AGC Power Holdings Corp. CEO Archie G. Carrasco to Speak at FIPP World Media Congress 2024

Archie Carrasco will take the global stage to share insights, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and connect with fellow media leaders.

AGC Power Holdings Corp. is proud to announce the participation of its CEO, Archie G. Carrasco, as one of the distinguished speakers at the 46th FIPP World Media Congress, scheduled to take place from June 4-6, 2024, in Cascais, Portugal. This premier global event is set to convene leaders from across the media industry, providing a platform to discuss the future of media in the context of innovative technologies, sustainability, and audience engagement.

The FIPP World Media Congress 2024 will feature a comprehensive agenda that focuses on transformative media innovations. The congress will highlight the significant role of artificial intelligence (AI) in shaping a human-focused future, the launch of the Innovation in Media World Report, the allure of luxury media brands, and the dynamic advertising landscape in Japan. Special sessions are dedicated to exploring sustainable journalism, direct-to-consumer monetization strategies, and the applications of generative AI, promising to deliver invaluable insights into the evolving media landscape.

As the only speaker from Southeast Asia, Mr. Carrasco’s presentation, titled “Purpose over Profit,” will delve into the equilibrium between humanity and digital progress. He will discuss how prioritizing social impact over financial gain not only reshapes business values but also fosters sustainable growth. This session is poised to offer profound insights on balancing digital advancements with social responsibilities, underlining Mr. Carrasco’s influential role and thought leadership within the industry.

The 46th edition of the congress promises a rich and diverse agenda, covering innovative strategies, sustainability initiatives, and leadership challenges in the digital age. It serves as an invaluable gathering for professionals looking to navigate the complexities of the media landscape, offering unique opportunities for sharing pioneering insights and exploring collaborative endeavors.

AGC Power Holdings Corp. is honored by Mr. Carrasco’s involvement in such a significant event, which underscores his pivotal contribution and visionary approach to the media industry. His participation is a testament to the company’s commitment to driving innovation and fostering sustainable growth within the global media landscape.


Vogue Philippines Announces Senior Editor Appointments

The local edition of the global fashion authority has named its fashion editor, beauty editor, features editor, and managing editor.

Vogue Philippines today announced more names joining its growing editorial team. The title will launch its print, digital, and social media platforms in September 2022 under Mega Global Licensing, Inc. (MGLI). Daryl Chang will serve as fashion editor of Vogue Philippines while Joyce Oreña will join as beauty editor. Audrey Carpio will be the edition’s features editor, and Jacs Sampayan will join as managing editor.

“We recently unveiled the first appointments of Vogue Philippines’ team, and now we’re thrilled to announce more names which include veteran and trusted editors with decades of experience in the publishing industry.” says Archie Carrasco, Chairman and CEO, MGLI.

Daryl Chang has been working in publishing for 10 years as both fashion editor and fashion director and will collaborate closely with Vogue Philippines’ fashion director Pam Quiñones in sharing the Filipino voice, taste, and style with the rest of the world.

“Vogue’s compelling imagery and intelligent storytelling has always been my benchmark of fashion and I am thrilled to take on the role as Vogue Philippines’ fashion editor,” says Chang. “The opportunity to shape the way the world sees Filipino fashion and culture by shining a light on our incredible craftsmanship and creativity is an honor.”

Joyce Oreña joins the title with three decades of experience in the fashion and beauty industries, including modeling for some of the top Manila designers in the ‘90s. Saying that working for Vogue is a dream come true, Oreña aims to be a passionate storyteller on a mission to elevate the Philippines on a global level through beauty and wellness storytelling.

Audrey Carpio

Audrey Carpio is a sought-after writer and editor who has been regularly contributing to some of the most established and widely-read titles in Metro Manila. Apart from her extensive writing portfolio, she also drafts and edits speeches and articles for the Department of Tourism.

