefine our fashion narrative and connect deeply with our audience,” she adds.

The entire Nylon Manila team enthusiastically welcomes Andre Chang, anticipating a groundbreaking era of creative and fashion leadership under his guidance.


New Key Finance Team Appointments at AGC Power Holdings Corp.

AGC Power Holdings Corp Strengthens Financial Operations with Newly-Formed Finance Team

AGC Power Holdings Corp (AGC PHC) is pleased to announce a significant enhancement to its financial operations with the introduction of a dedicated Finance Team. This strategic move is aimed at bolstering financial efficiency across the organization and its subsidiaries, in alignment with the company’s commitment to excellence and sustainable growth.


Led by the newly-appointed Head of Finance, Mr. Adam Lavadia, a licensed CPA, and operating under the guidance of Chief Finance and Investment Officer (CFIO), Ms. Cecile Ngo, a licensed CPA as well, the Finance Team will play a pivotal role in optimizing financial processes and ensuring fiscal responsibility throughout AGC PHC’s expanding portfolio of subsidiaries.

Mr. Lavadia, who previously served as Head of Internal Audit, brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of enhancing operational effectiveness to his new role. During his tenure as Head of Internal Audit, he emphasized collaboration and transparency, focusing on enhancing internal controls, streamlining procedures, and implementing a stricter review process. This approach fostered a culture of awareness and compliance that significantly contributed to improved governance within the organization.

Commenting on his new role, Mr. Lavadia expressed his excitement, saying, “I’m thrilled to transition into this new position. My primary focus will be on building a robust and adaptable finance team capable of effective collaboration with all departments to optimize financial performance and contribute to sustained growth.”

Dedicated Support to Subsidiaries

In addition to the appointment of Mr. Lavadia, AGC PHC is pleased to introduce three Finance Support Associates who will work closely with him, providing dedicated support to each subsidiary. This move underscores AGC PHC’s commitment to maintaining a successful organizational structure that prioritizes the unique needs of each subsidiary.

Thea So
Sr. Executive Affairs Associate to the CFIO and Sr. Finance Support Associate for OMGI
Angela Malabanan
Finance Support Associate for AGC PHC, Digistar, KLIQ, 7640
Allana Amazona
Finance Support Associate for MGLI and MMGI

AGC Power Holdings Corp is confident that this strategic initiative will not only enhance its financial operations but also further solidify its position as a leader in the industry. The company is dedicated to delivering exceptional value not only to its audience but also to its shareholders and stakeholders alike.


Lifestyle Asia Alpha: A Digital Journey Redefining Power and Purpose

Marking a significant milestone, Lifestyle Asia embraces the world of digital with a webzine dedicated to featuring a lineup of powerful personalities.

The Philippines’ oldest homegrown glossy magazine takes a leap into the digital realm with the unveiling of Lifestyle Asia Alpha. This marks a momentous shift for the luxury publication, which has been capturing the essence of society’s most influential figures for over 30 years. 

Editor-in-Chief of Lifestyle Asia, Candy Dizon, says in her editor’s note, “This year marks an exhilarating new direction for Lifestyle Asia. We continue to evolve as we embrace the dynamic world of a webzine, and I look forward to announcing an exciting lineup of personalities who will grace our covers in the months to come. Each story is a window into a life of passion, dedication, and inspiration.”

Alpha, in definition, is a special breed of individuals who embody power — not in the traditional sense, but in a manner that can effectuate change in others. For Lifestyle Asia Alpha, its stories promise to redefine power through individuals in a quest for a meaningful life. 

First on the cover is the epitome of understated sophistication, Ling Ling King. Her compelling journey chronicles the practice of self-awareness and nourishment, while also passionately uplifting the lives of our underprivileged youth through the gift of education. Ling Ling’s story isn’t just one of success; it’s a testament to resilience, innovation, and the power of dreaming big. Her narrative perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Alpha — a blend of leadership, creativity, influence, and compassion.

The transition to digital doesn’t mean leaving behind the essence of the magazine. Lifestyle Asia has something special in store — four coffee table books focusing on Food, Travel, Homes, and Obsessions. These books serve as a celebration of the rich tapestry of the Philippines, showcasing vibrant culture, breathtaking landscapes, culinary wonders, and a curated collection of coveted luxury items.

Into this new chapter, Lifestyle Asia Alpha is set to spotlight more exceptional individuals who still propel stories that go beyond luxury living and are celebrated as hallmarks of change.


A Brave New World: MEGA Magazine Celebrates 32 Years With A New Creative Direction

Philippines’ Best Fashion Magazine enters another year with a renewed sense of style — from a new logo to a new masthead and a new creative direction.

In the illustrious 32-year journey of MEGA Magazine, a myriad of changes have unfolded, driven by its dedication to the needs and aspirations of its readers. Today, MEGA is shifting into its biggest transformation yet.  

Venturing Into Creative Innovation

MEGA unveils a brand new look — a bolder logo on an expanded magazine size, establishing MEGA as the biggest Philippine fashion magazine on newsstands today. This evolution goes beyond mere design modifications; it signifies a profound alignment with the grandeur and elegance that defines the very signature of MEGA.

A fresh masthead also graces the editorial lineup, with the esteemed Patrick Ty stepping into the role of Creative Chief, leading the way alongside the seasoned Editor-in-Chief, Peewee Reeyes-Isidro, who holds the title of the longest-serving in the magazine’s history. Together, they bring a wealth of experience and creativity to guide MEGA into its next era of unparalleled excellence.

