Fashion Stylist and Editor Kat Cruz Becomes MEGA’s New Senior Fashion Director

Kat Cruz has a vision to elevate and empower as she becomes MEGA’s Senior Fashion Director 

Over the years, MEGA has always been an advocate for new fashion to elevate the local scene and a platform of confidence for all those who fell in love with fashion. It was a collective effort from those who came before us with their continuous drive to push the boundaries of creativity and to create a space where imagination merges modernity with timelessness—an effort we uphold until today as a new generation takes up the torch. 

A step towards the future is what motivates the team to take fashion to new heights with a vision to become a beacon of excellence to those who dream of pursuing their dream in the industry. And as MEGA readies for the next chapter with a new generation of creatives, it is all supported with a direction to transform from a practitioner who’s been taking on the industry for two decades. Fashion stylist and editor Kat Cruz takes on the challenge of elevating the local fashion scene as she becomes MEGA Magazine’s new Senior Fashion Director.

Her start

It’s the simple routine and moments in life that catapults one’s affinity for fashion. From scanning the rows of clothing to playing dress up with one question in mind—what can I do to make it look better? What was once an outlet of excitement and joy then became a stepping stone to the passion Kat Cruz had for fashion. Who would’ve thought that the love towards shopping and dressing up blossomed the curiosity and interest she had for fashion?

When the opportunity falls on your lap, there is no hesitation to grab it before it’s too late—which is exactly what happened to the new fashion director. An internship back in college opened the doors to the world she now lives in and has not once looked back on it during her two-decade career. 

New in fashion

A knowledge of the fashion and publishing industries from her long-standing career of 22 years is what makes Kat Cruz perfect for the position. She’s a witness to the transformation of the fashion industry in both the international and local scene—a tool that she intends to use as she steps up to the role of MEGA’s Senior Fashion Director. 

With her new set of responsibilities, we can’t help but ask how it has been for her in the past. She shared, “I’ve gone through a crazy ride of styling, publication, and even both in my career. But if there’s one thing that remains, it’s my love for fashion.” And with that, a secret was revealed, which could possibly lead the new era of fashion in the magazine. 

“The key is to watch the trends, but to always consider that the classics never left for a good reason. The goal here is to come up with timeless looks.”

Keeping the history of fashion close to her heart, she also takes into account the advocacy of the fashion industry today, where fashion is becoming a platform for diversity and inclusivity—Kat Cruz recognizes this exact responsibility and she carries it with her with a spirit of tenacity. 

“Fashion is moving towards a more inclusive role, a platform that helps people project their individuality.”

The MEGA Vision

As she leads a new line of creatives, a collective goal is shared as all step into the challenge of taking fashion to the next level. Backed up by a direction that aims to utilize the power of fashion with a purpose in mind, we are confident to say that Kat Cruz’s vision for the magazine will not only elevate, but will also become a manifestation of the new fashion era we’re all looking forward to. 

“The vision is to capitalize on the transformative power of fashion and translate it into a relevant piece that will become an inspiring [source of] content that will elevate and empower the MEGA woman further.”

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