With over 20 years of experience in the publishing industry, Jacs Sampayan has worked with different teams of powerful content creators and passionate storytellers.

“Vogue has been the Holy Grail for Philippine publishing for a long time. To finally have our own is a symbol of hope and better days, and that optimism will carry beyond the fashion industry,” he says. “I am honored to be part of this pioneering team.”

“We wanted to include talents that are both seasoned and emerging to complete the Vogue Philippines editorial team, so that expertise is passed on and sustained,” says Suki Salvador, President, MGLI. “Today, we enlisted four seasoned talents to form a stellar set of Vogue Philippines editors which now includes Daryl Chang, Joyce Oreña, Audrey Carpio, and Jacs Sampayan. I’m delighted to be working with the finest in the country.”


Vogue Philippines is published under a license agreement between Condé Nast and MEGA Global Licensing. Inc. Condé Nast’s media licensing business publishes editions of the global media company’s iconic brands with local partners around the world.

MEGA Global Licensing, Inc. is the sister company of One Mega Group (OMG), a publishing house that boasts 30 years of prestige publishing expertise and home to MEGA, the Philippines best fashion magazine. Together, they fall under the AGC Power Holdings Corp (AGC PHC) conglomerate. In 2020, amidst the global pandemic, AGC PHC has aggressively expanded its portfolio to launch new homegrown titles under OMG, and include international print and digital titles to their roster through MGLI. Thus, the launch of Nylon Manila in November 2020 and the acquisition of the Vogue Philippines license agreement with Condé Nast in 2021.

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Vogue Philippines Unveils Editorial Team

The newest global edition of Vogue appoints fashion industry veterans and noted creative personalities.

Vogue Philippines today announced the appointments of its editorial team. Leading the team is Bea Valdes, who has been appointed Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Philippines. Pam Quiñones will also join the team as Fashion Director. Further appointments include Trina Epilepsia Boutain as Digital Editor and Rhoda Campos-Aldanese as Publisher of the title. The Filipino edition of Vogue will launch its print, digital, and social media platforms in September 2022.

“We have appointed individuals who each share the same purpose of Vogue Philippines, which is to uplift Philippine fashion and discover emerging talents who will shape the future of the industry,” says Archie Carrasco, Chairman and CEO of MEGA Global Licensing, Inc. (MGLI). He adds that each has “a deep understanding and appreciation of local and international fashion and seeks to speak to every generation”.

Bea Valdes, who is appointed Editor-in-Chief, is an internationally-renowned accessories designer and proponent of Filipino craft and responsible fashion. Her work has been featured in many leading global publications, including international editions of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, The New York Times, CNN, The Financial Times, and TIME among others. She has established herself as a leading light in the local industry, not only for her instantly recognizable work that celebrates Filipino artisanship, but also for her advocacy towards a circular economy and slow fashion. In 2010, she was one of the Ten Outstanding Young Individuals (TOYM Awardee) recognized by Philippine President Aquino for her professional achievements. More recently, she was included in the list of Tatler Asia’s Most Influential in 2021. Valdes grew up in the Philippines and studied Creative Writing and Industrial Design at the University of the Philippines and Interior Design at the Inchbald School of Design in London.

“Bea Valdes is immersed in the world of fashion and equipped with a widespread knowledge of the industry’s needs and constraints. As a creative, she can produce narratives through the lens of style; and as a leader, she is keen on spotting new and emerging talents,” says Carrasco.

“The values and the resolve of our community have been tested on an unprecedented global and local scale. The reshaping and recalibrating of our choices facilitate a continuing dialogue with our collective futures. Vogue’s values of inclusivity, diversity, sustainability, and respect for our natural environment remain critical at this time. My vision for Vogue Philippines is to lead the industry with purpose, leaning into our Filipino values of optimism, bayanihan and empathy through our stories, we celebrate craft and creativity, empowering our community and urging our Filipino culture forward,” says Valdes.

