A MEGA Celebration of 31 Years: Here’s What’s Next For The Pioneer Fashion Magazine

MEGA Magazine has dominated the industry with purposeful content for Filipinos. After three decades, hundreds of print magazines, and thousands of digital stories, the next era arrives.

The future of fashion is here. On its 31st anniversary last March 29 at KAO Manila, Newport World Resorts, MEGA Magazine stepped into a new light. Established as the Philippines’ first homegrown fashion magazine in the 90s, the title has now transformed into a multiplatform empire with 5 sub-brands under its belt. After all this success in creating stories of style, MEGA is here to say that it is not stopping anytime soon — a bigger chapter is coming up next.

Next-level Team

Entering a new phase calls for a powerhouse of creative minds ready to usher innovation for the industry. Editor-in-Chief Peewee Reyes-Isidro shared, “We are moving at a lightning pace and it is important to us that we always communicate with our core audience and the new-generation readers. MEGA has always been made up of diverse individuals, each one with a distinct and strong point of view. So tonight, MEGA is proud to introduce its powerhouse team.”


With already a set of tenacious individuals carrying the name of MEGA, new additions were announced to complete the roster of this next chapter. Veteran beauty journalist Agoo Azcuna-Bengzon is appointed as Beauty Director and seasoned stylist Kat Cruz is named as Senior Fashion Director.

The team now boasts of industry experts and rising talents who will take the brand further in both print and digital platforms. As one, the new editors take the stage to share their vision. Cruz kept her goal simple — to translate and elevate fashion for the MEGA woman, while Azcuna-Bengzon highlighted her plan to propel classics with a twist.

Next-level Narratives

Beyond celebrating its new talents, MEGA delves deeper into what the next chapter is truly all about. Head of Publishing and Marketing Janine Recto launched the magazine’s April issue with Andi Eigenmann on the cover. She says, “MEGA is changing the course of conversation. We are more inclusive, open, and real.”

As the world changes, MEGA also evolves while anchoring on its DNA and true purpose. “While this foundation remains, it also sees the need to adapt and recognize changes in both the fashion and cultural landscapes. It will continue to evolve with its readers and be a reflection of the sign of the times,” Reyes-Isidro said.

More decades will shape MEGA, but it will remain true to its purpose — to champion fashion for the Filipino, whatever generation it serves. As the magazine forges its past legacy with the present years to come, MEGA is confident to be stronger than ever and will always be on the lookout for what it can do next.

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