ZEO Night: A Celebration of the Power of Youth Today

It was a night of inspiring conversations, food, and fun for the company’s biggest demographic, Generation Z. 

AGC Power Holdings Corp. (AGC PHC) recently hosted “ZEO Night,” an event dedicated to celebrating and empowering Generation Z, the demographic that forms the majority of the company. Held at the AGC PHC Studio, this vibrant celebration featured inspiring conversations, exceptional food, and boundless fun, specifically tailored for the company’s most significant demographic.

Empowering Conversations and Fun

During the event, digital natives, the future movers and shakers, engaged in dialogues that promise to shape the industry’s future. Archie Carrasco, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AGC PHC, shared his journey from his early days at MEGA Magazine to transforming AGC PHC into a 360-degree media powerhouse. His story of perseverance and innovation inspired attendees, fueling ambition and dedication. He concluded with the memorable quote: “Always do good things, pure intentions make magic.”


A Feast for the Future

The evening also showcased a variety of dishes and drinks from esteemed food partners: Sushi MNL, The Good Food MNL, and Dimsum Manila. Attendees enjoyed a feast for both the mind and palate, reveling in the flavors and shared insights.


A Night to Remember

“ZEO Night” served as a testament to AGC PHC’s commitment to uplifting the youth’s aspirations, echoing the CEO’s vision and inspirational words. AGC PHC is dedicated to creating platforms that celebrate and amplify the voices of the youth, believing that pure intentions can indeed make magic.


AGC Power Holdings Corp. extends heartfelt thanks to all who contributed to making “ZEO Night” a success. The shared energy, enthusiasm, and vision for the future inspire the company to continue hosting events that empower and celebrate future generations.