Pam Quiñones, who is joining the team as Fashion Director, has an extensive and varied career in the industry, with a strong editorial background and experience leading several notable fashion and styling companies. She possesses a deep understanding of the local market and has been at the forefront of the local movement for sustainable fashion solutions and practices.

As Digital Editor, Trina Epilepsia Boutain joins Vogue Philippines with over a decade’s worth of experience working with both print and digital platforms. She has held the roles of Managing Editor and Beauty and Features Editor for MEGA Magazine. Through her participation in the title’s annual New PH list, she has helped shine a spotlight on many local emerging and innovative talents.

Vogue Philippines’ Publisher, Rhoda Campos-Aldanese, is a valued player in the luxury industry, both in the Philippines and globally. From her vast experience at niche luxury labels and iconic global brands, Campos-Aldanese has successfully created lasting and fruitful partnerships by connecting the desired brands to the right consumers.

“Our core values of excellence and innovation which we have upheld as a publishing company for the last 30 years take center stage at Vogue Philippines. Purposeful, modern, and artfully done, we will put the Filipino craft side by side with the rest of the world monthly through Vogue Philippines and daily on,” adds Suki Salvador, President of MGLI. 


Vogue Philippines is published under a license agreement between Condé Nast and MEGA Global Licensing. Inc. Condé Nast’s media licensing business publishes editions of the global media company’s iconic brands with local partners around the world. 

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Archie Carrasco, One Mega Group Chairman & CEO, On Never Giving Up

OMG’s big boss, Archie Carrasco, shares a story of audacity, bravery and inspired vision.

Archie Carrasco, or Sir Arch, as many in OMG call him, was never one for the spotlight. During events and shoots, he can always been seen away from the camera, preferring to let his team take the spotlight. In various #MakingMEGA documentaries, it’s always Suki Salvador or Peewee Reyes-Isidro being interviewed. But come the stars and the teams will always turn to him, mention his name first: “Thanks, Sir Arch.”

Carrasco’s shyness from the spotlight isn’t because has nothing to say—a casual conversation with him will reveal that he’s always eager to share something new he’s learned. But he’s always been content to be in the background, ensuring that things were working properly, nothing is missed, that the goal is clear to all, and—most importantly—that his people were happy. After all, happy employees are inspired employees. They produce amazing results, they never back down from a challenge, and—sometimes—even go beyond one’s expectations.

It’s a simple concept, this business of making people happy, but it isn’t easy. At the start of his tenure as OMG’s main man, it was clear the degree of difficulty of weeding out the pervasive negativity that had taken root and enveloped the company. OMG had, after all, seen their original leader Sari V. Yap pass on, sales drop, and the entire publishing industry was seemingly on the brink. When Carrasco took over OMG, morale was low and people were uncertain of the future. Surely, being a boss then wasn’t much fun.

One Mega Group Executives: Archie Carrasco, Sari Yap & Suki Salvador
Photo from MEGA archives

But he was primed for the challenge. In the speech he shared at the OMG Town Hall meeting, Carrasco narrated how he was often plagued by doubt in his first few years in the company. It took the wisdom of Sari V. Yap and his own hard-earned realizations for him to come to terms with what needed to be done—and how to do it.

And boy, did he do it. His tenacity and singular vision remain unmatched. And while he steps away from the role of president of OMG, he remains very much at the helm, a strong figure content to work away from the limelight, doing what he does best, which is to get the job done and done well.

Give it up to the man who never gave up.

A MEGA Story

When I first stepped into the office of One MEGA Group in 2007, I still remember waiting for 4 hours in the boardroom when a lady approached me and asked, “Are you waiting for anyone?” I said, “I am waiting for Ms. Sari Yap.” To my surprise, she replied, “I am Sari Yap.”

That was the beginning of my journey in One MEGA Group.