Heart Evangelista On The Cover

The perfect embodiment of the new MEGA is reflected in its anniversary issue, with Heart Evangelista on the cover. In this edition, the style icon offers an intimate look into her narrative of embracing change, letting go, and building a legacy, mirroring the journey of a modern MEGA woman.

Heart shares profound insights into her approach to life’s transitions, encapsulating the very spirit of the magazine’s evolution. Her perspective on embracing change as a series of beginnings rather than endings resonates deeply, serving as a poignant metaphor for MEGA’s own transformative journey. “Even if it’s the end of a friendship, I don’t think of it as the end. I always think of it as the beginning of something. Beginnings are sweet. I don’t like the word ‘ending.’ I feel like there’s only one time for things to end and that’s when, well, it’s all supposed to end. But everything in life is like a beginning for me,” Heart says. 

As MEGA embarks on a new chapter, it not only celebrates a milestone but also sets the stage for a narrative that transcends its pages. With more stories to unfold, MEGA Magazine invites readers to join in the celebration of a new beginning in the brave new world.


Cecile Ngo Appointed Chief Finance and Investment Officer at AGC Power Holdings Corp.

AGC Power Holdings Corp. (AGC PHC), dedicated to fostering innovation and enhancing lives, proudly announces the promotion of Cecile Ngo to the position of Chief Finance and Investment Officer.

Cecile Ngo’s appointment is a significant milestone in AGC Power Holdings Corp.’s journey, as the company expands its global footprint and diversifies into various industries. Under the visionary leadership of Chairman and CEO Archie Carrasco, AGC Power Holdings Corp. stands as the parent company of multiple pioneering multimedia firms in the Philippines, each contributing significantly to shaping the media landscape.

Integrity, Innovation, and Excellence form the bedrock of AGC Power Holdings Corp.’s corporate values, guiding every strategic decision and enterprise within its purview. The company’s commitment extends beyond its properties to encompass the growth and success of individuals and brands nurtured within its diverse portfolio.

“I am honored to continue my journey with AGC Power Holdings Corp.,” says Cecile Ngo. “Guided by the visionary leadership of our Chairman and CEO, our company is reshaping the landscape of Philippine media. Together, we shall champion innovation, foster talent, and continue to enhance the lives of Filipinos through purposeful endeavors.”

Cecile Ngo, with her extensive financial expertise and a keen strategic outlook, is ideally positioned to make substantial contributions to AGC Power Holdings Corp.’s mission in her new role as Chief Finance and Investment Officer. She has demonstrated exceptional leadership and a strong track record during her tenure as Head of Finance and Chief Operating Officer.

“AGC Power Holdings Corp. is steadfast in its mission to redefine success and forge new pathways to achievement,” says Chairman and CEO Archie Carrasco. “Cecile Ngo’s promotion to Chief Finance and Investment Officer reaffirms our unwavering commitment to this mission. Her leadership will play an instrumental role as we navigate our global expansion and diversification endeavors.”

Cecile Ngo’s promotion heralds a new era in AGC Power Holdings Corp.’s extraordinary journey. Supported by a formidable team, fortified industry relationships, and a visionary founder at the helm, the company is poised to redefine success and provide unwavering support to the next generation of trailblazers.


Veteran Editorial Expert Vincent Sales Appointed as Managing Editor at The Business Manual

Bringing decades of publishing experience to the helm, Vincent Sales, a seasoned storyteller and ardent business enthusiast, is set to navigate a new course for The Business Manual.

Since its inception in 2022, The Business Manual has swiftly risen to prominence, cementing itself as the foremost destination for entrepreneurial readers in just one year by championing innovative narratives. With ambitious goals for 2024, The Business Manual proudly introduces Vincent Sales as its new Managing Editor, a valuable addition to its dynamic team.

RJ Ledesma, Editor-in-Chief, shares his excitement, “I am thrilled to welcome Vincent Sales, a veteran editor and celebrated author, to The Business Manual team. His wealth of editorial experience and exceptional storytelling abilities will significantly enhance our journey. This year, we are enthusiastic about continuing to share the inspiring stories of our nation’s top business leaders and entrepreneurs.”

A Journey from Storytelling to Business Leadership

Reflecting on his two-decade-long career, Sales remarks, “I’ve always been telling and writing stories.” For over 20 years, his professional journey has revolved around storytelling, spanning from his role as an award-winning marketer collaborating with renowned brands to his prestigious position as Editor-in-Chief and author of literary works published worldwide.

“Storytelling has always been at the heart of my work. It’s this commitment to storytelling that drew me to The Business Manual, and I believe, The Business Manual to me,” says Sales.

Sales now embarks on a new adventure as he steps into the realm of business. “In many ways, I was destined to be in business, given my family background and education,” he reveals. A natural fit for the role, Sales is poised to usher in a new era of storytelling at The Business Manual.

Expanding The Business Manual’s Reach

As it enters its second year, The Business Manual has already achieved significant milestones. With the platform reaching new heights, Sales is determined to broaden its horizons, delve deeper into various industries, foster engagement within business communities, and glean insights from industry leaders in both established enterprises and startups. Sales emphasizes, “The Business Manual has the potential to be even more impactful in its mission to Educate, Engage, Inspire, and Empower our readers.”

In his role as the new Managing Editor, Sales aspires to make The Business Manual more relevant than ever for aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned business moguls alike. Readers can anticipate elevated stories featuring businesses, leaders, and innovations that are reshaping industries in upcoming editions of The Business Manual.

“Vincent Sales’ appointment as Managing Editor underscores The Business Manual’s commitment to excellence in business journalism. We are excited about the future and the fresh perspectives he brings to the table,” says Ramon Galicia, Chief Operating Officer of One Mega Group Inc., the prestigious publisher of The Business Manual.

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