AGC Power Holdings Corp. Strengthens its Business Development Division

In a bold move to drive corporate growth and solidify market dominance, the company proudly introduces key figures for business development.

A series of strategic executive appointments within the AGC Power Holdings Corp. (AGC PHC) Business Development Division are announced today, reinforcing market leadership and fostering corporate growth. 

Randolf Palanca
Vice President for Business Development

Randolf Palanca has been appointed as Vice President for Business Development, bringing to the table a distinguished portfolio in strategic planning and market penetration. With a formidable background that includes almost a decade of sales and leadership experience in Singapore, where he spearheaded four business units to unprecedented success, Mr. Palanca’s leadership is poised to steer the division towards unparalleled business expansion and reinforce our market leadership.

Maureen Alexis Busto
Assistant Vice President for Business Development (MMGI and OMGI)

Maureen Alexis Busto has been designated as Assistant Vice President for Business Development, with a focus on Modern Media Group Inc. (MMGI) and One MEGA Group Inc. (OMGI). Ascending from an Accounts Manager role over the past decade to an executive position, Ms. Busto’s exceptional dedication and performance have earned her multiple accolades, including consistent recognition among the company’s Ten Outstanding Employees of the Year. Her appointment is a testament to AGC PHC’s commitment to recognizing and advancing internal talent.

Carmelli Daet
Senior Assistant Vice President for Business Development (MGLI, DigistarPH, KLIQ Inc., 7460 Inc.)

Carmelli Daet assumes the role of Senior Assistant Vice President for Business Development, responsible for the strategic growth of MEGA Global Licensing Inc. (MGLI), DigistarPH, KLIQ Inc., and 7640 Inc. Ms. Daet’s expertise in leading-edge business solutions and digital innovation is integral to sustaining AGC PHC’s competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving industry landscape.

Ivan Panganiban      
Advertising Director, MMGI 
Jasmine Co Leng
Advertising Director, OMGI

In line with the company’s emphasis on career progression and talent development, AGC PHC proudly announces the promotions of Ivan Panganiban to Advertising Director of Modern Media Group Inc., encompassing NYLON Manila and Billboard Philippines, and Jasmine Co Leng to Advertising Director of One MEGA Group Inc., responsible for pioneering publications including MEGA, Lifestyle Asia, Bluprint, Modern Parenting, The Game, and the Business Manual. Their proven leadership abilities are expected to significantly contribute to the advancement of AGC PHC’s business development goals and the achievement of further success. 

Pauline Mata-Marquez            
Business Development Operations Director

And finally, to ensure effective partnerships and streamline advertising operations, the company appoints Pauline Mata as the Business Development Operations Director. In this critical role, Pauline will oversee the seamless execution and exemplary delivery of each project. With a tenure of six years at the company, Pauline’s journey from Implementation Associate to Advertising Manager has equipped her with a deep understanding of implementation and sales, making her expertise invaluable in her new capacity.

These executive appointments underscore AGC Power Holdings Corp.’s strategic focus on leveraging internal talent and solidifying its standing as a leader in the media industry. With this strengthened leadership team, AGC PHC is well-equipped to navigate the challenges of the market and drive forward its strategic objectives for sustainable corporate growth.