One Mega Group CEO: Archie Carrasco
Photos from MEGA archives

Like many, my 14 years in One MEGA Group was not an easy ride. I also faced a lot of challenges. I wanted to quit a lot of times, and can’t even count how many times I tried to tender my resignation to my boss. But for whatever reason, Ms. Sari has her way of letting me see things I never realized I had. Thinking of giving up and actually giving up are two different things. As they say, quitters never win, winners never quit.

Just keep on doing your best and always do it with love, happiness, and integrity.

For sure, your time will come.

Two years ago, Ms. Sari appointed me to be the second President and CEO of One MEGA Group. Before that, the role was offered to me countless times, but I just kept refusing. I didn’t understand—why me?—until we had a long conversation in January 2019. It was my first time hearing the actual condition of her health. She was afraid for me to be burdened with worry while taking care of the company’s responsibilities, so she instructed everyone not to tell me about her health.

I still remember how she ended our conversation. She said, “I am done with One Mega, and you are ready. Align the company with your skill. That is the only way for One Mega to survive.”

Archie Carrasco's Instagram Photo
Photo from Archie Carassco’s Instagram

I can’t believe it was only two years ago since I took the responsibility. To be honest, it feels like a decade already. Taking this journey as the President and CEO were fulfilling. As I said, it came with so many challenges. Our beloved founder passed away, our company was in a bad shape—dying platforms, unpaid suppliers and contributors, delayed payment of printers, outstanding office rentals, and the most recent worldwide pandemic that caused an economic crisis.

But I stood for my people and fought for everyone.

May 2020—I put the company’s business operations on break.

July 2020—I presented the new directions of the company to the management team.

August 2019—I shared the recalibrated plan with everyone.

And now, I can’t be any happier as the company is in better shape again.

While I’m proud of these accomplishments, they aren’t about me. They’re about my people. They’ve trusted and supported the company as we’ve taken bold leaps and achieved some audacious goals. People in the industry said that it was too brave for us to pull off the new MEGA, MEGA Man, and MEGAStyle, the launch of MEGA Entertainment, Onemega.Com, and Modern Parenting, and even the acquisition of our first international brand, Nylon Manila.


Archie Carrasco and Company

I am lucky that I have an incredibly supportive, innovative, and high-functioning team. I am inspired daily by everyone’s unparalleled talents, constant drive for excellence, and willingness to inject quite a bit of humor and fun along the way.

Today is a very special day because we are celebrating another history in One MEGA Group. Being the President of this company has never been just a job for me. It’s been a large part of who I am and a great source of pride. After almost three years, my time has come to finally turn over my position as the president to someone I believe can bring the company to the next level. While I continue to expand and diversify our company to different industries, I need someone I can trust to lead One MEGA Group, Inc.

Archie Carrasco & Suki Salvador
Photo from Archie Carassco’s Instagram | L-R: Archie Carassco, Chairman and CEO of One MEGA Group Inc. with Suki Salvador, New President of One MEGA Group Inc.

Looking back at those years, I had someone who helped me make sure everything was appropriately implemented. And giving up is also not part of his vocabulary. He’s one of my strengths and a constant partner during the recovery of the company. With great pleasure and pride, I am very honored to formally announce and introduce the new President of One MEGA Group, Mr. Suki Salvador.

Group Effort

As Archie Carrasco hands over the keys to his longtime colleague, he will in turn be focusing on expanding the eco-system of One MEGA Group through AGC Power Holdings Corp. – an investment company that aims to help young Filipino entrepreneurs. Under this holdings company, 2 media companies—one local, one global—along with a marketing agency, a music and video production house, an e-commerce platform and a foundation for all the employees will serve to strengthen the reach and scope of Carrasco’s vision.

His tenure as president of OMG may have been relatively short when compared to his predecessor, but no doubt the effects of Carrasco’s efforts will be felt for years to come. With his dream team set, One MEGA Group, and Archie Carrasco, can only soar higher.

