Archie Carrasco, One Mega Group Chairman & CEO, On Never Giving Up

OMG’s big boss, Archie Carrasco, shares a story of audacity, bravery and inspired vision.

Archie Carrasco, or Sir Arch, as many in OMG call him, was never one for the spotlight. During events and shoots, he can always been seen away from the camera, preferring to let his team take the spotlight. In various #MakingMEGA documentaries, it’s always Suki Salvador or Peewee Reyes-Isidro being interviewed. But come the stars and the teams will always turn to him, mention his name first: “Thanks, Sir Arch.”

Carrasco’s shyness from the spotlight isn’t because has nothing to say—a casual conversation with him will reveal that he’s always eager to share something new he’s learned. But he’s always been content to be in the background, ensuring that things were working properly, nothing is missed, that the goal is clear to all, and—most importantly—that his people were happy. After all, happy employees are inspired employees. They produce amazing results, they never back down from a challenge, and—sometimes—even go beyond one’s expectations.

It’s a simple concept, this business of making people happy, but it isn’t easy. At the start of his tenure as OMG’s main man, it was clear the degree of difficulty of weeding out the pervasive negativity that had taken root and enveloped the company. OMG had, after all, seen their original leader Sari V. Yap pass on, sales drop, and the entire publishing industry was seemingly on the brink. When Carrasco took over OMG, morale was low and people were uncertain of the future. Surely, being a boss then wasn’t much fun.

One Mega Group Executives: Archie Carrasco, Sari Yap & Suki Salvador
Photo from MEGA archives

But he was primed for the challenge. In the speech he shared at the OMG Town Hall meeting, Carrasco narrated how he was often plagued by doubt in his first few years in the company. It took the wisdom of Sari V. Yap and his own hard-earned realizations for him to come to terms with what needed to be done—and how to do it.

And boy, did he do it. His tenacity and singular vision remain unmatched. And while he steps away from the role of president of OMG, he remains very much at the helm, a strong figure content to work away from the limelight, doing what he does best, which is to get the job done and done well.

Give it up to the man who never gave up.

A MEGA Story

When I first stepped into the office of One MEGA Group in 2007, I still remember waiting for 4 hours in the boardroom when a lady approached me and asked, “Are you waiting for anyone?” I said, “I am waiting for Ms. Sari Yap.” To my surprise, she replied, “I am Sari Yap.”

That was the beginning of my journey in One MEGA Group.

One Mega Group CEO: Archie Carrasco
Photos from MEGA archives

Like many, my 14 years in One MEGA Group was not an easy ride. I also faced a lot of challenges. I wanted to quit a lot of times, and can’t even count how many times I tried to tender my resignation to my boss. But for whatever reason, Ms. Sari has her way of letting me see things I never realized I had. Thinking of giving up and actually giving up are two different things. As they say, quitters never win, winners never quit.

Just keep on doing your best and always do it with love, happiness, and integrity.

For sure, your time will come.

Two years ago, Ms. Sari appointed me to be the second President and CEO of One MEGA Group. Before that, the role was offered to me countless times, but I just kept refusing. I didn’t understand—why me?—until we had a long conversation in January 2019. It was my first time hearing the actual condition of her health. She was afraid for me to be burdened with worry while taking care of the company’s responsibilities, so she instructed everyone not to tell me about her health.

I still remember how she ended our conversation. She said, “I am done with One Mega, and you are ready. Align the company with your skill. That is the only way for One Mega to survive.”

Archie Carrasco's Instagram Photo
Photo from Archie Carassco’s Instagram

I can’t believe it was only two years ago since I took the responsibility. To be honest, it feels like a decade already. Taking this journey as the President and CEO were fulfilling. As I said, it came with so many challenges. Our beloved founder passed away, our company was in a bad shape—dying platforms, unpaid suppliers and contributors, delayed payment of printers, outstanding office rentals, and the most recent worldwide pandemic that caused an economic crisis.

But I stood for my people and fought for everyone.

May 2020—I put the company’s business operations on break.

July 2020—I presented the new directions of the company to the management team.

August 2019—I shared the recalibrated plan with everyone.

And now, I can’t be any happier as the company is in better shape again.

While I’m proud of these accomplishments, they aren’t about me. They’re about my people. They’ve trusted and supported the company as we’ve taken bold leaps and achieved some audacious goals. People in the industry said that it was too brave for us to pull off the new MEGA, MEGA Man, and MEGAStyle, the launch of MEGA Entertainment, Onemega.Com, and Modern Parenting, and even the acquisition of our first international brand, Nylon Manila.


Archie Carrasco and Company

I am lucky that I have an incredibly supportive, innovative, and high-functioning team. I am inspired daily by everyone’s unparalleled talents, constant drive for excellence, and willingness to inject quite a bit of humor and fun along the way.

Today is a very special day because we are celebrating another history in One MEGA Group. Being the President of this company has never been just a job for me. It’s been a large part of who I am and a great source of pride. After almost three years, my time has come to finally turn over my position as the president to someone I believe can bring the company to the next level. While I continue to expand and diversify our company to different industries, I need someone I can trust to lead One MEGA Group, Inc.

Archie Carrasco & Suki Salvador
Photo from Archie Carassco’s Instagram | L-R: Archie Carassco, Chairman and CEO of One MEGA Group Inc. with Suki Salvador, New President of One MEGA Group Inc.

Looking back at those years, I had someone who helped me make sure everything was appropriately implemented. And giving up is also not part of his vocabulary. He’s one of my strengths and a constant partner during the recovery of the company. With great pleasure and pride, I am very honored to formally announce and introduce the new President of One MEGA Group, Mr. Suki Salvador.

Group Effort

As Archie Carrasco hands over the keys to his longtime colleague, he will in turn be focusing on expanding the eco-system of One MEGA Group through AGC Power Holdings Corp. – an investment company that aims to help young Filipino entrepreneurs. Under this holdings company, 2 media companies—one local, one global—along with a marketing agency, a music and video production house, an e-commerce platform and a foundation for all the employees will serve to strengthen the reach and scope of Carrasco’s vision.

His tenure as president of OMG may have been relatively short when compared to his predecessor, but no doubt the effects of Carrasco’s efforts will be felt for years to come. With his dream team set, One MEGA Group, and Archie Carrasco, can only soar higher.

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