A Mega Celebration: MEGA Man’s 10-Year Anniversary, Five Cover Launches, And A New Editor

After 10 years in the industry, MEGA Man undertakes a new pursuit to revolutionize today’s modern man under the wing of its newest Editor, Dong Ronquillo.

November is a special month for MEGA Man. It flips through a new decade of unraveling stories tailored to fit Filipino men in a fashionable and personal lens. Now led by recently-appointed Editor Dong Ronquillo, he begins his slate with five covers featuring five different men to strike the question, “What makes a MEGA Man” — a perfect defining moment to close the past decade and enter a new chapter.

The title chronicles its very own modern version of a MEGA Man, split into distinctive archetypes all represented by this generation’s patriarchs. Dingdong Dantes as The Prominent Figure, Stanley Ng as The Vanguard, Matthew Manotoc as The Changemaker, Andres Barrioquinto as The Visionary, and Sam Versoza as The Multi-Hyphenate.

Ronquillo shares that his vision is to “make MEGA Man the standard for Filipino Man. A brand that they can rely on to make them better and empower them to be better. The idea for the relaunch is to portray a multi-faceted MEGA Man in a real, modern, refreshing, playful, and fashion-forward way thereby elevating Filipino men. This relaunch marks the 10th Anniversary of Mega Man in a world-class way but grounded, inclusive but curated, inspiring but also empowering.”

Veering away from stereotypes that have cemented the single definition of masculinity, MEGA Man broadens the spectrum and showcases the different things that a man can do. He can be an actor and reach his dreams just like celebrity Dingdong Dantes. He can be a leader and steer his own company just like the youngest President of Philippine Airlines, Stanley Ng. He can be a politician and a sports enthusiast just like Matthew Manotoc. He can excel in art just like contemporary artist Andres Barrioquinto. He can rise in music and fashion just like Sam Versoza. This is what we call a modern man — built with purpose and grit. 

And as they make a mark in society, they also do it with taste. These five cover stars also take the lead by dressing in diversifying pieces that open the door to elevate the fashion of Filipino men. It stamps the statement that men can also thrive in stylish ensembles to help them reach their fullest potential.

Truly, the new MEGA Man is here to break barriers yet to be broken and share narratives never been told. We step into another era that navigates the men of today in a unique yet empowering perspective in the very own signature of MEGA Man — one that has style.

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