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One Mega Group Appoints Suki Salvador as The New President

The straight-talking industry veteran, Suki Salvador, is the brand new President of One Mega Group.

Earlier today, Archie Carrasco, the CEO and Chairman of One Mega Group announced that he would be stepping away from his role in the company before naming Suki Salvador, formerly the VP of Content & Creatives, as the brand new leader of OMG. Salvador, the longstanding creative director of MEGA Magazine and EIC of MEGA Man, is known for his straight talk, intense creative drive, and pursuit of excellence—things that he hopes to underline even more in the company and its multiple brands.

Suki Salvador: One Mega Group President
Photo from MEGA archive

At the start of his speech during the online OMG Town hall meeting, Salvador thanked Carrasco, who took over the reigns of OMG from founder Sari V. Yap, and who steered the company successfully through a tumultuous time marked by economic uncertainty and, of course, an unprecedented pandemic. During his leadership, Carrasco pursued an employee-centric style of management, showing stronger fiscal results and smoother, more streamlined operational processes. Despite the odds, Carrasco was able to strengthen the company by establishing robust titles and properties outside print. Salvador himself expressed gratefulness to his predecessor for the stable company he was inheriting. But of course, taking over the lead role in this storied company will be no easy feat, even for the industry veteran.

MEGA Worthy, Suki Salvador

It is perhaps no surprise that Salvador was named the new president of the 29-year-old media company. In its values, One Mega Group has always championed homegrown talent, skill and creativity; Salvador, in his 13 years with the company, has not only discovered and nurtured many talented individuals, but he himself is one of these extraordinary visionaries. A graduate of New York University (NYU), Salvador was pursuing his pre-med studies until he heeded the siren call of the arts. From training under legendary Filipino photographer Raymund Isaac, to co-founding ICON magazine, Salvador made it clear that no job was too small or too big—if he needed it to succeed, he would do it with style, grace and integrity.

Suki Salvador: One Mega Group President
Photos from MEGA archive

Upon joining OMG, Suki Salvador took on many different roles and in each one of them he brought with him his unique voice (figuratively and literally—Salvador is known for his distinct cadence and vocal inflection) and point of view. From co-starring and co-hosting the television hit MEGA Fashion Crew, to conceptualizing and executing industry-changing events and products, and even laying out magazine pages when there’s no one else to do it, Salvador has done them all.

Creative Vision

“I first met him when he joined the company as a creative director for Lifestyle Asia. The [previous] EIC Anna Sobrepeña brought him in,” says Peewee Reyes-Isidro, Editor-in-Chief of MEGA Magazine. “My first impression was that he was smart, articulate and [possessed] a clear vision. He later on was quickly appointed as group creative director for all brands because of his ability to balance art and commercial, as well as effectively share the narrative through covers.”

Mega Editor-In-Chief: Peewee Reyes Isidro & One Mega Group new President: Suki Salvador
Photo from MEGA archive | MEGA’s Editor-in-Chief, Pewee Reyes-Isidro with One MEGA Group’s new President, Suki Salvador at MEGA The New PH Ball 2018

Salvador and Reyes-Isidro have been a duo of sorts for many years, hosting and anchoring the iconic #MakingMEGA documentaries and surviving many, many deadlines together. Together, they weathered the advertising and audience shift to digital, countless team changes, and the generally volatile waters of the local publishing industry. In a world known for its cattiness, their steadfast relationship is an oddity, considering their contrasting styles and personalities. “[W]e are each other’s sounding boards,” the soft-spoken Reyes-Isidro shares of her relationship with the often brutally frank Salvador. “We are honest and transparent. And we support one another.” Between them, they have produced many memorable MEGA covers and editorials. When asked which one most encapsulated Salvador’s style, the editor came up with a list that included several milestone September issues, another with supermodel Tyra Banks, and a number of #MakingMEGA editions. “[These] are [just] the ones I can recall,” shares Reyes-Isidro with a laugh. “They are beautiful; the cover stars recognizable but elevated [in terms of styling] and [each one] is an image that is memorable and iconic.”

“Not only is he creative, [but] he also understands the processes and operations [of publishing]. He also has a unique understanding of the business side. That is rare. So to have all those skills and experience makes a good leader,” she adds.

What’s In A Name

During his speech, Salvador was forthright enough to name the issues that have plagued the company. Not one to mince words, he immediately shared the grand plan: “My singular vision for One Mega Group is to be a media giant,” he declared, at par with boldfaced names such as Condé Nast and The New York Times.

One Mega Group President
Photo from MEGA archive

If you’d been working for him for over three years or are part of his management team, then you may call him by his first name but if not, you may refer to his initials, SCS. “I want you to earn the right to call me by my first name,” he said plainly. On a surface note, it may come off as arrogant, designed to give pause and perhaps even inflict a bit of fear to a brash newbie or an indifferent colleague. But to those who know him well, it is distinctly—charmingly—patent Suki Salvador. If you’re not sure about your relationship with him, then you need to earn the confidence—his and yours. And you’ll get that by working hard, pursuing excellence, and doing it all with style, grace and passion. In short, you need to follow his lead.

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Sari Yap and her Legacy: Dreaming Big and Moving On

In celebration of her birthday, MEGA looks back on its founder Sari Yap, a visionary who understood what it meant to leave a legacy: like all things, it will keep on moving, beyond her vision.  

Sari Yap was telling me, a quivering applicant, “I’ve got the magazine. Events are doing well. I’ve got an excellent guy leading the television platform.” She says, “I need someone to do the same thing in the digital sphere.” In the corner of my eye, I could see founding Creative Director Lorraine Belmonte nodding in agreement.

Sari Yap

Sari Yap Right Here, Right Now

This was way back in the aughts. Facebook was still cool. People still had BlackBerrys. Low slung jeans and thongs were a new thing. But Sari V. Yap, as visionaries go, was already here. In her head she already saw a sleek MEGA website, as glossy and as articulate as the magazine. She could see that it would be the youth who would bring in a new world order, that the team would be a group of creatives who breathed and talked and lived online. She knew the role MEGA would be playing in this brave new world, how it would interact to brand new generations. She knew this already and she wanted to be there right this minute.

But for the rest of us, it took a while.

It’s always hard to navigate and pave out the path to a dream. Perhaps it’s the curse of being a pioneer. She could see gold where many of us only saw a murky stream.

Sari Yap

Sari Yap’s Legacy 

When Sari left us two years ago, her legacy cast a long and devastating shadow on the team. Her dream for MEGA, was still not quite there yet. Oh, we’d certainly gone a long way from when we first started, but in true Sari fashion, it wasn’t MEGA—yet. It wasn’t surprising that our new CEO Archie Carrasco made it his top priority. As the bearer of Sari’s torch, he understood well that it wasn’t just what Sari wanted, it was what MEGA needed. And so, here we are, finally living out Sari Yap’s digital dreams. 

It wasn’t easy getting here. There were many false starts, a few cringing mistakes, and many, many moments of doubt. Heck, even a pandemic got into the fray. But slowly, methodically, we got there. By getting the right mix of people, getting a clear vision and a definite path to get there, we finally achieved her dream of a thriving MEGA brand. 

And what’s next? 

Why, to move on, of course. 

Thank You, Next 

This isn’t an affront to Sari and her legacy. Rather, we’re following again exactly what she saw from way back: that for MEGA to continue, it needed to go beyond what she envisioned. The river of life, after all, keeps on flowing. I’m sure she had at least an inkling of this back when she was talking to me (or perhaps to herself) about her plans. But now the future of MEGA lies in a brand new vision and a different team. It will always be her MEGA, but it is also now ours. In a way, this was an essential component of her legacy, that it would moving and growing in ways even she couldn’t imagine. 

Perhaps she knew that too. 

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NYLON Manila Has Landed: What’s In It For The Young Filipinos?

From New York to Manila, Nylon magazine finally made its way to the Philippines. So, what could the engaged and emergent young Filipinos expect? Here, we dissect what their brand is all about. 

Being someone who’s on the cusp of generations, straddling the marks of a Millennial and Gen-Z, adapting to two different generations isn’t that hard. Understanding the language, behavior, and cultural references came all-so natural. So, whether the topic revolves around movies, songs, or series, becoming out of place never happened. But I have to credit those moments, of course, with the help of Nylon magazine.

Nylon Magazine

With its bold tone and colorful aesthetic, Nylon has been the go-to source for the young, stylish, and culture obsessed. Ever since its inception in 1999, it thrives at the intersection of fashion, entertainment, and music. The brand has always celebrated an electric mix of emerging voices and underground talent, making it a point to empower and connect the next generation of trendsetters.

So, when it started back in the early 2000s, I was actually among the first generation that was greatly influenced by the magazine. In fact, ever since I was in high school, the articles in the American edition of Nylon molded me into who I am today—to be sensitive, and to be socially, as well as politically aware of what is happening in my own community, and even country.

Watching many pop culture movies such as Sex and The City, for example, the leading ladies’ viewpoints were progressive for the 90s. But fast-forward a few years later, we realized many of the comments in the script made during the time of airing did not age well. Such as Samantha misusing the term trans or Trey MacDougal’smisogynistic and potentially triggering language during sex. See? Regardless if it was a popular movie and series of our time, Nylon unfailingly reminds the younger generation to remain steadfast in helping rebuild the broken system of society, hence, creating a progressive next generation.

Nylon Manila For The Young Blood

Now that NYLON Manila has arrived in Philippine territory, what’s in it for them or rather, us?  According to their Editor-in-Chief, Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena, “The vision was very clear for me since day one. My goal is to carve out space in the highly saturated landscape of the internet, [as well as] hero and champion stories that are not only relevant but also responsible and radical.

As they follow the anatomy of the eponymous and progressive Nylon brand, the Philippine counterpart is set to underscore the identity of the youth as a generation to be seen, heard, felt, and taken seriously on all fronts. “This isn’t a members-only, high-horse of the cool club in any way, shape, and form. Diverse and inclusive, we are not just a wallflower in the room that cowers to a pervasive dismissing of opinion, but rather a voice that speaks up with something important to say and shift perspectives,” he firmly claims.

So, making sure to follow through, it’s only fitting for the team to put celebrities and personalities who also share the same ideals as them on their covers. From Andrea Brillantes, Frankie Pangilinan, Yanyan de Jesus, to Kokoy de Santos, these are the biggest names in our youth today that will take us to the next chapter. They are the trailblazers in making it a point that the youth will keep their eyes open regardless of our society’s ever-changing times.

Together with these kinds of stars, Nylon Manila will “fully intend to cut through the noise online with distilled, well-thought-of, insightful content and conversations that are above all, necessary and enriching.” By definition, they are big, bold, and brave. This only means we are at the dawn of a new era in celebrating authenticity, diversity, and innovation with today’s youth in the center. Raring and ready, they are all set to change the game, break barriers, and redefine our future, as Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena reminds, “on our terms and our responsibility.”

With all that said, Hello, NYLON Manila.

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Meet The A-Team Behind NYLON Manila

From industry innovators to attuned trendsetters, the NYLON Manila team is comprised of the biggest, boldest, and bravest names in the Philippines.

The first Nylon magazine was co-founded by an eccentric group of New Yorkers and Londoners, namely: Mark Blackwell, a writer; Madonna Badger, an advertising veteran; Mic Neumann, an entrepreneur; Helena Christensen, a supermodel; and Marvin and Jaclynn Jarrett, a power couple in the publishing industry. After taking on Ronen Shapiro to spearhead the whole shebang, the magazine launched its first issue on April 6, 1999. And the rest, as they say, was history. 21 years later, history repeats itself, but in a different setting altogether. Nylon is now in Manila and everyone is eager to find out who will continue to lead the legacy of such an established brand.

Nylon Manila Team, Associate Publisher

Abby Laurel - Nylon Manila Team, Associate Publisher

No success, especially in the no-two-days-alike world of media could be achieved without the work of a publisher who knows her job. As the Associate Publisher of NYLON Manila, Abby Laurel aims to help brands provide relevant content that helps bridge people together in a personal and professional way. The recently converted K-Pop lover is not afraid to think outside the box when pitching relevant content to the clients and the team. In Abby’s eyes, commercialism is not the downfall of artistry.

Nylon Manila Team, Fashion and Beauty Editor

Lyn Alumno - Nylon Manila Team, Fashion and Beauty Editor

Nylon’s Fashion and Beauty Editor has been making headlines for the most part of the year 2020. Not only is she an esteemed celebrity stylist, but more than that, she’s an artist. Lyn has accomplished many things in her life from her time in Central Saint Martins to her on-the-side modeling. With all the knowledge Lyn has in both fashion and beauty, we can’t wait to see what she produces for NYLON Manila.

Nylon Manila Team, Features Editor

Elyse Ilagan - Nylon Manila Team, Features Editor

We’d like to think of Elyse Ilagan as the voice of Gen Z. The thing about Elyse is she really does embody the brand and what it stands for. From her aesthetic to her tasteful decisions, you can see all the good in Gen Z when you look into her. She has always been able to maintain a unique voice throughout her years of experience in Rappler, GRVTY Media, Meg, and MEGA. That is why it was only fitting when the young writer was appointed as the Features Editor of NYLON Manila.

Nylon Manila Team, Sr. Multimedia Artist

Kenneth Dimaano - Nylon Manila Team, Sr. Multimedia Artist

When talent and hard work come together, you get people like Kenneth Dimaano. In everything he does you can see his hundred percent commitment and effort in it. Nylon Manila’s Sr. Multimedia artist does not stop in growing his wide array of skills. He has dabbled on film direction, art direction, event direction, multimedia art production, and so much more. For many, passion is a hard to come by; for Kenneth, it’s just another day of pursuing the best in life.

Nylon Manila Team, Editor-in-Chief

Angelo Ramirez de Cartegena - Nylon Manila Team, Editor-in-Chief

Everything came together when Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena was appointed as the first Editor-in-Chief of NYLON Manila. From his humble beginnings as a freelancer dipping his toes in everything from short films, network soap operas, and runway shows, the eventual winner of the stylist category in MEGA Fashion Crew Season One would soon find a successful styling career under Artists & Company Manila. He has proven time and time again that he is all in for it, no ifs and buts—just balls to the wall as he says.

Angelo has been hustling in the fashion and publishing industry for over a decade now. He has been navigating his professional career with One Mega Group for 8 years officially, where he has contributed for titles such as Meg, Celebrity Mom, Lifestyle Asia, Inside Showbiz, and has slowly risen the ranks from being Fashion Associate to Associate Editor of Megastyle, MEGA Man, and MEGA. Just last year, he was tasked with taking the digital arm of the company to greater heights by marrying his editorial experience with digital curiosity as Digital Content Editor for all brands, a position that he still holds today. 

More than just being a talented writer, editor, and stylist, Angelo has a knack for life. He has walked the runway and performed as a drag queen and even DJs from time to time. “I am raring and ready to bring a sense of passion and purpose with the platform I have been so fortunate to lead. With a finger to the wind and a pulse on what makes people’s gears grind, minds go full throttle, and hearts race hard, I am dedicated to shaping and realizing the identity of the energetic, enduring, and emerging youth as not only to take us into the future, but to define it with responsibility,” Angelo says in full confidence.

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